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We've created an app or a software for practically many industry verticals in the last 14 years. From Healthcare to lifestyle, from IoT Apps to AR/VR apps, from Games to Enterprise Apps, From Booking to Fintech Apps and so on. You pick a category, and we'll show you a latest or older App on that done by us.

Sudeep Bhatnagar
Co-founder & Director of Business
Sudeep Bhatnagar

Talk to our experts who have been running successful Digital Product Development (Apps, Web Apps), Offshore Team Operations, and Hardcore Software Development Campaigns. During the discovery session, we'll explore the opportunities and Scope of the work and provide you an expert consulting on the right options to achieve the outcomes.

Be it a new App Development project, or creation of an offshore developers team, or digitalization of your existing market offerings - You'll get the best advise and service and pricing. We are excited to speak to you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ans: We encourage you to use our App cost calculator to find out price of your web project or use our Offshore Developers Cost calculator to assess how much would it cost to hire a web developer from us. However to give you an idea, a 1000 hours web project will cost approximately $ 20,000 and so on.
Ans: Not really, both are different. Web developers use web technologies (like react, Laravel, angular, node.js etc) to create front end and backend of a web application that is meant to run on Desktop or Mobile browsers, while Mobile Developers use technologies like Swift, Kotlin, React native to create mobile applications that are meant to run on mobile OS.
Ans: If yours is a database driven web application, then we’ll need access to its database to write APIs or if you can supply APIs then all we’ve to do is to create a mobile app specific design, then screens, and call those APIs. Its not that straightforward, however if you already have a web app it saves a lot of time in creating its mobile app vs doing the whole app from the scratch.
Ans: A 3 to 6 months of Tech maintenance is free from our side after going live. Post that you can hire us on retainer maintenance model for as low as $ 1000/ Mo or more (depending upon how many hours you retain us for). About Cloud cost – the cost of storage is always nominal, what these hosting and infra providers charge is for exchange of data and for a slew of several other services like security, backup, API calls and more. Here is a dedicated post on “How much does it cost to host your App on AWS”.
Ans: Yes, some of them are publicly displayed on our website and if you want to talk one on one then feel free to email us at [email protected].
Ans: It depends, however considering the increasing usage of Apps and websites on the mobile devices it is mostly advisable to follow the mobile first approach. Especially when you are creating a web App which is functional or which drives the sales, then the concept of impulsive buying or ease of access comes into the play, and that is where having a mobile specific website wins.