Aiko & Egor App: Animation 4 Autism

About Aiko & Egor

Aiko & Egor is an animated video series and app developed by See Beneath, a California-based nonprofit. Aiko & Egor displays simplified animation and engaging underwater characters and is intended to be watched together by children with autism and their family members but is appropriate for many developmental levels and can be enjoyed by all children. This app has skill building games, animation-based learning lessons, and simple games.

The App Opportunity & Solution

Aiko & Egor Animation for Autism App is brainchild of See Beneath, Inc (California based Non-profit) and they approached Agicent to develop 1st version of this app back in 2013 and Agicent is working on this app for all its new and future versions till date. See Beneath's co-founders have years of experience in autism research and intervention. Aiko & Egor utilizes principles based on Video Modeling and Applied Behavior Analysis. Also, the series uses a modified curriculum based on the Early Start Denver Model and the Strategies for Teaching based on Autism Research curricula.

The client team was completely non-technical and had used a different developer before they contacted Agicent. Since the audience of this App are Autistic Children or their family, it was important to keep this app super-fast and easy to use. Agicent took the challenge of converting this idea into reality and followed a scalable architecture right from the beginning. We created its backend to manage or edit or add the content which are videos and then added features like user-behaviour analysis, video editing, streaming, launching new skill building lessons. The App itself has a lot of features ranging from animated videos and mid-video lessons for children to test their skills to games to demonstrate their ability to understand dynamic things.

App Features

Following are some salient features of the Apps –

  • Video streaming: Select this button to watch the entire episode all the way through or choose a particular scene from the episode. The Play Video feature is intended for the entire family to watch together but the videos are appropriate for a child to watch the video by his/herself or with siblings and/or friends.

  • Learn Together: Select this button to watch the same video content with learning opportunities or ""Bubble Times"" embedded at specific moments throughout the video. The Learn Together feature should only be selected when the adult and child are watching the videos together. During each Bubble Time, the video will pause and a menu will pop up that presents instructions for the learning moment. The adult will then follow the instructions on the menu to appropriately facilitate the learning moment and either replay the preceding action by the character or continue playing the video.

  • Skill Building: Select this button to practice particular skills that are modelled by the characters in the video. This activity can be done by the child his or herself but is better to be demonstrated or supervised by an adult so that the child is successful and does not get frustrated.

  • Games: Users can play simple skill building games to animated 3d competitive games like swimming and collecting stars by using app’s controls.

  • In-app purchase: Users can buy premium content and unlock all features via in-app purchase..

  • Analytics: The app captures the user-behaviour and process the data points for meaningful information in the backend. The user-behaviour is an important aspect of this app as it is being used to know the progress of the child and also to alter the future learning courses and methodologies.

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