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Google is the mighty search engine that requires no introduction. Almost every internet user is accustomed to using it to find answers to their queries. However, for visual results, it offers a separate option termed “Google Images.” Google Images lets the user perform the image search via two methods, i.e., keywords or images.

Unfortunately, using a single option (Google Images) provides limited access to results from its own databases only. If the right image results are present on some other photo search engine, Google won’t be able to fetch them. Therefore, other alternative tools that generate results from multiple sources could be utilised in their place.

Reverse image search tools are robust and efficient alternatives that help the user get results from multiple search engines with just a single click. If you are interested in learning more about them, continue reading. The article will shed light on different useful alternatives to Google image search.

  • – Reverse Image Search

Reverse Image Search By is an incredible platform that serves as a great alternative to Google Image Search. Using Google, you only get results from its databases, while this utility offers results from multiple search engines, increasing your similar image results.

It is a fast and amazing photo search tool for finding the right images in no time. By uploading a sample image, you are instantly provided with tons of similar images from all over the web. This advanced tool lets you search by providing the image, URL, or even by entering the keyword. 

After successfully importing the image, it utilizes the latest CBIR technology algorithms to fetch results from top image search engines, including Google. Moreover, you can access it from any device and perform your searches without hindrances. With its cross-platform and user-friendly nature, the reverse image tool benefits every user.

  • – Image Search Tool

A good alternative to Google for finding images is DupliChecker’s image search utility. No matter if you need to explore more images like your query image, identify its original source, or find other similar versions, it will assist you in every way. It provides an intuitive interface for its users to perform their image queries.

The reverse image search tool offers multiple options for importing your image to its server. You can upload directly from your devices and cloud-based platforms like Dropbox and Drive or drag and drop it quickly. This substitute for Google photo search will then present you with results from 6 different search engines. 

Therefore, if you want to get results other than Google, it will provide you with similar image results from Bing, Yandex, Baidu, TinEye, and Sogou. You can not only find identical images, but the photo search also displays the list of websites containing these images and other sizes or dimensions of the query image.

  • – Reverse Image Tool

SearchEngineReport’s Reverse Image Tool is also a good option as an alternative to Google. It is designed based on the latest AI and CBIR technology that enables it to generate accurate image results. The photo search tool offers a secure connection while sharing images on its platform. You can rest assured no data is being stored on their servers or reused later.

This search by image tool is highly competent in generating precise results. With the aid of CBIR algorithms, it recognizes an image on its multiple constituents like patterns, shapes, colors, gradients, and much more. Then, it searches the complete web to find exactly similar or matching components and compares them.

The images that represent more similarity with your searched images are all displayed in the results along with their sources. You can explore the results fetched from multiple image search engines and increase the probability of reaching the desired image.


If you are looking for a good alternative to Google image search without spending much amount, try The proficient tool offers accurate image results and their complete web addresses. The reverse image search is a user-centric tool designed to consider the needs of users in finding similar images and their modified versions.

In order to find the precise results, it fetches the most similar photos online from the four leading search engines. Reverse image utility can provide multiple versions of an image with better angles and resolutions.

It supports all major image file formats to offer flexibility to users while uploading the images. They can upload images in JPG, JPEG, PNG, or GIF formats. Moreover, the photo search tool has powerful facial recognition algorithms that can identify any celebrity or prominent person quickly.


Google Image Search is a frequently used utility to find perfect images online. There are numerous options available to receive more versatile image results. Some of the most reliable and competent photo search alternative tools are discussed. You can use any of the above-mentioned reverse image search tools to fetch similar images from multiple platforms.

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