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Best Sites for Hiring Remote App Developers

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Hiring remote app developers for creating an app could be a tricky business. Although, there are multiple advantages for doing so. For instance, the client can get an app for cheap(outsourcing), no need of infrastructure, allows you to work on the core aspects, and finally get more work(especially if you have an in-house team also). […]

Angular Developer JD Template for Aspirants

Mobile App Design & Development

From the time of its launch, Angular gained a decent reputation. Angular made the development of web applications relatively easy. The framework gained momentum in the market and became something of a phenomenon. This is the reason why the framework is still relevant in the market despite the launch of Flutter(by Google). It is of […]

React Native Developer Job Description Template

Mobile App Design & Development

From a couple of years, there has been a decent demand for React Native Developers. The reason for that is pretty simple, the framework makes the developer capable of using the same code for multiple platforms. This not only makes the time to deliver an application fast but also makes the cost of developing one […]

Top Money Making Apps in 2020

Mobile App Design & Development, Top Applications, Top Websites, Top Websites

Thinking of finding ways to earn money by using your mobile. While in order to make some serious buck, one needs to go out. Although, what if you can make a buck or extra here and there. Well, for that there are endless services but none that would guarantee it. Therefore, in order to make […]

How to Create an iPhone app that records Video from both Front and Back Camera at once?

Mobile App Design & Development

Have you ever wondered, what if there was an application that lets you record video from both the front and back camera? Well, Android has actually come up with their own utility for accessing multiple cameras at the same time but apple decided to do it a little differently. With Apple, the dev can actually […]

Top Brain Training Games to Play in 2019

Mobile App Design & Development, Top Applications, Top Apps and Games reviews

Who doesn’t like to play games? Well, although a lot of people fail to understand the importance of playing them. Most of the games that we play improve our cognitive skills. Although, this time we are specifically talking about games that will improve your brain capabilities. There are so many great games that can be […]

How to Convert Individual Apple Developer Account to Company Account?

Mobile App Design & Development

Apple has always tried to be at the pinnacle of high-quality offerings. It could be with the devices they have for the general public or the apps that can be downloaded from the store. Although, because of this a lot of people have to hassle a bit in order to get their app on the […]

Top International Calling Apps in 2019

Mobile App Design & Development, Top Applications

Well, you might have stumbled upon this article because you were finding some cheaper ways to call your peers or wished to connect with clients. Although, all of us understand that making international are very expensive. There are plenty of free as well as paid options with minimal rates that can help you connect. These […]

Top Apps and App Development for Mompreneurs 2019

Mobile App Design & Development

Unlike we Men, Women are born multitaskers and everything they do always suffice the perfect standard. A lot of women sacrifice their career to rear their child especially during the early phases of his/her growth. Although, once they are grown up they often contemplate their decision of giving up on their careers. Now from a […]

Can a Progressive Web App improve SEO?

Mobile App Design & Development

I believe if you have opened up this URL then you are probably looking for the answer. Although, if you are thinking that there would be a direct improvement in SEO, I just hate to break the news but the answer is “NO”. Although does it have any effect on your SEO, well, that is […]

10 Best Examples of Progressive Web Apps in 2019

Mobile App Design & Development

Websites were the first online medium using which anyone could access data online. Although, after apps were introduced the whole scenario changed as they focused more on UI/UX. UI/UX was an important aspect in terms of app development. Although with the dawn of progressive web apps now even websites had the capability of being native […]

Top Payment Gateways to use for Web/Mobile Apps in 2019

Mobile App Design & Development

Gone are the times when every transaction was carried out physically. With the uprising of e-commerce and trade online, there have been a plethora of changes in the business world. Now, most of the businesses are working to provide ease to their customers. One major change that has been is the usage of online payment […]

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