We hope you enjoyed our last 2 editions of Top apps and games. Today, we are here again with our 3rd edition of Top apps and games of Jan 2018. So if you are bored with the apps on your mobile phone, then read this list, and we are quite sure that you will find some cool and productivity apps and addictive games.

Without delaying any further, let’s see top apps and games of Jan 2018.

Top iOS apps of Jan 2018:

1. Paintkeep Painting:


If you love to turn your pics into cool arts, then you will love Paintkeep Painting. It is a simple free iOS app which works like Prisma. There are multiple filters and a flexible brush feature to bring out the artist in you and create artistic pics easily. So check out this app and share your paintings on social media.

2. Choose – Polls in chats


Choose iOS app allows you to create polls in iMessage chats. So next time, your group is confused where to take lunch or go to a movie, use this app to make a quick decision and settle the dispute.

3. Pop – the drawing app for iMessage


Pop is an iMessage extension to draw on photos without leaving the app. The app provides 40 brush colors and sizes to either draw on a blank canvas or photos and send them to anyone.

4. Gfycat Loops – GIF Memes


If funny memes and GIFs excite you, then you will surely love Gfycat Loops. The app also got an AI element which suggests GIFs based on your chat. You can also search from hundreds of reaction categories to make your chat look more hilarious.

5. Swapped – face swap with friends


Swapped is an interesting iOS app which lets you swap your face with your friends and celebrities over iMessage. You can select pics from your gallery and celebrities pics from its library to swap faces.

Top iOS games of Jan 2018:

6. Playdead’s INSIDE


Inside is a puzzle game in which you play as a boy running in a strange world. You need to solve different type of puzzles in order to keep the boy alive and progress through the game.

7. Zombie Warpath


Zombie Warpath is a real-time strategy game in which you have to quickly tap and swipe to fight against the zombie horde. The game comes with a powerful 3D engine, epic heroes, and strong powerups which makes it addictive to play.

8. Zen Koi


Zen Koi is a relaxing iOS game in which you have to breed and grow Japanese carps into mythological dragons.

9. Jumanji: Mobile game


Your favorite classic board game is now available for your iPhone. In this digital version of the game, you can pick your favorite character, use skill cards, and begin your voyage to save Jumanji and defeat other players.

10. Lost Grimoires 3


Lost Grimoires 3 is a hidden object adventure game. Travel through 26 different locations, use alchemy to proceed your investigation, wander through the kingdom on a horseback, and play 26 mini-games.

Top Android apps of Jan 2018

11. Upthere Home


Upthere Home is a free Android app which offers cloud storage to store all your pics and files. Just like other cloud storage apps, it also lets you easily share the photos and files with people. It also lets you auto-import files and images and easily search files by location, type, and time.

12. UC browser mini for Android Go


This version of UC Mini is designed for Android Go devices and mainly offers the same features as in other lite versions of the same browser like fast browsing, smart downloading, night mode, etc.

13. Grammarly Keyboard app


Grammarly Keyboard app will help you write error-free text on your phone. The app is also available for iOS. Mainly, it checks the text and flags the number and types of error. You just need to tap on the suggestion to correct your text. It integrates with all app easily and requires an internet connection to function.

14. Now playing history


The app keeps track of all the songs you listen, so that, you never miss a song again. The history can be sorted by date which makes it easier for users to easily find previously listened songs.

15. Linkfy


Linkfy is a simple Android app to save links to read later and share them easily with your friends.

Top Android games of Jan 2018

16. Geometry Dash Subzero


Geometry Dash Subzero is a free Action game with unique levels and music from Boom Kitty, MDK, and Bossfight. There is also a practice mode in which you can sharpen your skills.

17. HQ Trivia


HQ Trivia is a live Trivia game show with cash prices. Do note that it is still in beta mode, so, there might be some bugs in the app. You can play the live Trivia game show every day at 9 PM EST and weekdays at 3 PM EST.

18. Luna Mobile


Luna Mobile is an MMORPG game in which the hero travels in the ancient time and during the journey, the hero meets new friends, collect spirits, and powerful animals to fight with the dark forces.

19. Battle Team


Battle Team is an RPG game in which you can play any of the 3D heroes who have different stories. You can form teams in PVP mode and send support to the occupied planet to gain loots.

20. Battle Boom


In Battle Boom, you play as a commander who has to plan a strategy to outstrip enemies in a fierce battlefield. The game has a real-time strategy gameplay. You have 70+ weapons and units at your disposal to destroy your enemy.

We hope that you will like this fresh list of top apps and games of Jan 2018. We always strive to bring addictive games and productivity apps, so that, you can bring out the best from your device and have a nice time playing these tactful and thrilling games. If you want to include some other apps and games to this list, then send them to [email protected].

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