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You can easily outsource app development project to Agicent on fixed price by defining project details in prior. However, there are times when our customers need to

hire mobile apps developers

for longer term and regular nature of work. Such customers are either technology companies themselves, or enterprises or startups in need of an App Developers team that work like an extension of their inhouse development team.

Depending upon the size and urgency of your need, you can hire a single app developer from Agicent, or a team of app developers, or a team having a mix of mobile apps developers, web developers, Testers, and business analysts. Our app developer rates start from $ 15 per hour, and we can always have good commercial options for a monthly fee. And for any App developer for hire contract, Agicent assigns you a Project Supervisor for free, who ensures that your project goes smooth and also acts as an escalation point.

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There are a bunch of benefits if you hire Mobile Apps developers from Agicent, like the ones mentioned below:-

  • Cost-Quality Ratio

    We offer you high quality and tried and tested app developers at a fraction of price of what you’d pay to a local developer for the same quality in a developed country. Don’t believe this? Well, ask us for a Free Trial and hire our App developers only when satisfied.

  • Backup Resource

    For any App developer you hire from us, we give a backup resource for free and that makes sure if at a time when your original developer is not available for more than a week then this backup resource would take over the work. A backup resource keeps aware of your project progress in the background and jumps in when needed.

  • Free Consulting & Supervision

    Whether you hire a single App developer or a team of them, you get a Supervisor’s service for Free, who ensures that nothing in your project goes in wrong direction and takes care of everything your project needs. Besides management, you also get the benefit of expert consulting and technical guidance (if needed) from our project managers, who are all having more than 10 years of experience.

  • Easy to ramp-up or scale down the team

    Since we always keep a team of ready to deploy mobile app developers at a short notice, it is really easy for you to hire another App developer to increase your team or reduce one depending upon your project needs.

  • Access to other skilled resources, transparency, and R&D

    The day you become our customer even for a tiny project, our whole team becomes accessible to you. Apart from app developers, we also have a solid team of App designers, backend web developers, testers, frontend developers, DB programmers and we together makes sure that you get all your technology needs fulfilled at Agicent itself.

    You can use our app developers not only for development, but also for doing R&D on newer technology options, third party APIs and SDKs, or on one-of-a-kind feature development and we just love such tasks.

Following are some major App developer roles that you can hire from Agicent :-

  • 1. Hire iPhone App Developer

    An iPhone App developer works to design and develop iOS Apps that include iPad Apps, iPhone Apps, and iPod Apps. The technology set we use for native app development is Xcode, Swift3 or Objective-C; and for cross platform we use ionice framework, or xamarin, or cordova.

    We use xcode instruments to analyse and optimize the performance of an iOS app, and real iOS devices using testflight to test the app in real environment before sending any release to the client or iTunes store.

    Minimum education qualification of an iOS App programmer at Agicent is Masters of Computer Application (MCA) and average experience is between 2 to 3 years. iOS developers with more than 3 years of experience can be made available on demand, and at different price tier.

  • 2. Hire Android App Developers

    You can hire a native android app developer from Agicent, who is well versed in creating android apps using java and Android studio SDK (latest) or Eclipse IDE (previous). An Android app should ideally run on 4 different screen resolutions of Android devices starting from High, Extra high, double Extra high, and Triple Extra High. The smaller resolution devices ain’t in the market now.

    Our Android Mobile Apps Developers test the apps on real time android devices and simulator before releasing any interim or final build.

    Minimum education qualification of an Android App programmer at Agicent is Masters of Computer Application (MCA) and average experience is between 2 to 3 years. You can ask for more senior ones as well, but at different monthly and hourly rates.

    Android developers with more than 3 years of experience can be made available on demand, and at different price tier.

  • 3. Hire Cross-platform App Developers

    A cross-platform app developer is basically a web developer who uses the set of web technologies like html5, css, js on top of a cross platform app development tool like ionic, xamarin, cordova etc to create native-like mobile apps.

    Cross platform apps are not always the first choice, but they are good when you have a limited budget and you want to target all platforms at once. There is some limitations w.r.t native app development as not every native feature can be achieved on mobile, but if they save cost they are worth to consider.

    And in case of mobile game development, cross platforms are the first choice and that is because of Unity 3D game development framework that works great with C#.

    For ultra security oriented apps like the banking and financial Apps use, mobile web development takes and advantage over the native app development since they prefer to remain within their own security framework and can’t just directly run on mobile OS.

    We’ve highly experienced cross-platform apps developers along with Native App developers, who are good with both App and web app development and can also work on the backend if needed.

Send us an email at sales@agicent.com with your project query, or fill up a simple form by clicking on Get in Touch, or call us at +1 - 347-467-1089 . Our sales team will get in touch with you within 12 Hours!

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