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The world has changed a lot in last 10 years, and so as the world wide web. We can call this era as an era of mobile and wearable technologies, but web is still as relevant as it was, and in all time new form of modern looking frontend responsive websites, powerful big data systems, useful commercial and transactional sites, and handy mobile web apps..

Web apps developers at Agicent work at both Front and backend of the web, as well as leverage web technologies like JS, html5 in creating quick cross-platform apps as well.

Following are some of the major areas we cater in web application development field:-

  • 1. Custom Web App Development

    The beauty of custom web app development is that you can practically achieve any possible feature on your website, thanks to the openness of the world wide web and their platform independency of course. So whether it is a niche store management system for your shop, or an elearning solution for a school, or may be a new dating website; everything can be made possible on web.

    Our web app developers use technologies like Php, laravel, Python, MEAN stack, .NET, RoR to create awesome custom apps and CMS systems; that can always be extended to mobile and other handheld devices besides running strong on desktop browsers.

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  • 2. Responsive Website Development

    A website today is built for mobile and tabs first, and then scaled to the larger screens and they run great on all these platforms. And since they automatically adjust to the screen-sizes where they run, they are called responsive website.

    There are several design theories for responsive sites and some trendy ones being flat design, material design (like what Google uses), or minimum design and all are focused to make the web experience convenient for the user.

    We use twitter bootstrap, php, laravel, codeigniter, angular js to create ultra responsive websites; and learn any new technology or framework that comes to enhance the web development.

  • 3. Mobile App Backend Development

    Mobile Apps hardly work alone, and most of the times they need a solid backend to empower them. A backend, which is a collection of DB, APIs, CMS, Admin is actually the backbone of any native or cross platform mobile apps. The major functions a backend collectively do for an app are:-

    • Pushing and exchanging content from the apps via APIs
    • Reports generation (of usage, transactions, content, user profiles etc)
    • Security of App’s content and user data
    • User management, content moderation
    • User behavior analysis tracking, metrics
    • Communication with users (via notifications, messages)
    • Feedback and support

    Apart from these basic functions, a backend can also empower your business intelligence and can be 100 % automated for every aspect related to your front end apps. For examples, the backend of an uber taxi booking app is 100 % automated as there is no manual intervention on taxi booking, cancellation, refunds, fare calculation, distance calculation, ETA etc and also on daily transaction report generation, driver incentive calculation, addition of new cars and much more.

    We use Laravel developers, PHP or node.js, angular.js, or python to create robus mobile app backends; and bootstrap for admin panel websites. For the web services, we recommend JSON over anything so far, as they are fast and can be utilized for any front end.

  • 4. Mobile Web App or Cross-platform app development

    Web technologies are being widely used to create native-looking cross platform apps as well; and the advantage is that you write a cross platform app once and run on both iOS and Android and even on windows and instead of using native SDKs for iOS or android, you can do so by using web technologies like JS, html, Css only.

    Cross platform apps are not always the first choice, but they are good when you have a limited budget and you want to target all platforms at once. There is some limitations w.r.t native app development as not every native feature can be achieved on mobile, but if they save cost they are worth to consider.

    And in case of mobile game development, cross platforms are the first choice and that is because of Unity 3D game development framework that works great with C#.

    For ultra security oriented apps like the banking and financial Apps use, mobile web development takes and advantage over the native app development since they prefer to remain within their own security framework and can’t just directly run on mobile OS.

    Our mobile web application developers are familiar with frameworks like Ionic, Xamarin, Phonegap, Sencha, Unity 3D to create mobile web apps or cross platform apps or games that are comparable to native apps to best possible extent.

  • 5. Ecommerce Development

    Something that ruled the startup economy for more than a decade is none other than E-commerce website portals and apps. Gone are the days when just having a product list, cart, or checkout were the only features needed for an eCom website. Ecommerce are now an amalgamation of many features from E-commerce, social network, messaging, artificial intelligence, and location based solutions.

    As a user, you can now shop for yourself or family, as well as refer the same item to your friends on network, or chat real time with others interested in that item, or may even leave upon the system to suggest you what fits you best and that all in timely manner and according to the location you are standing at, isn’t it just cool? The delivery boy takes your signatures on a mobile app, or clicks your picture and send back to their CRM; and the pickup guy gives you the receiving on the app itself and the user feels as convenient as like the real king. All this happens because of the latest e-commerce technologies and frameworks and their intelligent integration with big data, mobile, and location data.

    The ecommerce frameworks we use are now ultra modern and amazingly secure and doing customization is also easier compared to 5 years back, be it Magento, OpenCart, Nopcommerce, or WooCommerce all are competent and give you an advantage to quickly setup your own E-commerce store to start with. And then, for enhancements and feature upgrades you have E-commerce App developers like Agicent to rely upon.

  • 6. Web Maintenance

    You need to hire web application developers not only for development but also for regular support & maintenance (including regular enhancements, troubleshooting, continuous localization etc) and nothing better than hiring an web app development company like Agicent for that task, for the simple reasons like reliability, expertise on other parts like mobile and wearables, and ability to provide backup resources.

    Any website or app can become boring if you don’t update regularly (like in every 3 months as an average idea), and we at Agicent are always geared up to support such campaigns of yours. We work with you to chalk out the future plans of development in prior, and kick off the work the moment you say yes; along with offering a 24*7 support for your end users.

    Hire Agicent Web App Development Company for any size of web development project and start with a Free 7 days trial. You just need to fill out the contact us form to the right of this page, or send an email to sales@agicent.com and we are in business immediately.

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