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Whether you are a just born tech startup in silicon valley or elsewhere, or an established web company looking to extend your product line onto mobile, or a consumer oriented enterprise ready to increase your branding and customer engagement by leveraging power of mobile apps, you must have come across this question before jumping onto mobile apps development and the question is – "Do we develop apps inhouse, or outsource it to an "app development company"

And since it is not feasible for every startup or enterprise to “create and put into work” an inhouse app development team due to obvious reasons (ranging from economies of scale to management overheads), the option to search and shortlist and finally hire an outsource app development company seems more plausible.

However, not every app development company can be best fit for you and therefore there are certain parameters that you should compare these companies upon and some "homework" is also needed from your side before you go in search of such iOS & Android App development companies.

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So before you go for searching such app design & development companies, do the following:-

  • 1. Write as much details as you can to describe your app from “user’s point of view ”,“ admin’s point of view, and “general point of view”, so much so that your developer should understand what you are going to achieve with this app and how.

  • 2. If possible, then make some raw mockups or wireframes as well. You can use as easy stuff as a pen and paper to draw that and more savvy ones can use even tools like mockflow, balsamiq, or even photoshp.

  • 3. Do some research before you jump in, on possible process of app development, potential costs, things to consider etc. Our blog can be a good source of such information for you.

And then, choose an app development company which,

  • Has a proven track record in developing some good Apps; you should see their portfolio, years in business, check customer references and overall professionalism. If they are good, they must offer you a trial work as well.

    You can right away pick and hire Agicent for this, we are into business since 7 years and our App development portfolio speaks for itself. You may talk to any of our customer or see what they already say on our testimonial page and if that’s not enough, ask us for a Free trial work and hire us only when satisfied. Sounds super cool?

  • Offers you end to end services; that should include consulting, design, development of apps and backend, along with some post delivery warranty. And if they provide App store optimization or app promotion services also then you are at your “one stop shop”.

    Agicent is one such App development company that offers all what is written above and more. You can bring us on board at any stage of app development; be it as early as at the time of idea inception or when your designs are ready or even when your last developer left it in the mid. It is an “assurance” that we shall do whatever it takes to make a project running and achieve the ultimate goal of launching an awesome app as quickly as possible.

  • Is Good and flexible with costs; the cost may not be as dirt cheap as you find on online marketplaces and end up with half-baked App, and also not as bomb-costly as you may be asked to pay to local agencies but a balance.

    Agicent has made its app development costs quite flexible and affordable without hampering the quality and we can do that because of the economy of scale, location advantage, and some business prudence. Most of the MVP Apps can be done around $ 5 K and an average price of a full mobile app with backend and decent features go not more than $ 15 K. And then, all the payments are milestone linked so you are never paying unreasonable while working with Agicent App Development Company. You can get a free analysis and quote for your project right away also by filling this Form.

  • Understand complexity of your project, demonstrate you the development approach and process, and keep the progress transparent.

    The more good quality questions a developer asks more are the chances that they know their job. There are fine details attached to any project specs, and then there are the “finer” ones as well. For a better planning of development and delivery schedule; the developer should clarify on most of the details in prior and that goes into your benefit only.

    We at Agicent work closely with you to create a precise development plan, outline a clear deliverables and schedules mostly with weekly interim releases, list down dependencies and use cool no BS collaboration tools like Trello to transparently track and manage the project with you, ensuring there are no gaps between what you and us see as the project grows.

  • Consult and educate you on not so obvious things; for example assist you in choosing better payment gateway, or an OTP authentication provider, or work on your behalf to get a better deal from the API provider, or makes you aware on a latest technology for your project’s betterment and many more things where you don’t even know there is a question, and they answer you already.

    And such knowledge flows only when your app development company keeps themselves abreast with latest technology and trends, and when they also have a "startup" mind set. Fortunately, you need not to go anywhere for such information when Agicent is working for you. Instead of spreading and consuming spam on internet, we keep ourselves busy in reading new trends, visit events to learn and spread knowledge, and write and share such up-to-date knowledge with everyone, and of course our customers are the first ones to get benefitted.

    Know that it is a team work end of the day, and when you hire an outsource App Development Company you are actually bringing a team on your board which should have the same goal as you do, and that can’t be less than a "great App" in the end. We at Agicent believe strongly in this "team approach", and act as well so you'd find all our processes fine tuned accordingly.

    You can Hire App Development Company Agicent for a trial or full project, and there won’t be any regrets. Write an email to sales@agicent.com with your project idea, and start in no time!

Send us an email at sales@agicent.com with your project query, or fill up a simple form by clicking on Get in Touch, or call us at +1 - 347-467-1089 . Our sales team will get in touch with you within 12 Hours!

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