Medicare has become a major issue in today’s hectic life. We all have our day jobs which makes it almost impossible to takeout time for professional help. Although, some issues need consultation from a professional. Therefore, to help people with Medicare, we have mentioned some of the best apps for telemedicine. Most of these apps will help you get online consultation while others might also get free prescribed drugs delivered to your home free(free delivery). Some apps can help you manage your emergency contacts in times of emergency…obviously !!!


About: This is an amazing app that helps coordinate healthy physicians and healthcare providers. PingMD has been compliant by HIPAA and the app is effectively being used for secure text messaging. This is truly among the best apps for Telemedicine. The application makes the user efficiently to stay in touch for continuum care.

The application enables the doctors and healthcare providers to share PHI(Protected Health Information) via the app. With this app, the user can connect as many collaborators as he/she wants. As a healthcare professional, it helps you connect widen your circle. It also helps you message based on groups such as Staff, Colleagues, and patients. 


  • Text, Images, and Videos compliant by HIPAA(Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act).
  • Case-based messaging between colleagues that is streamlined.
  • Separate all your personal or professional messages.
  • Get unlimited connections with the people you need.
  • Easy EMR Integration along with efficient case download.


2.First Opinion

About: It could be 3 AM, although if you are in dire need of a doctor then this app will is going to fit just fine. It is the fastest way you can consult a doctor. It is very easy to get a consultation from doctors remotely using the First Opinion. 

The application allows you to connect within minutes. On First Opinion, you can get a first opinion 24*7. It is helpful since there are times when we need are not actually unaware of how serious the situation is. For example, Stomach Aches could be due to many reasons but it looks very serious during the time. It is the best app for telemedicine.


  • Connect to a doctor within minutes.
  • Chat with a doctor 24*7.
  • There is no limit to time until your issue is resolved.
  • The chats are 100% private.
  • Get a followup from the doctor after every discussion.
  • Notes after consultation from the doctor.



About: More than physical stress, we are living in a world where mental issues are the major problem. Talkspace is truly among the best apps for telemedicine. Although, the medicine is the app itself. It connects the user with over 5000+ therapists. All of these therapists are licensed. With TalkSpace, one can easily get convenient and confidential help for depression, anxiety, stress, and more. This is an unlimited messaging service that connects you to your designated therapist 24*7. 


  • Capability to connect with your therapist 24*7 for 5 days.
  • Get solutions if you are suffering from Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Relationship Issues, PTSD etc.
  • No need to make an appointment.
  • Therapists that are reviewed and verified.
  • Weekly subscription starting at $59.



About:  Looking for affordable right at your hands, well this application helps you achieve exactly that. Amwell is an online medicare making it relevant to make our list of best apps for telemedicine. The application can also help you get a consultation within minutes. Here, you can connect with a certified doctor and get your prescription. With Amwell high-quality healthcare is provided to you 24*7. In fact, if you wish to see the doctor personally then it even allows you to have an appointment.


  • Variety of services available with affordable pricing.
  • Get urgent care in case of a dire emergency.
  • Psychiatric help for the ones who are looking for it.
  • Get doctors to visit you if you want.
  • All the data posted on the service is 100% secure and confidential.



About: Searching for Doctors, Nurses, and Healthcare Professionals? With Dialogue, you can make a dialogue with all them just a click away. It is a place where you can get a consultation for health and wellness. This application get you, anyone, that you need within a speck of time if the situation is related to your health making it the best apps for telemedicines. Get a wide variety of practitioners with prescriptions on the go. Also, the prescribed medicines will be delivered at your doorstep free of cost. It is a service for the family so you can invite your spouse or simply add your children.


  • Get consultation for you general health including kids
  • Consultation related to mental health issues such as stress, sleep, relationships, depression etc.
  • Great dermatologist that can help you treat issues like eczema, acne, eczemas etc.
  • Get services like specialist, radiology, lab test etc on referrals.
  • Medical prescription along with free home delivery.


6.Simple Contacts

About: This is another great application to manage your contacts. This may not be among the apps for telemedicine but it is surely the one to have. Save all your contacts using this application and make sure you never lose them. How? Well, it syncs all that data to your Google account. The user can also make some favourites in case if you have them.


  • Sort your contacts as per your likeness.
  • Sync all the data to your google account.
  • Search for any text to reach your contact easily.



About: This is not true among the apps for Telemedicine. It is something that can help you manage your contacts well. This may not directly apply to the medical healthy but can come really handy in times of emergencies. With this application, you can easily synchronize your contacts from any device. The application provides you with various filters to sort/ your contacts for your ease.


  • Synchronize your contacts with other devices.
  • Get an endless list of contacts added to your smartphone with easy management.
  • Get filters to make your search for contacts easy.



About: Maple 24/7 doctor online is another really great app. This one is will also get you consultation within minutes. Although, the service has been operating in Canada. Here, you can get licensed doctors for consultation from Canada. In order to avail the service, all you have to do tap the request button with consultation. The application will help you connect you to doctor via live chat or video using a secure platform. Depending upon the area and location you are in, the application will provide you with diagnosis, prescription, sicknote, or medical advice within a flick of seconds. In order to get a doctor, all you have to do is click on “See the doctor now” button.


  • Consultation for issues like Stomach Flu, Cough/Cold/Flu, Erectile Dysfunction, Mental Health, Birth control etc.
  • Get all the prescriptions and sick notes digitally.
  • Get your medicines at home with free delivery.
  • 100% confidential and private.
  • Provide feedback and get reviews about any doctor beforehand.



About: This application is another contact management service. Although, the real difference is that it mimics the functionality of a Pager. This may not be among the apps for telemedicine but it could be a real help in times of need. User can choose their own 7 digit pager number. Although, the numbers are assigned to the users based on a first come first serve basis. This application also provides a variety of in-app purchases for additional functionality.


  • Get the first month for the service free.
  • Add as many contacts in your service as possible.
  • Get end-to-end security using SSL encryption.
  • Messages delivered up to 5 devices simultaneously.
  • Get various ringtones for the message received.
  • Alerts that repeat after a point of time.
  • Get additional features upon purchase.


10.Doctor on Demand

About: This application lets you connect with your doctor, Psychiatrist, or Psychologist using your smartphone. With this application, it is really easy to connect with any doctor whether you have insurance or not. All these doctors are more than capable and can help you with a variety of issues.  

The best part about the application that you can always see the cost upfront. There are hidden bills or charges that will be incurred on you after the session completes. This application gets you all the doctors that have been certified by the medical board. All the doctors available in the app are professionals and just like any clinic will ask you about your medical history, symptoms, and all that is needed to perform a proper examination. 

Get to choose the best from a diverse group of doctors. The application also provides a free mental health assessment. Also, making an appointment using the application is quite easy making it the best app for telemedicine.


  • Get great support for issues such as Cold & Flu, Allergies, Stress & Anxiety, Grief & Loss etc.
  • Get a consultation from doctors without any issue.
  • Get access to doctor 24*7 365 days throughout the year.
  • Access the services with or without insurance.
  • Connect with your doctor using a video call.


11.MD Live

About: It is a great application if you are looking forward to curing any issue that is not an emergency. The application can operate at any time of the day be it business hours, nights, weekends, and even holidays. MD Live is a great alternative if your family doctor is not available. With this app, you can get the consultation online. This application can also provide prescription refills just in case if you need them.


  • The application can be used for a variety of non-emergency situations.
  • Some of the issues that can be resolved here are Acne, Allergies, Diarrhea, Fever, Headache, Insect Bites etc.
  • The application can also help with various psychiatric issues.
  • MDLive also has a variety of paediatricians.



About: As per the New York Times, this application has saved almost 10000 lives. It is a great application if you are looking for a free consultation. Get access to over 140,000 doctors just by using your smartphone or tablet. The consultation will be provided to you via text. Although, if you want a little more than you can pay for a virtual consult by the doctors provided. With this application, one can connect with a doctor using text, video, or audio. It is among the best apps for telemedicine and is often used by people for primary healthcare.


  • This application offers you 2.6 million answers of various issues from the doctors.
  • There are over 700,000 articles on 850 conditions.
  • Get access to over 140,000 doctors.
  • The application is 100% confidential.
  • Get your conditioned checked by the AI-powered symptom checker.
  • Get to connect with your doctor with text, video, and audio.
  • Complete your complete profile to get better treatment.


13.Live Health Online Mobile

About: Is it an emergency? Well, maybe Live Health Online Mobile can sort you out. This application can help you out with certified doctors, licensed therapists, lactation consultant, and dieticians. The user can consult with any using live video chat using their smartphone, tablet, or desktop. This fact makes this among the best apps for telemedicine. 

This is a great way of getting care of sitting at your home with ease. You could be anywhere, all you have to do is download the application and get going. Using this application, anyone can connect to a private line via the doctor. Also, the conversations between the user and the practitioners are 100% secure and confidential. This application gets your online consultation and prescription in no time.


  • Get 24*7 support from the doctors.
  • Get all the consultation and prescription online.
  • Connect to a secure line in less than 10 minutes.
  • Get remedies for issues such as flu, eye infection, skin infection, urinary tract infection etc.
  • Talk to a therapist for issues like Stress, Depression, Anxiety etc.
  • The application is also available in Spanish.


14.Express Care Virtual

About: This is a convenient option for someone who isn’t capable of visiting the doctor personally. All the doctors that are registered on the application are certified by the medical council. With this application, no one has to wait for their turn to come. The service is available to you at just $49 per visit. With Express Care Virtual, the user can get live consultation with different mediums provided by the application. The doctor will be providing the prescription and the notes that’ll keep you healthy in the long run. This is truly a recommendation and is among the best apps for telemedicine.


  • Take an appointment for a physical visit or get consulted online.
  • The application has no sign-up or subscription fee.
  • Get profiles of doctors that have already been reviewed by the users.
  • See the doctor within minutes.
  • Get a consultation for your kid.


15.Plush Care

About: Plush Care is an excellent app if you are looking for an alternative for primary care. It is one of the best and most convenient way of managing your app. It is really another one then makes the list of the best app for telemedicine. Get prescribed by certified doctors on the go. The application also accepts major insurances. This application as actually aggregated doctors from the top 50 medical schools who are willing to give assistance to you at any time of the day.


  • Get prescription and drugs for various problems.
  • Easy access to the service for emergency and non-emergency issues.
  • PlushCare is available in almost 50 districts of the USA.
  • Get your major insurances accepted.


So this was the list of some of the best apps for telemedicine. It is crucial for us to get consulted in time. All of these applications are capable of getting you consultation at the right time. Even if it is an emergency situation that you are unaware of then may enlighten you with the situation. In case, if you are looking for someone to create an app for telemedicine then maybe we can help. In order to send us an enquiry mail us at [email protected]. You can also check out our app cost calculator using the link on the left top side of the website. We have also written an article on Top Diet Management Apps so you can check that out too. We hope this article may have been of some help to you. Also, thank you for reading it until the end.



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