Top 10 Digital Transformation Companies in 2024  

The above quote says it all. No matter whether you are in a brick or mortar business or in a transport or logistic business or a manufacturing unit or ofcourse a software product or services company – you’re a tech company. Since Software is being consumed heavily by the general public, you need to be a digital software-oriented company not only in your operations but also in your sales, marketing, customer care, new product development, innovation, finance and everything else.

What we see every day around us is that people are so much into technology that eventually what stays with them above all is their mobile phone which connects them with every possible avenue with the help of the internet. With technological advancements, industries have started shaping their scopes towards the light of the digital landscape.

The rise of rapid technological growth has somewhere led various distinct businesses to take this imperative step of transforming themselves digitally and become tech-smart businesses. Companies have been adapting a set of tech stacks to stand out in the queue of smart companies to enhance their working. Digital transformation is way unblended term that nearly composes services that were basic priorly but in fusion with technology became dynamic and ever-evolving landscapes.

For example, when a clothing store existing physically in one city can make itself accessible for its customers settled in another city by making its business available digitally through online platforms. These kinds of businesses have extended their scopes by blending them with technical and electrical media. It not only benefits the business but also makes it preferable to many of its customers as it provides ease to them and makes their lives smooth and hospitable.

The term Digital transformation has two distinct sides associated with it when it comes to the companies and those are: a) the companies that are digitally transforming and b) are the companies which help other companies in their digital transformation journey. In this article, we shall delve into the aspects of companies which provide services to transform start-ups or other companies digitally to cater for their goals and objectives in an optimizing and productive way. We shall be focusing on why exactly digital transformation is required in businesses, and what services these companies provide to digitally transform businesses.

Major Services Provided by the digital transformation company

When it comes to services, there are multiple services these Digital Marketing Companies offer to different size of the client companies. These companies act as a guiding entity to these small start-ups and nurture them in terms of digital advancements and technological revolution. Let’s just see some of the services these companies provide –

1. Software consultation and implementation – This kind of service is more like a guidance that the digital transformation companies provide in which these companies act as strategic partner to the businesses, they help in providing consultation and giving roadmap as per the requirements and needs of the company as to achieve their respective objectives. For example, what happens generally when small start-ups commence with their process or workings, they somewhere required to formulate some techniques to obtain what they want to achieve in an optimizing way. Digital transformation companies help businesses identify opportunities through multiple assessments.

2. Software Development – With the advancements in technology and dynamic growth businesses have started evolving digitally and the digital transformation companies enhance their growth by providing software services to it. Now, the question arises what kind of services especially software services these digital transformation companies offer? The answer is simple i.e. all kinds of categories that can empower one’s business digitally. Software is a catalyst that can encourage rapid growth in meeting the diverse needs of clients. Some of the software services offered by digital transformation companies are –

  • Custom Software developmentDeveloping software as per the requirements of clients, whether web and mobile applications, enterprise software platforms, or any type of solutions to accelerate business growth. Custom software development includes developing a web app or an AI app or a App for your customers or for your own inhouse operations.
  • Testing and Quality Assurance It becomes a vital function of any services which are in development to assure the quality and reliability of the product they are delivering to their customers. And, for that purpose, comprehensive quality testing based on the testing methodologies is done to address any kind of defects and ill scores within the system created. Testing facilitates alleviating the vulnerabilities of the system. Digital transformation companies not only develop the software but also help in assuring their development.
  • Software maintenanceThe digital transformation companies not only develop software rather they take care of the items that they have developed and it’s called its maintenance. Software needs time-to-time updates, it requires troubleshooting and patch incorporation for its security and safety. Some firms are associated with this role of software maintenance which facilitates productivity.

3. Digital Marketing and Branding – Branding is a term that has a top-notch association with the term Promotion. Most of us have used Zomato, which is a food delivery app. It is just a food delivery company that has boomed so much in the market that it has become a household go-to name for ordering food. People knew the fact that it was not a restaurant but eventually started considering it one as they call Let’s Do a Zomato, rather than saying let’s order food. It is all because of its promotion, and its branding. Branding is a mandatory concept for one business to become successful, effective marketing is required. Digital transformation companies facilitate branding and marketing services. Some of the services include –

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – The techniques which enhance the visibility of pages at search engines like Google, Microsoft Binge, etc. Search engine optimization is the concept of improving how diligently a company’s website is visible on the top when searched for its blogs, workings, clients, services, etc. SEOs use metatags to make it possible and enhance their online visibility.
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM) – The kind of digital marketing that includes social media platforms for promotion, and client interaction. For example, if the company sells clothes, then the digital transformation companies can help them to grow digitally by generating their leads through social media platforms and also helping the companies find customers for their respective products. The Customers can send feedback on the same product through their social media platforms only.
  • Paid Digital Ads (PPC, FB ads) or Performance Marketing or Programmatically

Performance marketing plays a pivotal role in driving digital transformation for companies in today’s fast-paced and competitive business landscape. As businesses increasingly shift their operations and customer interactions online, performance marketing becomes an integral part of their digital strategy, enabling them to achieve growth, reach their target audience effectively, and maximize returns on their marketing investments.

At its core, performance marketing focuses on measurable outcomes and tangible results like you do when you run ads using google ads or fb ads, making it a data-driven approach that aligns perfectly with the objectives of digital transformation. By leveraging advanced analytics, automation tools, and real-time optimization techniques, companies can precisely target their marketing efforts, track key performance metrics, and make data-driven decisions to improve campaign performance continuously.

One of the key advantages of performance marketing in the digital transformation journey is its ability to provide a clear understanding of customer behavior, preferences, and engagement patterns. Through sophisticated data analysis and segmentation strategies, companies can create personalized experiences for their customers, deliver relevant content and offers, and build long-term relationships that drive loyalty and repeat business.

Moreover, performance marketing empowers companies to adapt quickly to market changes and customer demands. With the agility to test and iterate campaigns in real time, businesses can optimize their marketing strategies on the fly, identify what works best, and allocate resources more efficiently to maximize ROI.

In essence, performance marketing serves as a catalyst for digital transformation by enabling companies to:

– Drive Growth: By focusing on measurable outcomes and performance metrics, companies can scale their marketing efforts effectively and drive business growth.

– Enhance Customer Engagement: Through data-driven insights, companies can create personalized experiences that resonate with customers, leading to increased engagement and brand loyalty.

– Optimize ROI: Performance marketing allows for continuous optimization and refinement of marketing strategies, resulting in higher returns on marketing investments.

– Stay Agile and Competitive: By staying agile and adapting to market changes quickly, companies can maintain a competitive edge in their industry and capitalize on emerging opportunities.

4. Risk management and cybersecurity – In the era of digital advancements, adding new techniques and technologies to grow the business is what is called digital transformation, but understanding the vulnerability of how the business can be more prone to threats when it comes to digitization is also a mandatory task. Digital transformation companies work on risk management, to mitigate any risk that is associated with any section within the businesses. Providing the management with comprehensive advice addressing all the consequences of taking risks and prioritizing their cybersecurity is one of the services offered by digital transformation companies when it comes to startups or SMEs.

5. Data analysis – We know that Data is the energy for an organization to work, without any processed information, nobody will know what has to be done and upon what the work has to be done. Digital transformation companies help in data analysis which means that the digital transformation companies will research the data-driven insights and then acknowledge the businesses in decision-making based on imperative study of the data. The concept of predictive modelling is also incorporated under services which are done based on outcomes obtained after data analysis.

Benefits of Hiring Top Digital Marketing Companies

Digital Transformation has benefitted companies in various ways and the most fascinating part is not only the big brands are leveraging its benefits but also the tech start-ups, SMEs, etc. Let’s see how some of the levels of companies have been thriving in the digital age with the help of digital transformation companies. Some of their types are –

Digital Transformation for Start-ups

Start-ups are the ones who have just commenced their journey in the industry and just entered the race of businesses, the most needed clients for digital transformation companies could be start-ups only because. Irrespective of what domain the start-ups belong to they need their digital transformation to thrive in this fast-paced technological era. Some of the benefits are –

  • New Product Development and Rapid growth – Incorporating technical strands within the business enhances its growth, it provides ease in its operations. Also, since most of the startups are straight up tech startups, they need a digital transformation company like Agicent to build their ideas into real products from the ground up and also help them setting up their operations.
  • Innovation and customer engagement – Through SMMs, customer feedback can be generated on social media platforms which somewhere facilitates providing a mobile-first approach. One roaming around for customer feedback can now easily access it through mobile phones.
  • Guidance and Quality assurance – Digital transformation can scale the operations within the companies by giving them productive consultation.
  • Marketing and promotion – With the help of digital transformation companies, businesses can generate leads and can directly target the exact audiences.

Established Enterprises – Big Brands

Companies which are already established and possess a decent name in the market need assistance in maintaining their fame and for such companies, the benefits these digital transformation companies provide are –

  • Scalability – This term here refers to the consistency that these large brands benefit from, if they are withstanding within the market, it means that these are more into providing constant products to their customers and expansion of their new ideas, and innovation. And, to accomplish all such diverse aspirations and aims these businesses require direct consultation and help from digital transformation companies.
  • Predictive analysis and decision making – One of the avenues where these large tech giants benefit from digital transformation companies is extracting insights from data-driven analysis of the data of their customers who are engaged in their respective services.
  • Competitive edge – Encouraging technologies and incorporating multiple technical ways in distinct sections of the business can give a competitive edge in the respective industry as we know digitization is the future of the world, and opting for what will be in demand in future can give progressive as well as productive approach.

Digital Transformation for Non-tech companies

Digital transformation can enhance growth and productivity when it comes to user or customer experiences. Most of the world’s population has been following a mobile-first approach which means for even the smallest task, people prefer mobile phones, which not only make them smart but also help them to attain more in less time. Moreover, some of the benefits that the non-tech industries get after incorporating digital transformation within their operations are –

  • Innovative branding – Digital promotion with the help of search engine optimizations, increasing the visibility of the websites and making it under the top ten searches at search engines like Google, Microsoft Bing, etc. so to promote and advertise it. These promotion helps in market expansion as they help the brand reach the maximum of its customers, etc. Also, these digital transformation companies encourage businesses to generate new innovative ideas which also facilitates in expansion of businesses.
  • User-friendly setups – Incorporating technology in business makes the operations run smoothly and without focusing on any kind of intricacies, the company can fairly focus on employee productivity. With the help of UI/UX, the development of intuitive interfaces can be an element added to the company, this can help the company to navigate the defaults and can focus the learning curve of an employee. By prioritizing user experience and usability, non-tech companies can ensure higher employee satisfaction and engagement, leading to improved performance and efficiency across the organization.

What are the various parameters that the company should consider to choose the right digital transformation companies?

1. Client referral and testimonials – To choose the right digital transformation company so that it facilitates in growth of businesses the customer should go through different listing websites where most of the time past clients have already shared working with those respective companies. Also, request testimonials from past clients of the same company which the customer is thinking of choosing for their digital transformation. Inquire before selection as it helps in knowing most of the consequences of working with that company.

2. Technical stacks – If the customer is into tech then it must look for the technological proficiencies upon which the chosen digital transformation company works. Choosing companies which follow the digital trends is the right choice as the IT industry is so dynamic, it is evolving rapidly and innovations are been dwelling in the world. These digital transformation companies help in thriving in the digital era.

3. Collaborative and familiar approach – One should choose for digital transformation company that encourages teamwork so that while working the team of a digital transformation company should not behave as an obstacle to customer’s internal projects, rather they should be collaborative enough to understand the business objectives and aims of their customers.

4. Scalability and consistency – Assuring that the digital transformation company is altering its steps and operations as per the needs of the client, they should be flexible enough to handle the extra consequences that emerge during working on a project. All the steps a digital transformation company follows should be productive enough towards the client’s organization.

Top 10 digital transformation companies


1. Agicent


Agicent is a globally recognized Digital Transformation Company specializing in software consulting, development, and digital marketing services. With its 14 years of experience, the organization has earned fame for providing top-notch Software development solutions especially in the field of Mobile, Web, and AI dedicated to both startup ventures and established enterprises alike. Its rich client base includes well-known corporations such as TCS and Panasonic and famous startups include HASfit, and Irth.

Agicent offers a range of services related to software consulting, development and staff augmentation, focusing on creating high-quality, custom solutions for their clients. The experts here specialize in developing scalable and robust Digital applications and tools tailored to meet specific business requirements. Their primary services in this domain include:

1. Agicent offers 360 degree services and go beyond software development and also helps its clients in Digital marketing, backoffice operations, Customer support ops and more.

2. Agicent ensures that the digital applications are visually appealing, intuitive, and user-friendly.

3. The team here ensures efficient database management, server logic, and application integration.

4. They also provide continuous support and maintenance services to ensure the hassle-free operation and up-to-date functionality of web applications.

Clients have praised Agicent for its efficient team and the quality of work delivered. The company is commended for having an excellent management team and a healthy, supportive work environment. However, there have been suggestions for improvement in areas like client communication strategies. Sudeep Bhatnagar is one of the co-founders of Agicent. He is the CEO as well as the president of the company. He has an MBA in IT and international Marketing.

  • Location: USA: New York, India: Noida
  • Company Size: A fantastic team of more than 120 experts.
  • Major Clients: Mediorbis, TCS, HASfit, Panasonic Lumix, Studiothink
  • Digital Services: React Native, Pure Native, Flutter, MERN
  • Clutch Rating: 4.8/5


2. From


From is a digital transformation company that offers various services like the development of new digital products which are profitable for large enterprises. This company is a digital engineer that develops various products that have been used by millions of customers. It is a privately held company which has specialization in solving wicked problems. As per Clutch, the company owns the most project sizes of around $200,000 to $999,999. It is Business Consulting and Services that was founded in 2016.

The company is a digital transformation agency that has received lots of awards in the fields of design, games, and apps. The name “From” has been derived from the idea that it helps companies get from where they are to what they need to achieve. Howard Tiersky is the CEO, President and the Founder of the company.

  • Location – New York, Orlando, Santiago de Surce.
  • Company size – 501-1000 Employees
  • Major Clients ­– Cartoon Networks, Amazon, Airbus, Avis, Universal.
  • Digital Services – Web App Designs, Web and App development, Team alignment, User testing and Analysis.
  • Clutch rating – 4.8/5


3. Feuji


Feuji is a global technology services that provides digital transformation of businesses. The company offers competitive edge to the enterprises in order to address their various business challenges. Feuji renders end to end approach when it comes to its delivery. Cloud, Data and insights, cybersecurity are some of the avenues where feuji has its role. The company offers solutions and gives a chance to work with the latest technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Blockchain, etc.

Ram Charan is the chairman of the company. He is praised for his insights which is utilized by the Company in dealing with business challenges.

  • Location – Dallas, Texas
  • Company size –201-500 employees
  • Major Clients – Micro Focus, Agco, Gsk, Century Link, Prime Healthcare.
  • Digital services – Digital Transformation, Cloud Solutions, Staffing
  • Clutch rating – 5/5




The company is a digital transformation company that deals majorly in Media Production which possesses a crafting experience that led the businesses to grow. The company is a gold-verified company as per Clutch which offers solutions to transform businesses. The company majorly focuses on branding and shares its equal interests in Digital Strategy and Web Design. The majority of industries the company targets are consumer products and services and manufacturing industries. It has its 45% of clients from midmarket and 30% from small businesses.

Andy Berg is the CEO of the Rhapsody Media Group.

  • Location – London, Warszawa
  • Company size – 51-200 employees
  • Major Clients – Waitrose, Facebook, Spotify, Red Bull, Ocado, Adobe, Cedar, Global Blue
  • Digital services – Pre-press Photography, Asset Management, Web design, Data management
  • Clutch rating – 4.9/5


 5. Cisco Systems


Cisco systems is a digital transformation company that has recently introduced a Secure Service Solution that incorporates technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning which made the work experience easy. The company has its specialty into Networking as it enables businesses to connect with other resources. Cisco also offers virtualization which is one of the most preferable techniques in achieving scalable services.

The company has its core in routing and switching. Cisco includes its customers ranging from large enterprises to small service providers, they delivers their product by directly through their sales, also through their channel partners. Chuck Robbins is the CEO of the company.

  • Location – San Jose, CA
  • Company size – 10000+ employees
  • Digital services – Networking, Cloud Computing, Data Centre, Virtualisation, Security.




CoreBlue is a custom software development company, which elevates multiple business digitally. CoreBlue is digital transformation company which mostly deals with project sizes of $50,000 to $199,999. Clutch is a high-assurance company. The company proceed with proper planning for start-ups generally. It is a gold-verified company that is dedicated towards the maintenance and expansion of client’s products.

CoreBlue’s major services lie in custom software development and after that, they have hands in mobile app development and IT strategy consulting. As per their clients, the company has a good quality of work culture and it solves complex technical problems smoothly.

Lewis Boyles-White is the CEO of the company.

  • Location – Plymouth, Bristol
  • Company size – 11-50 employees
  • Major Clients – Ama Selections, Bk Group plc, Executive Nexus,
  • Digital services – Software Engineering, Software development, Finance Software, Banking Software.
  • Clutch rating – 5/5


7. Alibaba


Aibaba is Multinational company that aims in building infrastructure that provides an ease to businesses to grow from anywhere. The company incorporates the services of customer to customer, business to customer, and business to business sales.

The company incorporates technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Cloud Computing in their services which further becomes a beneficiary element for enterprises that need digital transformations.  Joe Tsai is the chairman of the company and also a member in founding team of the company. The company also aims to attain carbon neutrality by 2030 as it is working for environment along with its merchants and customers.

  • Location – China
  • Company size –10,000+ employees
  • Major Clients – Lazado, Daraz, AliExpress.
  • Digital services – SaaS, Cloud, AI, IoT
  • Clutch rating – 5/5


 8. Method


The method is a company which helps evolving companies by helping them with understanding their customer requirements. The company partners across more than 60 locations. It is a privately held company that was founded in 1999. The company creates digital products and experiences. The method has a modernised legacy system that helps small businesses to innovate and compete in the digital era. It is a majorly referred company with an average referral rating of 4.9 stars. Services this company offers majorly lie in custom software development with equal hands in UI/UX designs. As per Clutch, its client says that the company has a proficient ability to communicate which gives a great experience in working with them. Timothy Morey is the global head of the company.

  • Location – Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Company size – 201-500 employees
  • Major Clients – PepsiCo, KFC, Cegid, Ben & Jerry, Renault
  • Digital services – Design, Product Design, User Experience, Service Design, Experience Design, Brand Strategy, Product Development, Insights, Brand Design, Strategic Design, Business Design, Digital Product, Software Development, and Software Architecture
  • Clutch rating – 4.8/5


 9. CyberDuo


Kevin Tadevosyan is the President and CEO of CyberDuo. The company provides services in the avenues of cybersecurity and IT. This is an IT services and IT consulting industry that has a team of certified engineers. Clients which the company has served have positive feedback towards the company, they consider the company very punctual in terms of project completion. The service line focused by this company is majorly in IT managed services and 25% of their services are in Cybersecurity

As per the company’s client, the kind of comfort they found in working with the company is great, they admire the company’s work, and they are quick and obedient towards their work. Industries in which they are lined are mainly financial services and the medical sector.

  • Location – United States
  • Company size – 250-300 employees
  • Major Clients – Google Cloud, Meraki, SentinelOne, Mirdon, Citizens.
  • Digital services – Cybersecurity, managed services, cyber security, IT services, Microsoft, IT security, and information technologies.
  • Clutch rating – 5/5




NinjaPromo is a digital transformation agency which is as per its name is an advertising agency that helps in transforming businesses digitally. The company promotes an organic marketing strategy that helps in reaching and enhancing the Public relations of the client. The company has expertise in a wide range of marketing strategies. It is a gold-verified company as per Clutch. Clients of this company consider this company very insightful. The majority of its targeting industry is financial services, and then into Information technology. However, not much yet this company has industries under business services, gambling and gaming and least in eCommerce.

  • Location – London, New York
  • Company size – 51-200 employees, with 85 associated members.
  • Major Clients – Huobi, Hello Pal, Hycon. Bull perks, Dopamine, Fantom, Okex.
  • Digital services – Media relations, Community management, PR, Content Marketing, Video Production, Traffic, Social Media Marketing, Lead Generation, and Brand Loyalty.
  • Clutch rating – 4.8/5


As far as it is seen digital transformation is not only limited to incorporating technology but also fostering new innovative ideas within the businesses. All in all, clients need their business to become an established enterprise and to attain that these digital transformation companies help by leveraging their tech stacks. Digital transformation makes living easy and smooth, it enhances growth with maximum rise in the graph.

Sudeep Bhatnagar
Co-founder & Director of Business
Sudeep Bhatnagar

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