About: This one will surely be the cutest protagonist in our list of Games created using Unity 3D. Although, this game clearly has the chops to test your patience. The task of completion can be a mixed feeling of finger ache and overcoming some excruciatingly difficult boss battles. The USP of the game can easily be called its visual appearance which is based on the 1930s animation industry. Also, the gaming mechanic is quite two dimensional in approach. It feels like your 2D Nintendo based game with really cool and captivating graphics. Also, the background scores used supports the intent of the game just right. The problem that the player might feel would be the randomisation that makes it sometimes more the test of your luck than the test of your skills. Overall, it is a great game but turning out a winner in it could be a tedious task.

Platform: Microsoft Window, macOS, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch.


About: It is dark, gloomy, and quite claustrophobic. The eerie theme of the game blends just right giving the player a stoic immersive feeling in its essence. It is apparent that the makers have taken a similar path of detaching the player by providing dark aesthetics. Although, overall it is something that you may not have experienced. It is basically a beautiful picture in motion where the player can stop anywhere and gets mesmerised by the setting the makers have created. Also, the SFX of this game is astounding, making it one of the best entries in the list of games created using Unity 3D. IGN has rated this game 10 and it will actually make you question. The gaming mechanics though limited are just right for the settings the game provides. It is a one time experience and something that every gamer should go through once.

Platform: Microsoft Window, macOS, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch.

3.Ori and The Blind Forest

About: Ori and The Blind Forest seems like an extremely passionate project from an arthouse. This is another really great visual spectacle that’ll leave you in complete awe and the feeling of mesmerised. Despite its linear approach, the game always keeps you at the edge of the seat. It is no surprise that it comes with some odd death and the limited autosave moment. Although, as the game progresses, the protagonist uncovers new skills and powers making the coming setup equally challenging yet maintaining the balance of not unequipping the character. It is basically the story about finding the three lost elements that can bring light to the forest. It is a great entry on our list of Games Created using Unity 3D and is another great recommendation if you are a fan of great visuals. 

Platform: Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Window, Xbox One. 

4.Assassin’s Creed: Identity

About: Assassin’s Creed: Identity is the much anticipated mobile version of the same game. This was a treat for most of the Assassin’s Creed fans. It is not all good but not all sluggish. Before saying anything, we need to keep this in mind that this one has been made for the mobile. As far as the aesthetics are concerned it is a decent entry considering the mobile platform. It comes with all the abilities of the Original Assassin’s Creed. Although, starts to feel a little disconnected since the missions are based on small settings and often ends up hacking through multiple people. Overall, it has decent gameplay and is easily considered in the list of Games created using Unity 3D. It may not be perfect but it is also a great instalment for the Assassin’s Creed fans out there. Just in case, if you are a fan of parkour and action, this could be just the right thing for you in the mobile.

Platform: Android and iOS


About: Rust is a survival game that requires your devotion. Just like any battle royale game, you’ll be dropped on an island(completely nude). From there onwards, the player has to gather along with all the resources and start to build the base for him/herself. Rust is an experience that requires your complete participation and can easily be called the single game at a time. In a populated server, you will be often attacker by the fellow games and surviving in it is tough considering the fact that you are only provided by a stone and a torch in the beginning. Although, overall it is a smart game that builds over time and can easily be stated as a great entry in the list of games created using Unity 3D.

Platform: Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, Macintosh Operating System. 

6.Beat Saber

About: Beat Saber is actually my favourite entry in this list. It is a virtual reality-based games that involve high levels of intuitive as well as cognitive skills. The players have to beat around beats like actually. The level of the game will increase over time and at that moment only your arms would be working. The experience that Beat Saber provides you will make you crave for more. In the game, you are provided with two sabers: Blue and Red. The blue saber can break the blue tile and the same is the case with the red one. Tiles for different direction will be thrown at you and in order to win the level all you have to do is just keep up. This is not only entertaining to play but also to watch considering the sick beats you get with the game. It is easily the best VR game and the best game in the list of games created using Unity 3D.

Platform: PS4, Microsoft Window, Oculus Quest.

7.Ghost of a Tale

About: The gaming world offers a plethora of protagonist that comes in all shapes and sizes. Although Ghost of a Tale is the story about a rat who has to go through some really tough routes and survive. It is a basically stealth-based game where you have to escape the prison. It will take you through the same map all over again where you will be getting a couple of main quests as well as side quests. Overall, it is a completely different experience where you are not given much to combat yet plenty of spaces to hide. If you are not sure that you want to have a thief like an experience then this may not be for you. On the contrary, the fact that a rat is basically the protagonist of this series makes it a little intriguing and capable of putting in the list of amazing games created using Unity 3D.

Platform: PS4, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One.


About: We have already talked about two very visually appealing games, those are Inside and Ori & The Blind Forest. Although, this one also gets you captivating music. Rather than conceiving it as a game, it can be described more like a journey through mountains, tall trees, and a couple of monsters. The protagonist of the game is mostly interacting or travelling from one place to another. The campaign is also not that long and doesn’t really pose any real threat to the character. Although where the games get itself apart from the usual ones is by using different sounds to interact. The character Fe can interact with different plants, animals, and things on the way learning their sound and getting to unlock new abilities using that. Although, they are not of much use but it does leave a lasting experience if you take it more as a journey rather than a game. It is a great visual spectacle and deserves a place in our list of Amazing Games created using Unity 3D.

Platform: PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows.

9.Overcooked 2

About: This one is surely a couch game that can be played with your family and friends easily during a party. Overcooked 2 has certainly improved the gameplay from its predecessor. It won’t be discombobulating to say that it is chaotic fun. The new mechanics make the game all the more fun. Also, the changing kitchen dynamics calls for proper co-operation. It has got a variety of new stuff from its previous version including the different settings, designs, and well the great throw action. It won’t be wrong to say that is a great entry in the list of amazing games created using Unity 3D that is made for the family. Therefore, if you are looking for a great co-op game then your quest might end here.

Platform: Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, Macintosh Operating Systems.


About: This is a true gamers paradise and especially for the ones who love FPS. It feels like the reminiscent of the old age doom and quake games. But on the contrary, it has some solid dynamics and great gameplay that will leave you engaged for its 4 hours campaign. It is all blood and glory but in a 3D polygonal shape. The set pieces are simple and the direction is easy. All the player has to do is shoot their way out, that’s it. It is not your usual fps game that is made today and that accounts for some decent frames in most of the system. It is a hell of a ride for the price of its campaign is sold and can easily be placed in our list of amazing games created using Unity 3D.

Platform: Nintendo Switch, Linux, Microsoft Windows, Macintosh Operating System.

11.Unruly Heroes

About: Unruly Heroes takes its protagonist from the Chinese mythology. If you need a better introduction than you can try the Chinese movie monkey king. This one is another really great visual spectacle. The stages and levels have been beautifully made and often keeps the player in awe. The colors used are vibrant and the gameplay mechanics are just great. In the game, the player can switch between 4 different players who have different abilities. Also, there are many times where you can only use a particular type of character to unwind what comes next. This one is must checkout and that is the reason that we have kept in our list of amazing games created using Unity 3D.

Platform: PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows.

12.Return of the Obra Dinn

About: Obra Dinn is surely going to be a heck of a unique experience. It is a story about a ship in the 1800s which disappeared although resurfaced after 4 years near the shore. The player will be playing the role of an investigator who has to figure out the death of the 60 people on board. After the player achieves level 1, he/she is left much on the behest of him/herself. It is quite a unique experience but might be boring after a while. Although, the 80s PC graphics makes it quite complicit to play at least once. It is a game for people who don’t like to rush and have an investigative mind. Due to the compelling graphics, we believe that should be considered in our list of amazing games created using Unity 3D.

Platform: PS4, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows, Macintosh Operating System, Xbox One, macOS.

13.Escape from Tarkov

About: Escape from Tarkov is often compared with The Division. Although, on the one hand, you have a game by Tom Clancy, Escape from Tarkov comes from a smaller studio. It might seem that it may not be that great but the story is completely opposite. Despite not having access to millions of dollars, the gaming experience on this one is pretty refined. From the gun mechanics to the external environment, everything feels quite rock solid. It won’t be wrong to say but it shares a lot with realism making it a great contender in the list of FPS. It focuses on small details like gun reloads, shooting mechanics, character appearance, the texture of the environment etc. Overall, it is a great game and asks the player to be much more intuitive in comparison to similar titles. We personally feel that Escape from Tarkov deserves a place in our list of amazing games created using Unity 3D.

Platform: Microsoft Windows.

14.Guns of Icarus

About: If you are looking for some steampunk action then surely is the game for you. It is a proper online game where you need proper coordination among your teammates. In the game, the player is provided with a ship that will be used to attack other players ship. It provides a variety of zeppelin style ships that comes with their own advantages and disadvantages. The work on the ship is divided between the pilot, gunner, engineer, and captain. It is a great game once the players get the hang of it. There are a variety of things that the players can do although they require proper coordination between the teammates. The learning curve of the game may be a little steep although once the player figures out what he/she has to do, it is pure fun. Overall, this one is surely something to be checked out and can easily be kept on our list of amazing games created using Unity 3D.

Platform: Microsoft Windows, Macintosh Operating Systems, Linux, macOS.

15.Slender: The Arrival

About: Despite having poor mechanics, this one is the best instalment in the horror genre. It is of no doubt that this can be pure fun for the horror game fans. Slender: The Arrival more like its predecessor is spooky and terrifying at many parts. One has to do a variety of tasks to survive in the game and there is another element added to the game as well. There is a little kid with a mask on and a knife in his hand that can charge the player anytime. The SFX of the game are great and the environment has been made pretty well. Although, it packs a series of repetitive tasks that often take away the shine. Overall, Slender: The Arrival is a decent instalment, if you are playing with dim lights and headphones on. It is a decent game in terms of its genre and can be easily kept in the list of amazing games created using Unity 3D.

Platform: PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, Wii U, Macintosh Operating System.


About: Well, Super Hot is truly a mind-bending concept. It is by one of the most genuine ideas that have come after a long time. Super Hot in its crux is an FPS game. The game is offered to you in two modules: Normal and VR. Both of the experiences seem as unique as they can be and there is no doubt that they offer some really unique dynamic. In Super Hot times flows with you literally. The moment you stop making a move, time freezes in the game. Although, the adversary will charge you at the same time making each of your movement quite decisive. Also, you are as fragile as opponents. Therefore, this requires some constructive decision making to pass through also making the game a little difficult at times. The VR experience can be a little tricky at first but once you get the hang of it, this one is a pure joyride. Overall, it is a game that everyone needs to checkout once and that is why we have kept it in our list of amazing games created using Unity 3D.

Platform: PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Oculus Quest, Microsoft Windows, Macintosh Operating System, Linux.


About: It is one of the most fun and unique games that are available on the list. The game is pure physics-based and while it can frustrate you a bit, this is also a lot of fun once you start to get artistic with your design. There are no barriers to the kind of vehicle you wish to build. One can build any kind of design he/she wants since there is no barrier to what you can add be it flamethrowers, canons, grabber, blocks etc. The game precedes further with each objective completed at each level. Also, the objectives that are provided will certainly challenge your imagination and will make create entirely new vehicles from scratch. Besiege is a great game and can be placed easily in our list of amazing games created using Unity 3D.

Platform: Microsoft Windows, Macintosh Operating System, Linux, macOS.

18.Kerbal Space Program 

About: This can be quite like the game Besiege but it was launched earlier. This one is also a pure physics-based game where the player has to launch prototypes to space and make successful placement into the orbit. This game is basically about sending tiny kerbals to space and making sure that they are alive. It is a great game that challenges your intellect at every point and one has to create new space probes that stand against the objective. It is a must-play if you like strategy-based games. Kerbal Space Program is new & inventive and can be easily placed among the list of Amazing games created using Unity 3D. 

Platform: PS4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Linux, Macintosh Operating System, Wii U.

19.Dead Trigger

About: Dead Trigger is a mobile-based zombie game for the fans out there. For smartphones, the graphics on this thing are just phenomenal. Also, it comes with a variety of advanced weaponry as your level and experience increases. The level is mostly based on randomly generated data. The game is both fun to play and quite engaging. In this game, the zombies will hit you in waves that you have to face. The main objective of the game is to survive each hit. As soon as you increase in level and experience, you are provided with better ammunition and armour. The game is pure fun especially for people who simply like to shoot through things. The gameplay and the mechanics make it a great entry in the list of Amazing Games created using Unity 3D.

Platform: Android and iOS.

20.Cities: Skyline

About: This is another great entry into the list of games created using Unity 3D. Cities: Skyline is a city builder where you can create your own city from scratch and run it. There are various customisations that can be done on a miniature level. Also, it offers a variety of options to make your city the way you want. The district feature integrated into the games makes it really to manage your city well. It is a great game and allows you to alter and changes on so many levels. In it, you can see the residents of your city going to the office, school, and many other places that you have built.  Lastly, I would say that it is pure fun people who like to play games like SimCity.

Platform: PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, Macintosh Operating System. 

So this was our list of some of the amazing games created using Unity 3D. All of the games that are mentioned in the list above provides some really great dynamics and game mechanics. We hope you like our list and in case if we have missed on a game then do comment it down below. In case, if you are looking for an app development company then maybe we can help. To send us an enquiry mail us at [email protected]. We have also written an article on guide to devOps, to reach the article click on the link provided. Also at the end, thank you for reading our article until the end.


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