In the era of this tech savvy world where digital activities are performed by so many people, it seems like apps are playing an important role in that. Without apps, smartphones are nothing. Whereas with apps, smartphones are everything. Whether you want to pay a bill online or do online shopping or anything you want to do, apps play a huge role. You can easily solve your digital problems just by using amazing apps present on your smartphones. Businesses are also getting attracted towards the app developments and are investing in it to generate revenues. Nevertheless, app developers are facing challenges because already a lot of apps are flooded which are very similar to each other and on top of that the high competition between those similar apps makes it more complicated.  So what can you do to make users attracted to your app, and how can you gain more app installs? Best App design is the perfect answer to all these questions. 

Do you want to know about the latest mobile app design trends in 2021? If you find it interesting, make yourself comfortable and let’s get right into it. 

If your creativity level is good enough to attract users then nothing can stop your app from getting larger installs. The best app design is when it is unique and it’s a key to success. In this article, you are gonna know about the best app designs and about the latest mobile app design trends 2021 which UI/UX designers follow.

9 Best Latest Mobile App UI Design Trends in 2021

Let’s begin:

1. Android:

In the world of Android apps, right now, there is no substitute of Material design methodology. This design language focuses on designing a clean and simple user interfaces which are easy to use and understand from the user’s perspective. Google introduced Material design in 2014 and used it to design its own native apps, including Google Keep, Gmail, Maps, etc. Basically, Material Design uses card-based layouts, depth effects, and smooth transitions to build enriching user experience.

2. iOS:

With the latest iOS 11 update, Apple has completely revamped its mobile operating system as now the focus is more on content and improving its visibility. iOS 11 users might have noticed that Apple’s native apps like App Store, now have large text for headings and smaller text right below them. In addition to that, iOS 11 apps also use card-based layouts and a mix and match of flat and material design language. So, it is pretty clear that Apple is now urging app designers to focus more on content visibility and guiding patterns that improve the overall user experience.

3. Windows:

Microsoft’s new design language called Fluent Design System is the future of Windows apps and operating system. It is based on 5 major elements: Light, Scale, Depth, Motion, and Material to provide a better user experience than its predecessor Metro design language (Windows 8). App designers can use the latest Fluent Design Language to build smoother apps which support parallax movements and connected animations. Moreover, you can also add the lightning and depth effect to designs.

4. Typography:

Back in the old days of app designing, the more focus was on layouts, navigation, and other core UX elements, but in 2017 typography has made a comeback in the mobile design space. Appropriate text size and spacing between letters is important if your app is highly content-oriented. And based on the app theme and design language, you can keep it simple or add textures, shading, and depth effect as well.

5. Designing for variable screen sizes:

As the IoT is growing rapidly, designers will face the challenge to design apps for variable screen sizes like from tiny Apple Watches to large smart TVs and gadgets. As the people are nowadays are getting their hands on more different type of devices like fitness and other gadgets, designing apps for smaller screen sizes will be on the rise in coming future.

6. Adding human-touch:

The app’s design should be human-friendly as it improves the user experience. The latest 2021 trends follow adding smooth animations and gestures within the app. However, do note that the gestures and animations should not be very complex and must adhere to your user’s persona.

7. Designing VR and AR apps:

VR and As AR and VR apps tend to provide a more seamless experience than other apps, therefore, they should be designed in accordance with user’s persona and psychology. As the devices supporting VR displays are on the rise, in the future, we could also witness the rise of VR and AR apps.

8. Dark Theme:

2020 was also all about the dark theme as popular platforms like Twitter and YouTube introduced it for users who prefer when the lights are turned out. The dark mode in apps makes it easier for users to use the app at night as brighter screens give more stress to eyes than darker one.

9. Angles

In the old days, there was only right angles design on the apps and nothing else. However in the latest mobile design trends 2021, you will see that the app designers are incorporating different angles which are mainly unusual types. 

This type of unusual app design is getting appreciated by the users and users are getting more attracted to these unusual designs. Angles that are unexpected are adding interest and thus the app designs look more effective.

The mobile app designing trends of 2021 clearly show that the focus is now more on improving user experience and making them more fun to use. As we are also into mobile app designing and development, we will share our core expertise tips with you through our blog. 

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