Today, Every other smart user is moving to online shopping experience than walking down to any other fashion outlet or nearby mall. In fact, we all spend most of the time clicking and browsing products on our phone. And somewhere we all prefer online transaction while buying any product through Magento website. 

The users must feel protected and secure on the platform while they perform any online transaction. And hence, merchants must make sure that they have a safe admin panel to offer credible services to their potential customers. And if not, well merchants are going to lose not only revenues but also brand value and authenticity on the online market.   

Technology is increasing and growing at every minute, and so are the lethal attacks which give access to the inside information and data of the site to the hackers. How to secure your admin panel is not an option but a mandatory need that every owner’s aim. So how about we discuss better ways to improve the credibility and authenticity of shopping experience for different users?  

How about discussing top 10 ways to secure your Magento admin panel? 

1)  Complicate your password and username 

One of the most important factors is to help in protecting your Magneto Admin panel is the arrangement of words in your username and password. One must choose the password which is tough to crack on a single attempt. One of the best ways to realize the same is including digits, unique characters and complicated alphabets as your password.  

It is suggested to keep the username to be tricky as well. Adding on your name as a part of username can be easily hacked. Try not to include the name of your company as well as it becomes apparent.  Just to add on, keep changing your password after every 3 or 4 months.  

2)  Keep the passwords different 

Many users have a habit of keeping a single word as their password for separate panels. Well, even if you are just changing the upper and lower cases but if the password is still same, you need some new password skills gentleman! “January-February” for instance is a standard password you always prefer, so no matter how many times you just change the cases, guessing such a password will be a piece of cake.  

In case you have various numbers of designers, make sure you keep a record of certifications of the designers and the quality of work they provide. Anyways to summarize it: keep it different and keep it complicated!  

3)  Never save the password on your browser 

The weak spots where you are open to un-secure admin panel is saving the password in your browsers. Many times, you will be asked to keep the password on your browser cycle. But hang one! Always select “never.” 

One can also prefer services like third-party password management to keep your password secure. And if you have been doing that already, it is recommended that you delete entire browser history. Such a step will clear all the passwords that you have saved in the browser in the past.   

4)  Prefer connections like HTTPS/SSL 

One of the most keys is factors to understand when it comes to securing the Magento website. Please understand HTTP websites are not considered encrypted. On the other hand, if a Magento website starts with HTTPS, it is realized under secure socket layers.  

Platforms like SSL commit security when any of your customers perform an online transaction. Such a platform helps in preventing hacking of any site. Now the question is how to get HTTPS connection? Follow the steps below: 

– Go to Admin Panel and then follow the selection as select: system, then go to: configuration, choose: general, then move to web & finally click on: secure 

– Change your URL setting to HTTPS from HTTP 

– Enable frontend secure URLs 

– Enable admin secure URLs 

In addition to the same, before you follow these steps, make sure that admin provides the setup of SSL encrypted connection using Apache.  

5)  Prefer custom URL than default admin URL 

You can stop a hacker to speculate directly on the admin panel is by playing a little with custom admin URL. Default admin URL is a perfect and straight-forward approach for the cyberpunk to continue with their creative hacking skills, so how about we change the administration way which is more harder and challenging to break through. 

This method of changing this way is called changing from default to custom admin URL. To realize the same, follow the steps as: 

Go to admin, select: stores, then choose: configuration,  Next: advanced, and click: admin 

6)  Back up your website 

Another way to save your Magento website is through backing up the same. One can create their strategies for backing up the data on the site including different security layers on the platform.  

You can back up the entire data and files on the server which is not hosting your Magento website. You can also prefer backing up multiple times which can be kept in different and various locations away from the server not hosting your site.  

7)  Anti-Virus 

Using an anti-virus for your website is as essential as using the anti-virus for your systems. Please understand that we are talking about protection at an enterprise level here, this means that the level of security needs to be stronger.  

That is because the amount of data that need to get protection from the spammer is comparatively available on a large portal than PC. And hey, be cautious as well when you visit pages which are entirely unknown to you.  

Such platforms might include malware attacks from different links and platforms that might help hackers to access personal information related to the customers and their bank details from the Magento website. So use a reliable anti-virus to build a protected wall that cannot wrack out by any hacker.  

8)  Prevention from attacks like MySQL Injection 

You might not be aware of the fact, but MySQL injection is a famous and known lethal attack which is carried by many hackers. This offense took against online merchants helping hackers to get access to the information which is related to store available online.  

Under this lethal attack, hackers get access to the details of the consumers buying products from a Magento website including their transaction details and balance associated with the same.  

And mind it, leaking of such information related to bank details is a hassle that will bring the biggest downfall to your takings as well as the authenticity of your online store.  

And hence, if you are an online merchant using Magento platform, always take a note on such an attack as it will affect the brand value of the admin along with relative delays and doubts regarding the credibility of the platform.  

9)  Always use the latest versions 

Before I suggest you to keep yourself updated on the most recent versions of magneto website, it is vital for you to know why it is essential to do so. In the hub of Magento development, whenever a new version released. 

It carried the features that help in resolving problems linked to functionality including latest security patches and layers related to recent attacks. With new versions and updates on Magento platform, administrator keeps themselves secure from the latest attacks and always walk on a better and higher standard of security and functionality.  

Keeping yourself updated with Magento version means you are preventing your website from lethal attacks that might lead to the disclosure of crucial data and information on your site.  

10)  Limitation of the admin access 

Administrators must aim that admin panel must be accessed only by few people as it is a single platform that includes most valuable data and information on the website. One can realize a downfall in the profitability of the business if the admin panel shared among too many people.  

Make sure you keep a rain check on who is using the admin panel and for what purpose. And the best answer to the same is maintaining your platform automated.  

Well, you might have thought that securing your Magento website will be a more onerous task, well honestly, it’s not! All it needs is a smarter approach on how to protect your admin panel.  

When you are working sincerely to build better credibility and brand value for your online store, security must be considered a monetary deed above any other task. Please don’t forget that somewhere the triumph of your business is dependent on secure your platform is, so don’t back out or lay back regarding implementing the better secure platform.  

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