Landing pages are simply web pages designed to increase the CTRs (Click Through Rates) and generate leads. In case of apps, landing pages act as introductory web pages which highlight the main features of the app to the users. The primary goal of the app landing page is to drive more app installs by using SEO and conversion optimization principles. Landing pages with better and intelligent designs usually have better conversion rates. So, it is important to design a landing page as per the users visiting your site. Before starting the discussion on the latest top 10 app landing page design trends 2018, let’s first understand why an app needs a landing page and what are its important components.

Why your app definitely needs a landing page?

– Helps to build a pre-audience or fans: Landing pages can create a hype of the app within your website visitors during the app development phase.  

– Increase the number of organic app downloads: If your app landing page is SEO-friendly, then undoubtedly it will give a boost to the number of organic installs of your app.

– Gather user Emails: Before launching the app, you can use the app landing page to collect user emails. After the app is live, you can send the app download link to the interested users and also ask them to leave a review.

– Take user feedback on new features and bugs found: You can also use the landing page of your app to gather feedback from users and resolve the issues.

What are the important components of an app landing page?

Follow are the important components that you should definitely include on your app landing page to increase conversion rates:

– App icon and brand logo.

– High-quality screenshots and explainer videos.

– Informative description with relevant keywords (for better SEO).

– Distinctive features of the app.

– Include user testimonials and blog reviews link (if any).

– Social media channels link on which your app marks its presence.

What’s more important? The design:

In mobile app marketing terms, landing pages are used to improve the conversion rates, i.e., turn site visitors into potential app users. Thus, your app landing page should make a visual impact on the users and tempt them to download your app. However, it’s not easier said than done, as it takes time to design a landing page with better conversion rates. The general rule of thumb here is to A/B test various landing page designs to see which type of design will work best in your case.

Analyze visiting users type of your website and on which sales funnel stage they are, as this information will help you to choose a landing page design with better conversion rate. Let’s understand with an example. If visiting users are well aware of your brand, then you can choose Short form design which will be one of the latest app landing page trends of 2018. On the other hand, if visitors don’t know about your brand, then go for Long form design.

That being said, let’s now take a look at the latest landing page designs of 2018:


1. Long form design app landing page:

landing page design trends 2018- long form design

Long form design app landing page designs work best when the visiting users are not aware of your brand. In that case, provide all necessary info on the landing page itself so that users find all brand and app info on the landing page itself. This conversion tactic ensures that most users will not exit from your page and will scroll to the bottom of the page to read every point highlighted by you. Most engaged users with your landing page will surely download your app as your landing page has built a trust and influence them.  


2. Short form design app landing page:     

Short form design landing page                           

Short form app landing page design is also among the latest trends of 2018 which results in better conversion rates when your website visitors are unaware of your brand. In short form app landing page designs, you just have to highlight only the key features of the app and add some CTA buttons. Display all app information in a compact way, so that, users don’t have to scroll down the page.   


3. Simple app landing page design:

Simple app landing page design

We guess 2018 will be the year of simplification as most app publishers are now using simplest app landing pages. To design a simple app landing page, just add the app icon, brand logo, CTA buttons, and a clear call to action headline. The above screenshot displays the app landing page of the Ford Pocket Mustang, which is the perfect example of a simple app landing page, but yet compelling enough to make user check out the app.   


4. Split screen app landing page design: 

Split screen landing page design

Split screen app landing page designs display information in different visually separated sections which allow the brain to process all the information in a systematic manner. This landing page style isn’t popular as compared to others but can come handy when you have a lot of information to share with your website visitors.  


5. Explainer video app landing page design:  

  Explainer video landing page design

App landing pages with explainer videos will also trend in 2018. Explainer videos are a great way to tell your app story via landing pages. It also helps users to understand the app functionality. So, if users get impressed with the explainer video and the app interface, then they will definitely download the app. As a result, the conversion rate of your landing page will improve.


6. App landing pages with real photos and quotes:

Landing pages with real photos and quotes

If you own an app that is related to photos, then now, there is an ongoing trend, to include real people photos on the app landing page and mainly in the app screenshots. This type of app landing page design gives a feeling of personalization to users and look visually appealing. Also, you can quote some of your fans or bloggers quote to make an impact on users to download your app.


7. Landing pages with CTA pop-ups:         

Landing pages with CTA pop-ups

In this type of app landing page design, you have to display a pop-up when users visit your website or landing page. Even though it is an old school design but, yet it will trend in 2018 because of its higher conversion rates. We have also used this landing page design on our website to guide our clients to either use the app cost calculator or contact our sales team to get an app price quote.


8. Large headings and font size:     

Large headings and font size                                   

Large headings and font size help you to convey important messages to the app landing page visitors. Text with large font size grabs the user attention and provokes him/her to take an action and of course, the big headings looks absolutely great. However, make sure you choose a good font which is easy to read, as shown in the screenshot above. 


9. Auto-play video in full-screen mode:

The latest trends have also shown webmasters are using auto-playing videos as the background of their app landing pages. These contextual videos help you to swing the mood of the users towards conversion and make them click on the CTA button.  


10. GIFs for product demonstrations:         

GIFs for product demonstrations - latest mobile app landing page design trends

After explainer videos, and full-screen videos on the background of the app landing pages, using GIFs for product demonstrations are also going viral as it looks cool and certainly grabs all attention of the users towards the app.

If you need some help related to the landing page of your app or website then post your queries in the comments or send us an email at [email protected]. We will revert with a solution to improve the designing of your landing page and optimize the conversion process. We have a team of graphics designers who can design innovative and out of the box landing pages for your app and that too within your budget. 

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