It has been almost two decades since online businesses started to boom. Although, it won’t be up to the point when Android finally came into existence that applications started to become mainstream. There were mobile applications before but they were the talk of the town. People were talking about what one can offer and the other cannot but the real competition began since then. 

Although, now having an application is almost a necessity for almost every big business especially. If you are thinking of establishing yourself as a brand then you need an app. But now the market has become quite saturated and people are more interested in having an overall good app experience. This calls for better User Interface. This also means that app designers can now actually experiment a lot in comparison to what they could before. Therefore, if you wish to know top app design trends in 2020 read down the article below.

1.Depth and Layers

Depth and Layer Top App Design Trends in 2020

About: The approach has been adapted by a plethora of app designers to create something that is clean. Imagine an app that is hard to figure just because of the design. Using the depth and layers concept one can create exceptionally good looking UI. Using it one can distribute elements that look cohesive of each yet sticks together. The layered design makes your UI look more sorted. It is a great approach and should be inculcated with each app design. It one definitely among the top app design trends.

2.Immersive Animations

Immersive Animations Top App Design Trends in 2020

About: Previous engines weren’t capable of processing too much animations at the same time. Although, the scenario has changed drastically. This meant that now more and more apps started to follow the trends. Adding animations to your design adds more effectiveness to your app UI. It also makes sure that the product you get is way more immersive and intuitive. There are small things that can be done like changing the color, transitions, or any animated character that might pop-up during the interaction. It is a great way of making an immersive app and therefore needs to be listed in the top app design trends in 2020.


illustrations Top App Design Trends in 2020

About: The great thing about illustrations is that they are abstract. It all depends on the creative knack of the app designer what he/she chooses to use in an app design. A lot of designers use illustrations to show what the brand wants to share. They are appealing since they convey an overall underlined message. Also depending how you implement them, it can truly impress the audience you are creating it for. This is another great entry in the top app design trends that can be followed in 2020.

4.Storytelling and Branding

Story Telling and Branding Top App Design Trends in 2020

About: If you are creating an app for a brand then storytelling and branding can be your way to go. Storytelling has been considered a great way of setting up the context. The major reason why people create apps is to increase awareness about their app. Applications that are story-driven often end up making an impact on the target audience. In the process of just opening an app they know a lot about your app to make an impact. This has been proven to be an effective way and also helps you in establishing your brand. This is the reason that it has been mentioned in the list of top app design trends in 2020.


Typography Top App Design Trends in 2020

About: Typography is another very popular concept that many designers are using to make their application look more appealing. This can be a great part of your overall aesthetics as well as elements. It can also add stars to the readability of your content and also make your better more refined. The major challenge that one can find is coherence since a lot of Typographic designs are made from scratch. Although, it can sometimes be a little difficult for designers to get the appropriate fonts. It is a great one and deserves to be in the list of top app design trends in 2020.

6.3D Design

3D Design Top App Design Trends in 2020

About: 3D design are very much in the trends. On one hand there are conventional flat designs that very much feel like a chalkboard. Although on the other hand, you get designs that have dimensions. It is relatively an old concept but unlike the previous times when we didn’t have access to great hardware, one can now implement such designs and let the engine render it. It is proven to be quite interactive from the very beginning and is a concept that can be taken quite seriously. Therefore, it has been mentioned in our list of top app design trends that can be used.


Swiping Top App Design Trends in 2020

About: The first thing that comes to the head when considering this kind of app design are dating apps. Speaking about “Swiping” then Tinder is a great example of it. In this kind of application, the main way of navigating from one content page to another is swiping. The layout is generally setup for this one in forms of cards. Depending on the idea of your app, this design can actually be adopted quite effectively. It is a great one and is therefore a part of top app design trends. 

8.Color Gradients

Color Gradients Top App Design Trends in 2020

About: Designing is mostly about playing with colors. Although, previously most of the designs boasted of a limited color palette. But now, a lot of designers are trying to play with contrasting color palettes and giving out exceptionally beautiful results. There have been all sorts of such designs that are on the internet for inspiration. These are generally used to create a certain emotional effect for a certain part of your app. It effectively convey what the content is about and therefore is a true addition to top app design trends in 2020.

9.Rounder Corners

Rounded Corners Top App Design Trends in 2020

About: Well, Applications are made for smartphones. Also, previously one couldn’t have imagined smartphones without bezels. Although, it is a running trend now. This meant that more and more apps started to adopt themselves as per the trend. This made the concept of applications with rounded corners more inclusive. Rather than a trend, it is more utility savvy since you are not wasting any fragment of your screen. This is the reason why we have mentioned Rounded Corners in the list of top app design trends in 2020.

10.Dark UI

Dark UI Top App Design Trends in 2020

About: Many of the smartphones are adopting the viciously attractive dark mode. It is all about providing that stands out and looks absolutely magnificent. Although, if that is the case then a Dark UI handles it pretty well. One great example of that would be Netflix. The UI of the application is liked by many and the overall Dark and Red interface feels quite up to the point. It is another great designing concept and needs to be added in the list of top app design trends in 2020.



About: Transitions are among the fundamentals of creating an app design. Although, a lot of designers have started to experiment with that. It is a great way of creating an app that stands out. By using new and unique ways of navigating your app through transitions, the whole charade can be made quite fun and engaging. There are many places where you can implement transitions be it your content, elements, or just navigation. This is another effective designing concept and deserves space in top app design trends.

12.Icons Opacity

Icons Opacity

About: We have already written about a multilayered approach. This is one way how many designers are achieving it. By increasing the opacity of the icons on your app, one is actually creating a sense of integration. Although, at the same time, the design is boasting of something that is unique in its nature. This also makes your icon blend really well with the background. With a little bit of color play and great illustration it can create some jaw-dropping results. Also, that is why it is a part of top app design trends that can be followed in 2020.

13.Simple User Interface

simple user interface

About: This may seem a little surprising by this moment. Although, not every app idea needs to be treated artistically. Infact, certain app ideas demand a simple UI because at the end of the day, we want everyone to use our app to its full effect. A Simple User Interface can also help you get a faster application. Also, it can be easily used by any age group. This provides a consistent experience and adds to the overall effectiveness of your application, performance wise. Therefore, it was essential that we mention this in our top app design trends article.

14.Voice Interaction

voice interaction

About: VUI or Voice User Interface are a thing of today. These may not have been implemented that effectively since the overall idea is still relatively new. Although, not new enough that one cannot scratch its head to give something better. With the inception of VUIs, more and more apps are turning its head towards providing a GUI that can handle VUI better. This is something that still has some room to think but designers are coming with new and improved ways of designing their apps to be more voice centric. Imagine an animated character inside an app that does what you say and completes the task for you. This concept has unlimited potential and is therefore a part of this top app design trends article.

15.Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

augmented reality and virtual reality

About: Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are still not that mainstream. Although, they are a popularised concept that there are many apps that are using the concept. But the design for these applications needs to be taken seriously. The reason is simple, they can not have the same UI as that of a regular app. Also, there can be a lot of room for improvement and making them overall very appealing. Therefore, it may have been mentioned last in the list of top app design trends in 2020 but is surely important. 

So this was the list of top app design trends in 2020 that one can follow. It is important to attribute things that are up to the trends. Not only this will make your application interesting but will also increase your brand value. In case, if you have been looking for an app development company then maybe we can help. To send us an enquiry mail us at [email protected]. We have written an article over top web design trends, therefore, in order to reach the article click on the link provided. We hope this article may have been of some help to you. 

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