How much does it cost to make an app for small business in 2020?
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How much does it cost to make an app for small business in 2020?

How much does it cost to make an app for small business in 2020?

Are you also wondering to know How much does it cost to make an app for small business in 2020? Well, the straight answer is “it depends”! But for we love to solve anything complex, we’ve figured out an appropriate answer for this as well and just for you. Here we go:

Summery – Lower side– $ 5 K | Average cost (of most of the useful apps) – $ 15-20 K | Higher side – < $ 50K. And now read on…

Lower Side ($ 3 to 5 K) – These are the simplest Apps with no backend/ server side (and with no big logic), having 5-6 screens with limited functionality. A small business can create such apps for their larger visibility across mobile devices along with the website.

Examples – Diet Planner App, Barcode Scanner App, Budget Planner App, Photo Frame App, Simple News Feed App and likes. Such Apps take 4 to 6 weeks of time to delivery. The cost to make these apps is usually lesser since they involve only front end design and coding, and very less or no backend or complex functionalities.

Average Side ($ 15 to 20 K) – Most Apps in this category have a backend/ server side dependent functionality, using more device’s resources like GPS, Maps, Camera, Accelerometer etc. Most of the utility Apps (and some light games too) fall in this category, also client Apps for e-commerce portals, coupon sites etc. Examples – Event Search Apps, Maps based guides, Restaurant Ordering Apps, Fitness Training Apps, Simple Games, Sales Demo Apps, Consumer-oriented Apps, E-commerce client Apps, Ticket Booking Apps, Taxi Apps and backend and likes. Such Apps take 12 to 16 Weeks of development/ delivery time. These kind of apps are usually ordered by small business who want to create a functional and useful app for their users. The cost of making these apps in 2020 is pretty reasonable and that is by leveraging various faster ready to use frameworks, backends, and several other APIs that help in create such complex apps faster than before.

Higher Side ($ 25 K to 50 K or Above) – Apps with lot of functionality, state of the art backend, intelligent algorithms, using almost all device’s resources and coolest designs fall in this bracket. These are better to be called as complete mobile solutions rather than just an App. The launch version of such Apps take minimum $ 25 K and goes to much more over a period of regular upgrades and updates.

These kind of apps are usually ordered by established businesses, these are not just the apps but complete platforms where more than 1 user type are involved and the app does many sophisticated functions. The cost of making these apps for small business or large business is always higher because they involve a great set of functionally, high level of user experience and also need continuous updates for upgrading technologies.

Examples – CRM App, Complete Social Media Solution, Complete E-commerce Solution, Healthcare/ EMR Apps, 3D Games, Contest Apps, Realtor Apps, Multimedia Apps with server (Audio/ Video/ Photo) and so on. It’s better to do such projects in phases, starting from launch version Phase 1 (which can take 6 to 8 weeks initially) to further. It’s better to have a fixed price agreement for the launch version and then hire a developer or team for a monthly fee for regular feature enhancement/ product upgrades. It is basically the duration and complexity involved in the project that directly determines the cost of development. For example – you’ll be investing $ 25 K for a project in 3-4 months and not at once ofcourse, and more for next phase and so on (depending upon success of the version 1.0). In any case, we always request you to come up with a decent description of your project requirements to get a specific quote. Use this to get a no-obligation quote at anytime – iOS Development Company .

This is all we had to share about How much does it cost to make an app for small business in 2020 for now, will keep on updating the information as time changes. So feel free to watch out this space.

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