Prototyping represents an integral part of the app or web design process. With an interactive mockup of a mobile app or website, shortcomings can be easily identified in the flow and usability of the design before too much time or money gets invested towards promoting the development of the same. When you hire Mobile App Development Company, they can help you find the best mockup and Wireframing tools to get the very best development work. Here is a glance at the top 10 Mockup and Wireframing Tools, meant for Developers.


  • Moqups: Enjoy superior flow with this web app while creating interactive prototypes, wireframes, and mock-ups for a great look both for on-screen as well as on paper. This is made possible by the Scalable Vector Graphics technology.


  • Wireframe sketcher: This wireframing tool is of great help to the product managers, developers, and designers alike in the quick creation of prototypes, mockups, and wireframes for mobile, web, as well as desktop applications. Primarily a desktop app, it also has a plug-in version for almost every Eclipse IDE.


  • MockFlow: Full-featured wireframe software featuring publishing capabilities and an extensive set of editor functions, MockFlow represents a comprehensive tool that is a must for any developer.


  • Mockup Builder: This is a prototyping solution that helps in designing websites or softwares while bringing about significant reduction in cost and time for the negotiation stage in comparison to others.


  • io: This is the first mobile platform to offer a cloud-based environment for rapid development with an integration towards API plug-ins and back-end services.


  • Frame Box: An incredibly simple frame-sharing application, Frame Box is a browser-based tool that is a fantastic option for creating easily adjustable and resizable wireframes on the fly.


  • Fluid UI: A simple and user-friendly design tool, Fluid UI helps in prototyping of mobile applications so that you can easily create and test a working prototype in next to no time.


  • Pencil Project: An open-source GUI prototyping tool, Pencil allows developers to create mock-ups on popular desktop platforms. An on-premise tool, it can be easily downloaded and used both online and offline.


  • Mockabilly: A prototyping tool for iPhone apps, Mockabilly allows mockups to be created in a matter of a few minutes. Non-linear high-fidelity mockups that replicate the actual iPhone behavior make for the perfect usability testing experience.


  • FlairBuilder: FlairBuilder allows interactive webframes to be created for both mobile applications and websites. Seamless feedback tools are its highlights as they allow easy collaboration between stakeholders and team members alike.


  • Mockup Baker: Mockup Baker is a helpful Photoshop Mockup Plugin helpful to create 3D product mockups directly on Photoshop. This is a helpful Mockup tool after Photoshop discontinued its 3D feature.


The bottom line is that all best Mobile app development companies constantly strive to work with tools that make life simpler for their developers. These ten tools are certainly among the top draw as far as mockup and Wireframing tools are concerned.

Sudeep Bhatnagar
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Sudeep Bhatnagar

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