There is no denying that aka Tik Tok is a phenomenon. The world has been posting itself on it. The application is so much in use that it has made Tik Tok Celebrities out of it. Tik Tok has become a sea of content where creators from all over the world are publishing videos. Although, Tik Tok is just one platform that a lot of people have put into perspective. This was something that had to be addressed since there are multiple other great mediums which may not be as popular but have great content or great content creating capabilities. Therefore in order to know the 10 alternatives to Tik Tok app read down our article below.

Note: The index of the applications mentioned doesn’t signify their ranking.


About: Dubsmash is my personal favourite since I have used this application. It is a video messaging app that is available for both Android and iOS. The application was created by Jonas Druppel, Roland Grenke, and Daniel Taschik. Using this application, one can choose any snippet from a Music, Video, or Movie that is trending on the internet. The application lets you record sound and basically enables you to dub that particular video. This one is basically a Lip Synching application and was quite famous in the circle. If you wish to know about alternatives to tik tok app then this one deserves the spot.


  • Get access to trending videos and challenges.
  • Make a dancing video to the content available.
  • Capability to save a video or post it online on the app itself.
  • Capability to share video on Whatsapp, Instagram, and Facebook on the go.
  • Record new videos in your profile for others to use.


2.Vigo Video

About: Vigo Video is another application that is quite identical to Tik Tok. The application lets you share your daily life with your friends, family, or the Vigo Community as a whole. The application lets you create your own short funny videos. Vigo Video gets you tonnes of great filters and effects along with really funny stickers to make your videos interesting. Vigo Video is a fun application which lets you create a video of 15 seconds and lets you share it with the world. If you are looking for alternatives to Tik Tok app then this is surely one of your best bet.


  • Let your artistic drive create videos of 15 second.
  • Impressive filters, special effects, and funny stickers.
  • It has a real-time beauty camera to get you an eccentric video.
  • Lets you meet and discover new people with similar interests.



About: Another application that gets you great features. Cheez will literally help you create videos that will make you smile. It is another app with so many features and almost an identical concept. The application also rewards the user, if he/she gets a certain amount of likes or views. This one is very easy to use and is also a decent alternatives to Tik Tok app.


  • It is very easy to use.
  • It has great filters and they constantly update it.
  • It has videos with different categories like comedy, cooking, makeup, pets, prank, and fashion.
  • Get rewards for your videos if you got enough likes, shares, or views.
  • Friendly Battles making your videos with friends and communities.
  • Create Dance-Off battles using the application.



About: Triller is a famous entertainment platform that is built for content creators. A lot of famous celebrities are actually using the platform. Celebrities like Justin Bieber, Chance The Rapper, Rita Ora, Rae Sremmurd, Kevin Hart, and many others. The app is very easy to use, the users just have to click on a single button and make the video. It also provides you with a lot of features to edit and add filters to your videos. It is definitely a great alternatives to tik tok app.


  • Access to over 100+ filters with text, drawing, and emojis.
  • Get the feature of auto-editing your content.
  • Access to trending music or something from your own library.
  • Capability to collaborate with anyone on the platform.
  • Save the video to your gallery or publish it on Whatsapp, Instagram, or Facebook.



About: Well, the application doesn’t exactly make you capable of creating a video. Although, this one lets you create interesting animated Gifs. The application allows you to pick from millions of Gif templates. The app is completely free to use and offers a lot of really great features for you to create exciting Gifs. It is a great app since the Gifs that are provided can be voiced over by you. It may not be exactly identical to tik tok but is sure one of the best alternatives to tik tok app.


  • Capability to create animated Gifs.
  • Access to millions of Gifs.
  • Record Audio with Gifs to create interesting content.
  • Capability to share on the go.



About: KWAI can also be one really well suited option for us to begin with. The application has updated the app with a brand new 3D feature. Here on this app, the user can find a whole lot of 3D Kmoji. They also have a wide range of stickers and comic desires that can be accessed by the User. Also, the application allows you to create great magic videos using the KWAI templates. If you truly wish to create some funny content then it can be a decent recommendation in terms of alternatives to tik tok app.


  • Get access to 3D kmoji and tonnes of new stickers & comic desires.
  • It comes with magical motion sensing to transform selfies.
  • Video editing tool with all the basic capabilities like trim, edit, merge etc.
  • Access to an exclusive KWAI library for Music, Video, or Sound.
  • Beauty tool to enhance the pictures.
  • New and interesting templates for the user.



About: Well, this application has the capability to change your perspective and especially the viewers completely. With Firework, one can instantly change the orientation of the recorded video. This may seem like an ordinary feature but if used effectively can create great content for you. Apart from this Firework is all about making short-videos and with the great feature this app embeds, one can actually create something that is truly interesting. The application is being used by millions of people and has this interactive storytelling experience. The concept is basically of creating a 30-second snippet and well, how interesting it can be? That surely depends upon how creative you are. Overall, I can truly recommend this application as one of the alternatives to tik tok app.


  • Completely change the orientation of the video.
  • Interesting editing tools to get a decent end product.
  • Allows you to create a 30-second video.
  • Capability to save your favourite content on your personal board.
  • Get analytics for the videos that you post.
  • Competition for sponsored hashtags that can get you to reward.



About: Funimate is an app that is being used by many tik tokers to edit their content. It is a fun and interesting editor that lets you create videos with music and effects. The application is being used by over 40 million people worldwide and is considered a great tool by many. With Funimate, the user can create musical video clips, fan edit videos, lip-sync videos, slow-motion videos, and much more. It has a variety of features that can help you create some really interesting and funny videos on the go. Overall, this may not be a replacement to the app but surely deserves a space in our list of the best alternatives to tik tok app.


  • Access to over 100 advanced filters.
  • Capability to create your own filter.
  • Add music to your video to create a packaged draft.
  • Access to features like Stickers, Emojis, and text-to-video.
  • Music loops for creating interesting videos.
  • Get to do daily challenges.



About: If you are into posting stuff on different mediums then it can get you great content for that. Lomotif is another app that lets you create content for Tik Tok, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or maybe Whatsapp, if your wish is to publish content on the medium. If you are thinking of adding music and creating a collage of videos then Lomotif is the app for you. The application has recently been added to the Play Store(Android App Market). Also, this one also boasts millions of users worldwide. It is also another great app that needs to be recommended in the list of Alternatives to Tik Tok App.


  • Add music to your videos very easily.
  • Create and merge multiple videos to create a collage.
  • Get access to instant edits on the go.
  • Perfect your videos using the in-built editor.
  • Add titles and Emojis to your videos.
  • Access to additional great features like hyperlapse, Slideshow creation, and music video formatting.



About: Making the last on the list, Likee is an app that is also like Tik Tok. Likee is a short video creation and sharing platform. The application is available for both the platforms which are Android and iOS. It was originally introduced by the name Bigo which was a company based in Singapore. Likee has some marvelous features like 4D Magic, Dynamic Sticker, and much more including great special effects for video shooting and editing. It may have been mentioned at last but is an equal match and deserves to be listed in alternatives to Tik Tok App.


  • It comes with great brand new cosmetic features to get you a stellar video of you.
  • Toolbox with access to countless great features like special effects, thousands of stickers, and a lot more.
  • Access to multiple smart features like Hair Color, 4D magic, Superpower etc.
  • Capability to create magical videos using great special effects.
  • Capability to dub any video of your favorite superstar.
  • Discover new content on the applications.
  • Live Broadcasting with magical interactive gameplay and gift effects.


So this was our list of alternatives to tik tok app. In case, if you have been looking for an app development company then maybe we can help. To send us an enquiry mail us at [email protected]. We have also written an article over Angular Developer JD template, therefore, in order to check it out click on the link provided. We hope this article may have been of some help to you. Also, thank you for reading this article until the end.


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