Hiring remote app developers for creating an app could be a tricky business. Although, there are multiple advantages for doing so. For instance, the client can get an app for cheap(outsourcing), no need of infrastructure, allows you to work on the core aspects, and finally get more work(especially if you have an in-house team also). Although, remote hiring also comes up with its own challenges such as Communication, Different Timelines, Cultural Differences etc. Therefore, in order to help you out, we have mentioned some of the best sites for Hiring Remote App Developers.

Note: All the sites mentioned below belong to an app development company. None of the sites mentioned below will route to a freelancing website.

Advantage of Hiring Remote App Developers

Experience: Hiring remote app developer or a full-fledged team is always advantageous. It happens multiple times when an inexperienced freelancer takes up a project but isn’t able to deliver the desired quality. Hiring from an app development company gives you the advantage of hiring someone experienced.

Resources: This is also another great aspect. Hiring from a dedicated app development company benefits in terms of resources. The resources used will be provided by the app development company that lent the client app developers. This saves both time and money in the long run.

Security: With a proper app development company one gets the benefit of securing his/her idea. The idea is safe since the concept is not conveyed without an NDA(Non-Disclosure Agreement).

Quality: Hiring from a proper app company gets the client the benefit of quality. With a proper establishment comes the pressure of maintaining quality. Also, the developers are more experienced hence the quality is great.

Communication: Most of the times communication could be a barrier. Although, if you are approaching an app company then there is always someone who can carry out effective communication. Also, the good company tries to bring as much transparency as possible so that the client can trust them.

Pricing: Pricing usually depends on the app company the client is hiring. Although, with a big company, the prices will also be more. Although, there are plenty of small-sized organisations that can help young startups out.

Sites for Hiring Remote App Developers



1. Agicent Technologies

Hourly Wage: < $25/hr

Technologies: iOS Mobile App Development, Android App Development, Web Apps Development, Rapid MVP Development, Mobile Strategy Consultant, App Marketing.

No. of Employees: Up to 50

Founded: 2010

Well, We kept ourselves on number one because we have been working tediously for more than 9 years. We have a wide range of great developers that can be hired to create your app. We deliver competitive prices and last but not the least, we have written this article…hahaha.

Agicent Technologies have a great portfolio of applications. Some of our work includes applications like WellCure, HASfit, Deuces, Breezler, SmartIRX etc. We have been delivering solutions for both Android and iOS including Web Apps. Apart from app development, we offer our clients a wide range of services such as Game Development, Cloud Integration, Legacy Frameworks etc.

Our price is way too affordable and we encourage our clients to take up the milestone model for payment. Also from a couple of years, 95% of our work comes from repeat customers. If you are looking for a remote app developer for hire then we can provide you with our best at a nominal price. In case, if you wish to talk to us about hiring then mail us at [email protected]. You can also check out our app cost calculator in case if you are looking for a full-fledged app. 

2. PixelCrayons

Hourly Wage: < $25/hr

Technologies: Web Development, Custom Software Development Services, Software Product Development, UI/UX Design, IoT Development, Blockchain Development, DevOps Solution etc.

No. of Employees: 250-999

Founded: 2004

It is among the better sites for hiring a remote app developer. The company has been operating in the circle since 2004. They are an experienced app company with great staffing of up to 999 people. They have served a variety of clients in their tenure. PixelCrayons cater to a variety of technologies such as PHP, .Net, React JS, VueJS, and many more. This one could be a great choice since they have a really wide portfolio. The core values of the company talk about Authenticity, Leadership, Offering Exceptional Value, and Quest for Perfection. Also, since they have been working for so many years, it makes them a great choice considering the impeccable experience. 

Website: https://www.pixelcrayons.com/

3. OpenXcell

Hourly Wage: < $25/hr

Technologies: Software Development, Mobile App Development, Blockchain Technology, DevOps Services, Web and Ecommerce Services, UI/UX Design, OnSite developer etc.

No. of Employees: 50-249

Founded: 2008

OpenXcell has made a great name in the community over the years. They have a great bunch of clients such as Practo, Byju’s, Unilever, UTV, Conagra, Google etc. Their flexibility makes them one of the best sites for hiring remote app developers.

The company has been operating since 2008 and have been doing great work. They call themselves experts in the field of Software development and Mobile App Development. Also, the catalogue of technologies they work in is really vast. Technologies like AngularJS, Java, Ethereum, Swift, Kotlin, Magento, MongoDB, Cassandra etc. They are a great company to hire and have truly emerged as something great.

Website: https://www.openxcell.com/

4. IndiaNIC Infotech

Hourly Wage: < $25/hr

Technologies: Mobile App Development, Web Development, Mobile & Console Development, UI/UX Analysis.

No. of Employees: 250-999

Founded: 1998

Probably, the oldest bunch of developers in the list. IndiaNIC infotech likes to keep things simple and clean. They are a strength of dedicated individuals who have been working day and night to make the dream of their client true. They intend to accomplish the satisfaction of their clients.

IndiaNIC Infotech has been doing great work in the field of Mobile App Development and Web Development. Some of their good work involves applications like Zinzi, Agent App, Package Delivery, Sparker, MyTrax, Quickee etc. They are great at what they do and hence make them the best sites for hiring remote app developers.

Website: https://www.indianic.com/

5. Solution Analysts

Hourly Wage: <25/hr

Technologies: IoT Solutions, iOS Mobile App Development, Android Mobile App Development, Website development, Ecommerce Development, Enterprise Solutions.

No. of Employees: 50-249

Founded: 2011

Solution Analysts is a decent app development company. They have been prominently working in the field of app development employing new technologies. Although, their preferable domains are Web, Mobile App, IoT, and Ecommerce. At core, they always try to shell out applications that are easy to use and customer savvy.

They also have been working in the field of IoT. Also, the catalogue of applications they have developed includes solutions for enterprises. They are one of the best sites for hiring remote app developers. With the decent-sized team of Solution Analysts, one can truly get the app they have envisioned.

Website: https://www.solutionanalysts.com/

6. Konstant Infosolutions

Hourly Wage: < $25/hr

Technologies: Mobile App Development, Ecommerce Development, Cloud Computing, Web Development, App Prototype and Strategy, Offshore Staffing, IoT(Internet of Things).

No. of Employees: 50-249

Founded: 2003

Konstant InfoSolutions started their journey in the year 2003. They are a team that comprises between 50-249 employees. They have been the provider of solutions globally and have catered to many industries. 

Their core mantra is to Create the best, Innovate for Next, and Refine the REST. Their vision is to become the most trusted and preferred app company for outsourcing IT Solutions. Konstant InfoSolutions has been ranked among the top 5 companies on the clutch in their category. There are a couple of more awards at their disposal. If your search is for the best sites for hiring remote app developer then it can end here.

Website: https://www.konstantinfo.com/

7. ValueCoders

Hourly Wage: $25-$49/hr

Technologies: Blockchain Development, Staff Augmentation, Web App Development, Mobile App Development, Application Development, AR/VR Development, Cross-Platform Development, IoT Development, Software Product Development etc.

No. of Employees: 250-999

Founded: 2004

ValueCoders offer a variety of technologies that they work upon. Some of those are Software Development, Mobility, Production & Innovation Technology, Blockchain Applications, Machine Learning & AI, DevOps etc. They have been open for business for almost 14+ years. 

They have been doing excellent work in their domain. Their proficiency makes them a great deal of company they are. If you wish to hire a dedicated team for development then they offer a team from 1 to 25 people. This fact alone makes them one of the best sites for hiring remote app developers.

Website: https://www.valuecoders.com/

8. Addon Solutions

Hourly Wage: < $25/hr

Technologies: Mobile Apps, Software Development, Web Application Development, CMS Solutions, UI/UX, Internet Marketing, Software Development etc.

No. of Employees: 50-249

Founded: 2008

Addon Solutions is one of the best sites for hiring Remote App Developers. They have delivered over 200+ applications to different structures like Start-Ups, SMEs, and Enterprise Companies. It is a great company and has been working on different projects from countries like India, UK, USA, and Germany. They have solutions for iPhone, Android, iPad, Cross-Platform Apps as well as Web applications. Addon Solutions make applications to satisfy their customers and that is the sole reason why they are worth hiring.

Website: https://www.addonsolutions.com/

9. Hyperlink Infosystem

Hourly Wage: < $25/hr

Technologies: Mobile App Development, IT Services, Web and CMS Development, E-Commerce Development, Mobile Web Development, TV App Development, Hire Dedicated Developers.

No. of Employees: 50-249

Founded: 2011

Hyperlink Infosystem offers a variety of services to its clients. Their portfolio consists of applications like Papa John’s Pizza, Puppi, Eslah, Hire Hub, Tipster etc. They have been working in the industry since 2011. The variety of services they provide to their customers are Mobile App Development, E-Commerce, Mobile Game Development, TV App Development, and much more.  This is undoubtedly one of the best sites to hire remote app developers.

Website: https://www.hyperlinkinfosystem.com/

10. Sourcebits

Hourly Wage: $50-$99/hr

Technologies: Chatbots, UX Design, Data Analysis, Digital Video Services, Mobile Application Development, Digital Business Transformation. 

No. of Employees: 250-999

Founded: 2006

Sourcebits which is a part of Ascendum Digital are the leaders of their cadre. The company other than just making great applications for their clients also creates digital strategies. They have been making great applications since 2006 for different enterprises and startups. The work they do include services like making Chatbots, Digital Video Services, Data Analysis, Mobile App Development etc. It won’t be wrong to say it is among the best sites for hiring remote app developers.

Website: https://sourcebits.com/

11. FineSoft Technologies

Hourly Wage: < $25-$49/hr

Technologies: Web Development, Mobile Development, E-Commerce Development, API Integration, UI/UX Design, Internet Marketing, and Domain Registration.

No. of Employees: 10-49

Founded: 2009

They are a bunch of creative heads working proficiently to improve the website experience for people. FineSoft Technologies started in the year 2009. They work in different profile such as a Content Management System, PHP Framework, E-Commerce, and Mobile Application. The company lets you hire dedicated team and developers for your task. The clients can hire developers for PHP, Magento, WordPress, and Joomla. Their portfolio involves applications like Ultranet, Zabrabox, InsightMonk, Bisresearch etc. This one of the best sites for Hiring Remote developers by miles because of the flexibility.

Website: https://www.finesofttechnologies.com/

12. QBurst

Hourly Wage: $25-$49/hr

Technologies: iOS App Development, Android App Development, Cross-Platform App Development, Cloud Services, Machine Learning, Data Visualization, Web App Development, IoT Development, Blockchain Development, Real-Time Locations System etc.

No. of Employees: 1000-9999

Founded: 2004

QBurst offers a variety of solutions for Internet of Things, ECommerce, BlockChain, and Real-Time Location System. They have been working in the industry since 2004 and have made up a great name. They are a full-fledged company that can cater to any kind of industry with an employee strength of up to 9999. They also offer remote hiring making them one of the best sites for Hiring Remote App Developers. They are responsible for great applications like PenQ, Crikees, ContextIQ, AutoMate etc. They can be a great choice for hiring remote app developers.

Website: https://www.qburst.com/

13. Innofied Solution

Hourly Wage: $25-$49/hr

Technologies: Web Development, Mobile App Development, and PHP Development.

No. of Employees: 50-249

Founded: 2012

Innofied Solution has been in existence for 26 years although it was in 2012 that they started to create great applications for their clients. They have delivered more than 400+ apps and have a huge number of happy clients. Also, the percentage of repeat clients that they have is around 75%. They have been behind great applications like Homfy, Bandana, Incubatize, Octopull, BidRide etc. Since they also provide services for remote that makes them one of the Best Sites for Hiring Remote App Developers.

Website: https://www.innofied.com/

14. Appster

Hourly Wage: $50-$99/hr

Technologies: IP Protection, Mobile App Development, Web App Development, Rapid Agile Development, Traction Lab etc.

No. of Employees: 250-999

Founded: 2011

Appster is another really great company which can be considered in the list. They have been working endlessly to satisfy the clients since 2011. Although apart from being an app development company, they also help their client with digital strategies. If you want then you can also book a 30-minute free consultation from them. They have been offering a wide range of services like IP Protection, Mobile App Development, Web App Development, Rapid Agile Development etc. They have helped many startups making them one of the best sites to hire remote app developers.

Website: https://www.appster.com.au/

15. AppInventiv

Hourly Wage: < $25-$49

Technologies: Mobile & Web App Development Services, Product Design, Project Management, Chatbots, Quality Assurance, Strategic Consultancy, Blockchain etc.

No. of Employees: 250-999

Founded: 2014

AppInventiv has truly emerged as one of the best app development companies in a few years. The company was launched in the year 2014. They have been recognised by big organisations like Forbes, Entrepreneur, TechCrunch etc. AppInventiv has also been given awards like World Communication Award, App of the Year, Top Blockchain App Consulting Firm etc. They offer a variety of services like Mobile & Web App Development Services, Project Management, Chatbots, Quality Assurance etc. They also provide developers for remote hiring making them one of the best sites for hiring remote app developers.

Website: https://appinventiv.com/

So this was our list of some of the best sites for hiring remote app developers. We hope this may have been of some help. We ourselves are an app development company and in case if you have any queries for app making then mail us at [email protected]. In case if you wish to read our article on Top AR Apps then click on the link here. You can also write your queries in the comment box below. Also, if you like this article then stay tuned since we will be adding more in the coming future. Also, thank you for reading it until the end. Till then…Happy Reading !!!

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