The scale at which applications are developed these days has certainly been amplified. This won’t be wrong to say that even a decent project takes a minimum of 6 months to complete. Although, that is the least I am talking about. There can be like projects that can develop for as many as 5 years and it will still require some support. In these conditions, it becomes necessary to consider project management tools. Why? Because it lets you manage that endless line of work well.The main thing is that this requires some free space on your device (if suddenly there is no free space, read the information in the MacPaw’s post) and the desire to use new applications. Check out our list of the top project management tools read down the article below.


About: This is among the top project management tools that are out there. This is a great tracker for developers who are working on projects. The interface for this app is quite powerful and easily be adopted by anyone. It is so easy that even a non-developer can adopt it easily. The tool lets you work alongside your team, client, and designer using a connected platform. This not only gets you close to what you wish to achieve but also makes the work faster.


  • Get Push notifications for new issues.
  • History threads for an update of issues.
  • Capability of getting an attachment from drag-n-drop.
  • Endless features to update task.
  • Keep all your files to a central place.
  • Visual Gantt chart to set a timeline for your project.
  • Milestones to get your project in time.
  • Get emojis for fun and visual communication.

About: The development of this top project management tool starts from the very major issue that most of the developers have to face i.e management. A lot of employees to keep the project in line and deliver while being happy and productive. The idea was to create a tool that can be beneficial for all sizes of companies. This led to the development of It is a great tool and is being used by many great companies like Discovery, Wix, Philips, Carlsberg etc. The tool is currently catering to almost 201 different types of industries, 141 countries, and about 2 Million board actions are taken every day.


  • Getting the team together is as simple as sending an Email.
  • Customize your dashboard for efficient working.
  • Keep track of all your progress.
  • Keep your data centralized and integrate all your favourite tools.
  • Easy import of data without any hassle.


3.Zoho Projects

About: Zoho is a decent name if we are to talk about the top project management tools. This is a great tool if you want all your work completed in time. This tool will allow you to plan your activities, assign work, manage resources, and collaborate with your team better. This is among the top preferred tool that has been catering millions of businesses online. It also gets you the advantage of integrating with different applications. You also get an additional advantage of Zoho Apps. The apps that can be integrated using Zoho are Google, Zapier, Github, Dropbox etc.


  • Break your work in simple and easily manageable tasks.
  • Get a visual representation of all your schedule and progress of your tasks.
  • Easily collaborate with your employees, clients, vendors, and consultants using the tools provided.
  • Track your timekeeping billable and non-billable hours using the timesheet.
  • Comes with drag-n-drop to followup or visualise the concept.



About: Coordination is the key to a great application build. This problem has often occurred with various developers working on an idea. Remember the time when to have a fluid development you ought to carry out the task to distribute responsibilities. There is endless micromanagement that has been needed to keep the development in place. Using Asana, the user is capable of managing a wide range of adversaries. The problems and management can be big or small, it caters to all and hence deserves to keep itself in the list of top project management services.


  • Structure your project the way you want.
  • Set your priorities and deadlines.
  • Collaborate and share your details with ease.
  • Follow the project at each step.
  • Create visual plans and see the steps to it one by one.



About: It is another great top project management tool that can help you a lot. Smartsheet software is being used by many big firms like Microsoft, Salesforce, Google, Atlassian etc. There are over 80,000 brands that collectively trust Smartsheet. Also, it has a user base of millions of people. Smartsheet effectively accelerates their work and make up for the time with collaborative work. With Smartsheet, it is easy to achieve more in less time.


  • Provides solutions as per the size of the organisation.
  • Caters to different industry and have relevant tools to provide for the same.
  • It can also deliver your products based on the Role played.
  • Comes with a variety of options catering to your requirements.



About: A Gantt Chart is the most important aspect of a project management timeline. Well, here they are offering you pro version making it one of the top project management tools that are out there. Get the GanttPro and manage your projects with ease. This will allow for interactive online planning and controlling with multiple projects at the same time. The tool allows you to split your project into smaller groups of tasks, subtasks, and milestone. With this having full control of your project is easy and the timeline is also easily manageable.


  • Real-time collaboration with your team.
  • GanttPro is hosted using cloud service so stay connected 24/7.
  • Guarantees your data security and safety.
  • Get templates that make your work way easy.
  • Keep all your resources busy.



About: Proggio is another well-versed tool in the list of top project management tool. We all know that project can be of any size and requirement, therefore, often to manage them all use Proggio. The app will allow you to run short term, deliver continuous projects, plan and track long term, or work on highly integrated projects. The tool also allows you to repeat projects of similar structure and get them all in a single solution. The app was found in the year 2016 and has been doing great for itself. It took up the problem quite seriously and tried to deliver something that can be easily used by the developer’s community.


  • Pretty customisable and easy to use.
  • Using it is as easy as using a sketchboard.
  • Update your project portfolio automatically.
  • Gets you multiple view management solution.
  • It comes with Jira integration.



About: Well, software development has come out to be a major profession in the current decade. Most of the billion-dollar industries are somehow related to IT. Axosoft aims to help all those who are in need and make teams productive than before. To sort out software development has been their goal from day 1. Alongside Axosoft, some of their developments have also received a positive reception. For instance, the GitKraken became one of the most popular Git GUI clients used by Windows, Mac, and Linux Users.


  • App allows you to deduce the pace of your team members.
  • Get your items ranked from lower to higher.
  • Estimate the accuracy with points like minutes, hours, days, and even story points.
  • Get card view with a proper kanban board.
  • Easy drag and drop item from workflow to the next.
  • Get scrum mode to frequently update your progress.



About: The tool was initially released in the year 2011. The developer behind this top project management tool is Atlassian. Trello can be used for a variety of work or personal uses. Multiple industries over which it is being used are real estate management, software project management, school bulletin boards, lesson planning, accounting, gaming, web design, and law offices case management. This comes with a great API and its email-in capability that makes it capable to integrate with enterprise systems and cloud-based services.


  • Gives you the capability to work with any team from anywhere.
  • Get a variety of details such as adding comments, due dates, attachments, and trello cards.
  • All the tools in one handy resource.
  • Integrate all the applications that your teammate are using.
  • Collaborate with your team using all your devices.



About: What is the difference between Amateurs and Professionals. Well, its simple Amateur don’t have their work managed. Every professional knows how to manage their time effectively since it has been said “Time is Money”. Well, this top project management tool is surely going to help you save some time. The tool uses Agile methodologies and hence each of your development is in line. 


  • Get project notes to share and collaborate with your project.
  • Integrate Orangescrum from Github instantly.
  • Get Custom Task reminders for your tasks.
  • Take use of workflow and track your task from status to execution.
  • Integrate Google Calendar.
  • Multiple themes and customisable left menu.



About: Another great addition to the list of top app management tools. nTask is not just for the regular developers but it caters to a wide range of the spectrum. The tool caters to Students, Freelancers, Lawyers, SMBs and Startups, Project Managers, and Developers. This tool helps you organise everything quite smartly and intelligently. With this,you can also manage tasks on a different platform but it also saves you from determining all your annual costs. 


  • Easy prioritisation with a great taskboard.
  • Get options like comments, files, and a lot more to stay in one place.
  • Track your tasks and follow up with timely completion.
  • Get task filters to assign task on mass level.
  • Create and assign meetings to complete task.
  • Share your information easy with 3rd party integration using public links.



About: This web-based top project management tool is among the best to handle small as well as large organisational projects. This truly unleashes the collaborative power of your team. This one is also offered to the users in two different packages. One is the premium while the other one is an enterprise edition. The tool also offers you a 14 day trial period Although, there is one free plan that will be free forever. VivifyScrum is being used by some of the best organisations in the world. Some of those names are SEAT, Hitachi, Bell, Kroger, KPMG etc.


  • Cover all the aspects of your project management using one app.
  • Select a board as per your need.
  • Send invoices to your clients with ease.
  • Keep track of all the workload.
  • Track the amount of time you spend on any task. 
  • Get free scrum training using the app.



About: OneDesk is a great tool since it lets you handle clients and the project at the same time. This one is being widely used by many organisations and is definitely among the top project management tool that one can have. It creates a workflow between email, ticketing, task management, project, live-chat, custom forms etc. It offers you a variety of traditional agile project management techniques. Get real-time insights into your project and get a work timer to get the right time. This also allows you to integrate it with Google, Slack, Salesforce, Jira, VSO, etc. This tool also allows you to export all your data at any time with anyone you want.


  • Get an easy-to-use board for traditional project management.
  • Create custom templates, scheduling, and email reporting.
  • Get real insights of time using project work timer to track time.
  • Get to see the independent task which can be overloaded with finishing date, work, and cost.
  • Allows you to chat with your clients and discussion with your teammate privately.
  • Comes with a portal that lets your customer login to view, submit, or discuss their tickets.
  • SLA policies to get your response times and your commitment to reports.



About: This is another great top project management tool. It is being used by many great companies like Essilor, Kingspan, carter’s, mentor etc. This one caters to you in various categories such as Lean and Agile Delivery, Collaborative Work and Project Management, innovation management, portfolio and resource management, Capability and technology management etc. This application has been serving about 5000 customers with deep market engagement and technological shifts to cater to the customer best.


  • Supports lean and agile delivery.
  • Offers you a great Portfolio and resource management.
  • Comes with strategic planning software to bring strategies to life.
  • Drive your business using different technologies to integrate.
  • Offers a great community with driving success throughout your project journey.



About: The final on our list is a product made for Agile Development. Drutas is truly one of the top Project Management Tool that can be used for a plethora of tasks. This will make communication easy among your team. It also allows you to do live chat. Drutas can act as a backbone to all your organisational needs. There are smart tools that can be integrated into your system to manage the process and dependency of your project. There are endless features that help you handle multiple functionalities and completion of a task. They also provide custom solutions just in case you need them.


  • Capture multiple ideas and bugs.
  • Create your task smartly and perform all the chats/bug discussion.
  • Adding bugs and requesting features is effortless.
  • Communicate with your team member using the communication tools.
  • Simplify the process using the drag and drop feature.
  • Make a timesheet and see how much time actually spent on each process.


About: Teamhood is a visual project management tool for teams that place importance on collaboration. The main focus of this solution is an advanced Kanban board view that allows us to represent even the most complex process. This view is also equipped with features such as swimlanes, WIP limits, cycle time reports, and Kanban flow metrics. In Teamhood, you will also find a Gantt chart, workload management, time tracking, and other popular project management features, making it an all-around solution for your team.


  • Advanced Kanban application
  • Gantt chart for easy planning
  • Workload management across multiple workspaces
  • Built-in time tracking and reporting

So this was the list of top project management tools that are being used by App Developers. In case if you are looking for a company for app development then maybe we can help. To check out our app cost calculator click on the link at the top. To send us an enquiry mail us at [email protected]. We have written an article on how to use Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment, and continuous delivery for development, therefore, to reach it click on the link provided here. We hope this article may have been of some help to you. Also, thank you for reading the article until the end.

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