1.Ranorex Studio

About: The top testing QA Tool has been made to test GUI. The framework can be used to test desktop, web-based, and mobile applications. The tool uses C# and VB.NET as the standard programming language for automated testing. It is one of the best solutions for testing and binds easy with your toolchain. With this tool, no one has to manually look for the code to find bugs. The tool lets you find the errors and helps in making finished products for all platforms and devices.


  • Comes with Ranorex Recorder with edit record actions, text addition, image validations, parameter values, and keyword-driven tests.
  • It has a code editor.
  • Ranorex Spy to search for multiple UI elements, identifying controls with specific attributes, recognise elements by preceding and following sibling relationships, snapshot files, and a lot more.
  • Separate test data using excel files, CSV Files, and SQL Connectors. 
  • Drag-n-Drop feature from the repository to the code module.
  • Comes with an automation helper.



About: Robotium has been made to test the Android application. The top testing QA tool is capable of testing both Native and Hybrid applications. This one also provides a great API that can be used for writing Automation Scripts. This is among the most common Android Testing Tool and comes with a variety of tools for automation testing. This one can be used to write test cases for functional, system, and user acceptance. It can also be used using an Android Emulator and the android device itself.


  • The API is very easy to use.
  • No need for code to jump from one activity to another.
  • Capable of handling multiple android activities.
  • Takes less time to write a test case.
  • Integration with Maven and ANT.



About: MonkeyTalk is an open-source mobile automation tool that can be used for Android and iOS. This is surely among the top testing QA Tool that comes with various functions and features. It is a simple tool that automates real functional and interactive tools for Android, iOS, Web/HTML5, Hybrid, and Flex. There are various open-source tools as well as “Smoke Tests” or “data-driven tests”. The suite can be used for a variety of suites such as Native, Mobile, and Hybrid Apps.


  • The tool is completely open-source.
  • Comes with the capability to record and playback.
  • Capable of doing a cross-platform recording.
  • It supports both Android and iOS.
  • Reading test scripts is very easy in this tool.
  • It also supports gesture.



About: Selendroid is among the more popularly known Top Testing QA Tools. The framework has been made for test automation and drives off the UI from Android Native and Hybrid Applications. Writing test is so easy, all you have to do is just use the Selenium Client 2 API. It can easily be used on emulators and real devices while integrating node into the selenium grid. The tool can be used to test any iOS native, hybrid, or mobile web applications using a web driver.


  • Comes with Full Compatibility with JSON Wire Protocol/Selenium 3 ready.
  • No modification required for applications to automate it.
  • Comes with Webview to test the mobile web.
  • The tool is capable of interacting with multiple Android devices in real-time.
  • Get UI elements by different locator types.
  • Supports hot-plugging with hardware devices.
  • Extend it during the runtime using your extensions.
  • Multiple Android target API support.



About: If you wish to roll out a great application, the one thing that you can do is test your application well. Kobiton is another top testing QA tool that is used by many developers. It can help you test out things in real devices. One can also take the help of Appium test automation for a seamless experience of test creation. It provides you instant access of 350+ devices that can be connected to form a public cloud network. It can also help you connect devices that you already own and all that is available around you. The tool is being used by some really great organisations like Capegemini, Q2, Office Depot, Frontier Airline etc.


  • Capability to manual and automated testing on real devices.
  • Get access to over 350+ real devices. 
  • Gesture support to test all that added functionality.
  • Get detailed analysis with full video, screenshot, gesture performs, and system metrics.
  • Get quick integration to complete the CI/CD process.
  • Comes with a variety of powerful API.
  • Centralize your on-premise devices and cloud devices. 


6.Silk Mobile

About: Silk Mobile is a product by Micro Focus. It has been told by the director of PinnacleQM that testing efforts by reduced by 56% while the testing cycle was reduced by 82%. It is a great tool for someone who has implemented an agile methodology. The tool serves as a great tool for automation testing with devices like web, mobile, rich-client, and enterprise applications. This is truly among the top testing QA tool that one can use with ease. This is so great that even makes you capable to integrate functional testing with a CI/CD pipeline.


  • Selenium script to record additional steps to silk test for both mobile and web browser.
  • Capability to create your functional tests.
  • Create realistic simulations to save time and effort with embedded back-end service virtualisation.
  • Can be applied to functional and performance tests.
  • Standardisation on testing efforts by testing web, mobile, rich-client, and enterprise applications.
  • Create functional test for CI/CD pipeline.



About: SOASTA can be a great tool for testing websites and web applications. This one is a cloud-based testing service. This one can be used for a multitude of testing making it the top testing QA tool out there. The types of testing include load testing, software testing, functional testing, and user interface testing. It provides cloud testing to a plethora of customers. Also, the online tool is capable of handling thousands of requests at the same time. This app allows customers to use predefined tests or create your customised test.


  • Test applications real-time using the browser.
  • Get a perceived visual metric and make it interactive.
  • Get advanced predictive analysis with 100% real user data.
  • Resource waterfall method added to your system.
  • Get individual load times and business metrics.



About: Frank allows you to write different types of testing. The types of testing that can be done using the tool are text test and acceptance test. All these applications can be executed against an iOS application. It also integrates a powerful tool known as “Symbiote”. With this top testing QA tool one can write their steps. There are a variety of view selectors as well as user-contributed steps to make your work easy. 


  • Define your steps for a straightforward approach.
  • Multiple included steps for ease.
  • Inspect your UI elements with ease.
  • Get user integrated steps for additional ease.
  • Use Xcode to test on physical devices.
  • Tool allows for MAC as well as an iOS app to test.


9.Mobile Lab Trust

About: This is another great application that is helping out many organisations at different scales. The top testing QA tool is capable of mobile app testing and device management solutions. The tool is working with a variety of partners all around the work. The list of companies that are associated with the tool is Infosys, Cognizant, Logigear etc. Mobile Lab Trust has a variety of features that can help you test better and faster.


  • Accelerate deployment by automating mobile application testing processing.
  • Help in developing end-to-end trust.
  • Quickly construct your verifiable function and regression tests.
  • Seamlessly integrates with Unified Functional Testing(UFT).
  • Capable of testing on multiple operating systems.
  • Integrate your mobile testing efforts with other testing efforts.


10.Xamarin Test Cloud

About: Xamarin Test Cloud is a part of Visual Studio App Center for now. It is offered with a variety of things such as devices, performance, and features. With the top testing QA tool, the user is getting an upgraded API and multiple features for the saved devices. It is also integrated with automated quality services such as the App center services, app distribution, crash reporting, cloud reporting, user analytics, and push notification.


  • Get to test your app on real devices and send it to beta testers.
  • Get User Analytics, Crash Reports, and custom events.
  • Capability to get push notifications within minutes.



About: Scirocco is another great top QA testing tool that one can use for development and giving quality applications. This is an open-source tool that is by Sonix. This tool also allows you to integrate all the important tools from Eclipse. This one is completely automatic and you don’t have to write any sort of scripts to test. This one also gets you features like GoogleNativeDriver and Android Driver be used as the main testing tools.


  • It is completely open-source.
  • Get access to devices from Eclipse.
  • Automatic functionalities for testing.
  • Supports GoogleNativeDriver and AndroidDriver.



About: Applivery is a great tool if you need an appropriate tool for testing. It comes with multiple functionalities and features that improve your experience with the tool. It is one of the most powerful apps distribution together that gives you full control over your application to provide you with full control over your app. It gives you mobile app management, enterprise app distribution, automatic updates, continuous development, and a lot more. This one truly deserves to be in the list of top testing QA tools. 


  • Comes with a customized store with multiples apps.
  • Share your app link easily.
  • Offers you advanced user management along with end-users independently.
  • Create applications that are password protected.
  • Use your domain name to provide the link.



About: This is more than just your regular toolkit to test your application. Dynatrace is a full-fledged enterprise solution. This is a cloud-based service that lets you monitor and automate your testing. It is even powered with Artificial Intelligence so that not a lot of work is done manually. It is the top testing QA tools that one can use for development. It is being trusted by a multitude of global brands like Experian, Daimler, Samsung, SAP etc. 


  • It is fully automatic and works like a wonder without even using a finger.
  • It is full-stack so will cover you from top to bottom.
  • It comes with an AI known as DAVIS which can process billions of dependencies.
  • Great for large enterprises for global teams and automatic enterprise-wide deployment.



About: There are a variety of things that one needs to keep a track of while developing an application. Although, testing is something that decides the quality of your application. It is also essential that you deliver applications on time in equivalence to quality. The tool has been made to enhance the speed if you use Agile and DevOps functionality. The product has been made so that it can take up higher loads with a continuous delivery process. It is essentially one of the top testing QA tools which is available for developers. It is a tool that will allow you to optimize testing performance and provide continuous delivery.


  • Supports a variety of technologies such as HTML5, Push, Websocket, AngularJS, Oracle, and a lot many.
  • Comes with drag-n-drop loops and conditions.
  • Define data extraction rules with ease.
  • Easily identify changes via user paths.
  • Automatically configure scenarios for push calls.
  • Allocate users as per the business.



About: It would be better to call this tool an app performance management tool. The tool uses cloud services to monitor mobile apps and a variety of problems using cloud services. Some of these services are AWS, Azure, and Social Networks. Crittercism is said to help developers and publishers to understand how error impacts the overall business and make reports of the revenue lost during the downtime. This tool supports multiple platforms, making it one of the top testing QA tools that is present out there. The company is also backed by investors like Google Ventures, VMware, and Accenture.


  • Get reports and notification on the dashboard.
  • Manage your transaction using revenue performance.
  • Build so that it could be easily scaled.
  • The deployment of the element is flexible.


16.Google Mobile Friendly

About: This is a very easy tool to use if you are thinking of checking your website. With this tool, one can check whether a website is friendly or not. All the user has to do is just enter the URL of their website and it will fetch you the results in no time. The website to check is completely online. 


  • Just enter the URL and it will tell whether the website is mobile-friendly.


Note: It is a pseudo testing tool and is often used by SEO executive to check for Mobile Friendliness of a website.


About: This is not your usual testing tool rather it is a crowdsourced testing service that allows testers to earn some extra. There are thousands of clients that associate themselves with Applause. It is a go to destination for anyone who is looking to hire testers to complete and check the quality of their work. With this service, one can get meaningful results within hours. It may not be among the top testing QA tools but is certainly a boon to people who can only hire freelancers.

18.AWS Device Farm

This is a part of the Amazon Web Services. The application allows you to test with your Android, iOS, and Web Apps. With this service in hand, one can test multiple devices at one time. It also allows for devices to reproduce results in real-time. With AWS, you also get the option for video, screenshots, logs, and performance data to pinpoint the errors before you roll out your application. It is the top testing QA tools that exists and can be used with ease.


  • Capability to use the device the same as your customer.
  • Lets you take out issues and fix them later.
  • Configure and simulate your real-world environment.
  • Select from a variety of open-source tests like Appium, Calabash, and Espresso.
  • Get multiple service plugins and APIs to automate your work.
  • Use your private device.


So this was the list of top testing QA tools that can be used for app development. Testing your application is the most important aspect. It is essential because the more rigorous your testing is, the higher will be the quality of it. In case if you are searching for an app development company then our app cost calculator link is at the top. Also, if you wish to send us an enquiry then mail us at [email protected]. We have written an article on top project management tool for app developer so check it out by clicking on the link provided. We hope this article may have been of some help to you. Also, thank you for reading this article until the end.

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