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Our review of FB’s meme creation App Whale

Memes have now become a symbol of expression and while there are plenty of meme generators in the space, Facebook launched its own. Whale – Meme Creator which has been developed by Facebook NPE which is a division in the world’s biggest social organisation. The company silently launched its apps which is currently available in the Apple App store Canada.

Overall if we look at the application then it hasn’t brought anything unique. It delivers ease of creating and the application is quite easy to navigate but that is all. By using this app you have access to different templates with the capability to add text, images, emojis, popular filters, and a lot of other features that serves the niche.

The application allows you to pick an image from your own stock photos, real-time snaps, and from the cameraroll. The only great thing that I like about the app is that it is completely free and comes without any sort of in-app purchase or subscription. With this app, you can share all your created content on the go.

One great thing that I feel was the integration of multiple grid system which lacks in some of the meme creators. Whale allows you to select from 2-grid, 3-grid, and 4-grid layout. Also, the cropping tool can be used to create your own stickers plus it offers a blank canvas for drawing your own stuff and use as stickers. You are also getting filters like Laser eyes, vortex, bulge etc for use. 

Leaving my final thoughts over this application. It is a great application although they haven’t done anything that we haven’t seen before. It can be one of the many options that you can have to generate a meme. It is easy and simplified but so are many other applications, therefore, I would stay neutral just in case you use some other tool. Although, if you are comfortable with any other meme generator then I believe the option of 3-grid and 4-grid would be something that can drive you to this app.

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