Online Cab Booking services have become quite common in recent times. Although, Uber came out as the service that has been dominating the market since its inception. It has a really large web of taxis and its cabs services are available in many countries around the world. Although, despite being one of the best services available, it still lags at places like it is difficult being an Uber Driver, Surge Pricing, Automated system, and a couple of others. Therefore, just in case if you are looking for some alternative to uber then we may have done the deed for you. Therefore, to check out all these alternatives to uber, read down the article below.

Note: The index at which all the applications are mentioned are not their ranking. Each and every app mentioned in the article have their own unique utility. You can check out our taxi app development to know more about our process of creating an alternative to uber

10 Best Uber Alternatives

1. Lyft

About: If you are looking for an alternative to Uber for online cab ordering then Lyft is a great alternative. The service has been made such that it will save you money and make the driving easy. It also gets you the facility of Lyft debit card using which you can pay online securely. They are also thinking of creating their own Lyft Driver Centers where the drivers can actually get their car maintained at low cost. The service is currently planning to expand more. Also, they have ordered a total of 6100 cars of which 4100 are either electric or hybrid. So you can easily consider Lyft as the uber substitutes.

2. Waave

About: From a couple of years there has been an upsurge of multiple online cab booking services. On one hand, while the city of NY is facing an increase in pollution and the number of vehicles, Waave aims to utilise the resources that are available on the street. Using Waave, the customer can actually hire the yellow taxis that run around the city. Apart from this little thing, each and every process of online cab order remains the same. The user just needs to open the app, enter the destination, see the cost, and book the cab.  It is a great application and is a really nice alternative to uber or any other online cab booking service.

3. Wingz

About: Wingz is currently operating in around 30+ cities and is looking further to expand. The service initially was catered as an airport ride service. Although after the recent expansion, the service has become a full-fledged peer to peer transportation network company. Now the service is also available as a personal car service The special thing about this online cab booking service is its capability to allow the user to select his/her favourite drivers. This means that you won’t be travelling with a stranger every time you are hiring a cab.

4. Juno

About: Juno is another really great alternative to Uber. The service is operating in the USA and is owned by Gett. The application for the service is available on both Android and iOS. Juno is relatively cheaper than most of the services out there. This has also been their marketing strategy. In comparison to the services that are operating, Juno takes less commission per ride which makes it an even more affordable service. It is a great online cab booking services which can be used by anyone living in New York.

5. Flywheel

About: The service is majorly operating in San Francisco. It is one of the oldest services that operate in the city. The service aims to provide its customers with clean cars and courteous drivers. They also have the second largest fleet of wheelchair based taxis and the drivers are also trained so that there is ease to passengers. They have integrated multiple hybrid cab services that are comfortable for 4 passengers and also produce less carbon. It is one of the best online cab booking service that has been mentioned.

6. HopSkipDrive

About: HopSkipDrive is quite a dependable service whenever you are considering transportation for your family or children to school. They implement new ways of thinking, use new technologies, and operational expertise to deliver their full potential. There core values includes things like Safety, Empathy, Ownership, Thinking Big, Hustle, Positivity, and a better tomorrow. The online Cab Booking service was started by three moms who are trying their best to create an experience over which you can rely on.

7. Via

About: Via, for now, is working in almost 20+ countries. They offer a variety of transit services. The types of transit services that are provided are first/last mile, school bus, transit desert, paratransit, and also non-emergency medical solutions. The service can easily fit in your current infrastructure with ease and provide less operational cost, less traffic congestion, single occupancy trip, and low carbon emissions. For now, the company is associated with almost 90+ transit partners. They also have the best navigation system to provide easy transit and reduce cost in every aspect. It cannot exactly be quoted in the list of Online Cab Booking Service since there is a lot more than the service can offer.

8. My Taxi

About: Founded in the year 2009, the service started from multiple from German Cities and spread its roots to the USA in 2012. They basically redefined the definition of taxi service all around the world. The app is available on multiple smartphone platforms like Android, iOS, and Blackberry. They aim to establish a direct connection between the driver and the passengers. They have a network of about 45,000 taxis that are operating in over 40+ cities for now. It is an amazing service and can easily be kept in the list of online cab booking services.

9. Sidecar Ride

About: Sidecar is one of the few services that allow the drivers to make their own quotation. This helps them stay relevant and competitive. Here the driver can filter the kind of ride they want and get going with it. The drivers also have the capability to sort their own rider and give awesome rating plus create the list of favourites. It also makes the drivers capable of providing their own promo code using which they can keep the entire price to themselves. Although, it is not just a ridesharing service. They also publish a whole lot of articles, car facts, and news related to the field. It is a great online cab booking service and one should at least try this once.

10. Curb

About: Curb has a network of over 50,000 taxis that connects directly to you the moment you click a button. The service is available in over 65 cities including names like New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Los Angeles etc. All the drivers that are available in the service are crossed checked first. They have all the paperwork at every time necessary to run a cab in the city. Apart from regular taxis, they also provide taxis that support a wheelchair. It also offers the comfort of paying via the methods suitable to you. It is the last but probably the best online cab booking service mentioned in the list.

So these were some of the best alternatives to online cab booking instead of Uber. Travel and Transit is one of the most important aspects of a working person’s life and these services provide the ease you want. In case, if you are looking for an mobile app development company to help you create such alternative to uber app then maybe we can help. In order to send us an enquiry mail us at [email protected]. We have also written an article on Best Programming Learning Sites, therefore, in order to reach click on the link provided.

Even if you have an app idea in your mind whether alternative to uber or uber like app development you can visit our app development cost calculator and can calculate the costing for your dream app.

We hope this article may have been of some help to you. Also, thank you for reading it until the end.

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