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What is included in the app updates?

What is included in the app updates

So, you recently have developed an app, and as per you, it is doing comparatively will in the market and you are even pondering over the thought of earning from the app, then you must know some of the things that can boost the success of your app with greater effect.

Your task doesn’t end with the development and execution of the app, and the regular update is something that you should consider time to time. The first update should be done after 4 months of the launch of the app. If you don’t really know what the update should include, then here, we have shared a few important things to be undertaken while updating.

  • You should concentrate on fixing the bug of your app as not a single app is made till date that is bug proof
  • You should keep on adding and removing features from the app.
  • At times, you should concentrate on bringing some major update changes.

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