Living in the digital age requires following the latest trends and gaining a competitive edge. 

Every industry can significantly benefit and experience tremendous growth from introducing different innovations, and this also applies to the real estate business.

Stats show that mobile internet accounts for almost 52% of global online traffic. What’s even more important is that people use their smart mobile devices to find out everything they’re interested in. In other words, instead of visiting real estate company’s offices in order to find the property that meets their requirements, those in search of a house or apartment resort to real estate mobile apps. 

Virtual house tours are immensely popular as they allow people to see and explore a number of properties in a short time, before shortlisting the ones they want to visit and see in person. 

And they can additionally save time by simply checking out listings on real estate mobile apps. 

Finally, having an app can also help real estate agents attract the right customers and present their offer in the best manner.

1. Facilitate the Login Process 

Potential buyers should be allowed to create an account so that they can save the property they like or take other actions. The same goes for sellers who should have an opportunity to see how popular their offer is.

It’s best to enable the signup and login process through social media accounts such as Facebook or Google. That way, they won’t have to come up with a password, and the process itself is much shorter and easier. If we bear in mind that complex registration forms are bad for user experience, this approach can prevent a high abandonment rate. 

It’s also a good idea to offer different registration options, and phone number authorization and verification will provide an additional layer of security.

Besides making it easier for users, having as much personal information about them as possible also allows real estate agents to personalize and enhance their service. 

2. Add Listings 

This is a crucial feature of every real estate app, as 99% of millennials and 90% of baby boomers start their property hunting online.

Potential customers should be able to see all the listings a real estate agency has in its portfolio. Information such as a property description, its tax history, and an estimated value is required. 

It’s a good idea to add an interactive map, together with Map APIs, as that will allow customers not only to see where the property is situated but also to obtain extra information about the neighborhood such as public transport, restaurants, schools, kindergartens, and more. 

A property search option with a number of parameters is a must, too. This way, customers will be able to filter out certain properties based on their available budget, preferred location, or property type. 

3. Include Property Videos

Listings are incomplete without images and videos, as potential buyers want to see a property they’re interested in from different angles and perspectives. 

The real estate market is fiercely competitive, which means that agents need to find a way to differentiate themselves and capture the attention of their potential customers. 

Video is a perfect medium for this, as it makes it possible to employ, for example, 4K technology and storytelling. First of all, real estate heavily relies on aesthetics and visual appeal for presenting properties in the best light, and that means including high-quality videos that will create a wow effect. 

Secondly, as purchasing a home is a highly emotional experience, it’s crucial to humanize the selling approach and help potential customers visualize themselves in a certain house or apartment. Storytelling paired with video is the right way to make this work. 

4. Implement a Chatbot

Chatbots have become an essential element of customer experience. 

Real estate agents can rely on these smart algorithms to automatically respond to any common questions that buyers and sellers have, collect the information about leads, schedule meetings and property viewings, and, generally speaking, increase customer engagement. 

Modern apps have an AI component that makes chatbots conversational and capable of handling even more complex queries. Besides, thanks to their ability to collect and process huge amounts of customer information, they can also personalize their messaging and offer tailored experiences to customers. 

5. Enable Social Media Integration 

People spend a great deal of time on social media these days, which is why integrating a real estate mobile app with Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other channels is important. 

The main goal of a social media marketing strategy should be to get traffic to a real estate website or mobile app. That way, when a potential customer sees a certain property on Facebook or Instagram, they could easily check it out on the mobile app, get more information about it, and get in touch with the agent. And all this with no more than a click or two. 

Similarly, this integration makes sharing content on social media quick and easy, meaning that potential customers can share the properties they like with their network. 

6. Implement a Price Calculator

As the price is usually the most important factor when it comes to making a purchasing decision, potential customers are curious to find out how much a particular property costs when a loan interest in different banks is included. 

In order to be useful, this calculator should allow customers to pick the property price, their down payment, the interest, and the loan’s term. 

7. Add a Comparison Feature

It’s important to allow potential customers to compare similar properties and understand their true cost and value. That way, they will have a much better insight into which one matches their requirements so they can make their purchasing decision faster. 

Subsequently, they will be able to figure out which amenities or features they’re willing to sacrifice and which ones they don’t want to give up. 

Both real estate agents and their customers can benefit greatly from using a mobile app. It could streamline communication between them, improve user experience, and facilitate the property search, promotion, and purchasing process.

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