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Those who are aware of the mobile apps development process know very well that it is not a single App developer’s effort but involves a super App development team to develop a successful mobile App whether it is an iOS or Android App Development campaign. And for those who are uninitiated, let us elaborate why you need to choose a Mobile Apps Development Company instead of an individual Apps Developer.

You hire Mobile Application Developers company to handle not only the coding but also for design, backend development, business intelligence, consulting, QA, support & maintenance and even for app store optimization and we at Agicent Apps Development company offer all this to our customers, who are mostly startups or young entrepreneurs.

Following Are Some Salient Aspects Where Agicent
Works for Their App Entrepreneurs Clients

Idea Validation & Conceptualization

Agicent works closely with you to understand the problem and opportunity you are trying to solve with your potential app, and does the need analysis of your target customers and finally consult you in conceptualizing your idea in the best possible way so that it meets your business goals. For example, if you are looking to create an app to assist lovely autistic children in learning a language, then we shall take the relevant researches on such children and figure out what UI would best work for them, and their guardians; how do we track progress etc and so on.

Resources used: - Mobile App Consultant, Business analyst

Quick Wireframes and Then Polished Mockup

Once we jointly know what is needed to be developed, then we make that visible by quickly creating raw wireframes by using tools like balsamiq, or use photoshop or sketch to do polished App Mockups development.

Such quick mockups or wireframes are good to review the flow of the app and overall UI, and any changes or iterations can be done at this level only which ultimately saves a lot of time at the time of finishing line.

Resources used: - Mobile Apps Consultant, UI Designer

Front End Mobile App Development

Well, that’s what is the most visible part of the process but it’s just “one” part of the overall effort. We use both Native and cross-platform app development technologies to create awesome looking quality iOS and Android apps and in most of the cases, we need 2 different engineers for different platforms. An iOS programmer does the iOS App development for iPhone and iPad using objective-C or swift 3 with Xcode; while an Android developer does it for android using Java with android studio or eclipse.

In case of cross-platform App development also, you need developer of different skill set to finally compile and upload the builds to the store so as said above, it is never a single individual’s job by large.

In case of game app development, we use Unity 3D development tool to create awesome games like Trip-Pop, or stopscore. A Unity based game runs on both iOS and Android platforms equally good and we develop it using C# language.

Resources used:- iPhone App Developer, Android App Developer, Cross platform App developer

Backend Development

Now this is the most “unheard of” but “important” part of any useful mobile app that you ever use. A backend is basically a combination of following sub parts:- The database hosted in cloud, APIs or web services that communicate between database and App, an Admin panel which only App’s administrator use to do all sort of App management, seeing metrics, send notifications etc.

Most of the business logic stays in this “backend”, while the App only renders what it gets back and forth from such backend as feeds. Apps like Facebook, Google maps, Barnow, Food Truck Nearby, Taxi booking all use backends to exchange data with and give real time solutions to the app user via internet.

We use modern and secure technologies & frameworks like PHP, Laravel, node.js, html, JS, MySQL, MongoDB (or MEAN stack), Python, angular js to create some powerful backends and admin panels, that make updating and managing of the app mostly coding-less for our clients.

A backend is the component where most portion of the overall code stays, and it needs real good experienced developer to develop scalable backend solutions that can support ever growing needs of the front end iOS and Android apps for much time.

Resources Used:- Database Developer or Backend Programmer, Technical Architect, Web front end developer

Testing/ QA

Mobile Application testing is what most mobile application developers may consider as a “good to have” function, but we find them an integral part of the overall Mobile Application development process.

We involve tester right from the “mockups creation” level as a part of the project and she then keeps vigilance on each function, use case, and improvements even after the delivery.

A developer may skip what a tester cannot, and then we’ve extended our QA team’s boundaries beyond just testing, and they suggest you features, methods, super fine bugs, and improvements w.r.t to the latest trends in the market. And this all effort of really empowering the testing team has been fruitful so far.

We use a combination of manual testing and automated testing (using tools like appium, selenium) to get the realistic results.

Resources Used:- Mobile Application testers (Manual & Automated)

Further Enhancements & Support

Nothing looks better than seeing the success of the app we develop, and once you gain traction you need more engaging features and improvements to keep your precious users happy and involved.

We at Agicent keep reliably available and accountable for any next phase work; and carry forward the same team to do the app enhancements and give you support that originally worked for you, which ultimately ensures quick turnarounds and laser sharp quality.

Resources Used:- All Mobile Application Development Team.

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