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“It is painless working with Agicent’s Dev Team on an ongoing basis , we quickly created our MVP, then scaled to the full product, and now enhancing regularly. They are our true Tech Partners!

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Dev Team by Agicent

Plug-and-Play Monthly Development Teams from $ 2900 monthly!

No more stuck ups with low/ no code solutions, move past the Figma wireframes. Developers, Testers, Designers, DevOps, Tech leads, Fractional CTOs, Project Managers, Marketers - All at one place. Pay as you use ‘em! Build great products in a painless, affordable and flexible way!

Lean MVP Dev Team

Build simple MVP’s from the ground up!

$ 2,900 /
For 200 hours

billed Monthly

  • A Dedicated Full Stack Dev (Any Tech - Mobile Apps, Web, AI).
  • Shared Project Manager.
  • Shared UI/UX Expert.
  • Shared Tester.
  • Tech Lead on a need basis.
  • DevOps on a need basis
  • Use 200 hours on one project or on multiple. Do as you may please!
  • Upgrade, Downgrade,
  • Pause, Re-activate the team anytime
  • No minimum duration commitment from client.
  • Additional hours @ 20/ hour

Growth Dev Team

Post MVP development, beat the competition!

$ 7,300 /
For 600 hours

billed Monthly

  • 3 Dedicated Full Stack Devs (Any Tech - Mobile Apps, Web, AI).
  • Shared Project Manager.
  • Shared UI/UX Expert.
  • Shared Tester.
  • Tech Lead on Regular basis.
  • DevOps on a need basis
  • Use 600 hours on one project or on multiple. Do as you may please
  • Upgrade, Downgrade,
  • Pause, Re-activate the team anytime
  • No minimum duration commitment from client.
  • Additional hours @ 18/ hour

For bigger team requirements, pls directly contact [email protected] or schedule a discovery call!

We're with you every step of the way

Fully Managed with a PM

Even the smallest team will have a PM to manage, deliver, ensure quality, cost and timelines.

Scale up, down, pause, replay

Increase or decrease team size anytime, pause anytime, restart anytime, no minimum commitment clauses. Do as you may please!

All skills in one place

Need basis skills like UI/UX, DevOps, Testing and even non Tech skills like digital marketing covered in every plan.

Over 200 Startups and established brands are using Agicent's Flexible Dev Teams

Our Customer Simply love our work

“Agicent is the only Dev Team that made our product a quality one. We worked with other Dev Agencies before Agicent and were never able to even finish our MVP. Agicent Team came, understood our vision, created a plan and since then there is no looking back. We add engineers when we want and roll back to base team plan when needed. They are our in-house team and I highly recommend them to any startup looking to build meaningful tech products.”

Levi Fistrovich

CEO, Vayco+

Here's How it is Done


Initial discovery call

Our Business analysts and Tech Leads understand your needs, development goals, market dynamics and propose you the right team size, skills, and development skills. A team is allocated to the project after this phase.

Agile Development

The whole scope is broken into 2 weeks sprints with clear deliverables expectations, your Project Manager will manage the whole process, give you daily updates followed by bi-weekly releases, arrange for any tech or non tech skill needed inside the Team Plan hours you have. 

Basically plays the role of total accountability and management. We take care of side things like UI/UX, Testing, DevOps on a need basis all the time.

Agile Development

Deliverables/ DevOPS

Depending upon your priorities, we do the deployment on live bi-weekly or monthly so we develop, ship, and develop fluidly in a truly Agile way.

You don't need to pay additional for DevOps as we cover all skills inside the retainer hours plan.


Every size of the team (big or small) has a Tester involved and becomes more and more involved as the project progresses.


Communication & Management

Depending upon your availability and need, we can have daily stand-up or twice a week stand-ups.

Our Project Manager will be available to talk to you the whole work day + can extend hours anytime according to your time-zone.The timesheets and hours are tracked real time, and you can check the sheets whenever you want to.


For the first month, we charge 50% of total monthly fee upfront to start the work and 50% at the end of the work month. Post that, it is 100% within the first week of every work month.

You can pay us via payoneer, bank wire/ ACH, credit card, debit card etc. The currency will be United States Dollars.


Escalation Points

Your Escalation contact would be our CEO, CTO, Engineering Manager. Our leadership makes sure that your team never goes off track and you always get the best return on your investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to Cost of App development are answered here. If you have a specific question then feel free to write to [email protected] and we’ll solve that for you because that’s what we do!

Agicent - Not at all, you can run the team as long or as short as you want. There is no minimum commitment and we go by month on month basis. You can pause after a month or restart after an interval, increase or decrease team size, ask for any skills other than the core skills needed for your project. Do as you may please!

Agicent - Yes, it does!

Agicent - Yes, inside the development hours you can pick any skill that you want for the project for some of the hours or all the hours. Ultimately you're paying for the collective hours of the work covering all skills.

Agicent - Multiple:React.js, Node.js, React Native, iOS native (swift), Android native (Kotline), AI - OpenAI, GPT, Python, Angular, PHP, Laravel, Wordpress, .NET, Asp.NET, DevOps (Azure, AWS, Google cloud), HTML, JS, Figma and so on.

Agicent - Multiple:Digital Marketing, Email Marketing, Investment pitchers, Lead Generation, PPC management, Meta Ads management, Customer care executive (Voice/ non voice), Market Research, Content writer/ copywriter, Video creator and editor. Every skill that we use for ourselves for non-tech business requirements is available to you.

Agicent - You can pay using bank wire, ACH, Credit Card, Debit Card. Our online payment system supports all possible payment options. We'll send you a payment link every month according to your invoice cycle.

Agicent -Contact [email protected] directly and we'll give you as large a team as you want.

Agicent - Yes, it is. You'll only work with a full time Agicent'ian, every single time.

Agicent -Minimum 3 years, and then bigger and complex the project the more experienced ones are introduced in the team.

Agicent - Yes, that's what we would like you to do too. Be our guest!

Agicent -We offer a one week trial for one project. You can give us a task and we'll accomplish that.

Agicent - We never needed to do that so far, but if such a situation arises you just notify us and we'll replace an individual or a whole team for you.

Agicent - It's always Agicent which is 100% accountable for your project, irrespective of whichever team you work with. The client will never be under-served!

Agicent - Yes, its your hours, your team. Utilize them for one project or many - do as you may please!