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Groundbreaking VisionPro device running on VisionOS is more than a mixed reality device. It actually is a “Spatial computing device” that enables users to interact with digital items in a more human and natural way. We at Agicent VisionOS App Development Company believe that this is going to disrupt the market in more ways than what iOS and iPhone did around 2 decades back.

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VisionOS offers unique features like navigation through eyes, hands, voice/ speech blended with immersive reality and virtual reality makes sure that possibilities of creating amazing productivity, entertainment, healthcare, educational and industrial apps are endless. The way we interact with software and apps is going to change completely from here on. According to MarketsandMarkets Stats report Spatial Computing market size is going to be 280.5 billion by 2028 with a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 23.4%, and it can grow higher than this rate too.

Agicent VisionOS App development company is now 100% capable to create amazing Apps exclusively for VisionPro devices or to port your existing apps onto VisionOS with the flavor of Spatial features!

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VisionOS App Development Services by Agicent

We’ve started learning and honing our skills on VisionOS from the day it was launched in 2023 and now when the device is actually here, we are getting overwhelming requirements for our VisionOS App development services and we offer a complete spectrum of services which are useful for all sizes of projects and startups.

VisionOS App Discovery Session & Consulting Service

In this step, we understand your product vision and the market you want to cater. We gather all your requirements (feature list, use-case, goal, monetization methods and goals, integrations, future vision etc) and consult you on the best features for the MVP or for full product, and also do a competitor analysis to let you know the gaps in the market and propose you the best possible solution. We also lay out a scope of the work and provide you either a fixed price estimation for the VisionOS App development or offer you a dev team on month-on-month basis with these pricing plans.

You can book a Free VisionOS App Discovery Session from here.

VisionOS Apps Design, Wireframes, Prototyping Service

In this step, we convert your feature list into visual design and wireframes. This is the most crucial step among all others as whatever we are going to launch in the market is visualized and finalized here. We closely coordinate with you at this stage, figure out what kind of target market we have and what type of design would they like, and then create the design and simulate that like a clickable prototype or a demo video like this example.

We send these design visualizations for your feedback and approval and do as many iterations as you want and once approved we proceed towards the actual development.

Tech Architecture and Coding Phase: Agile Sprints

Once design is approved, we create the tech architecture to achieve what we have visualized in terms of the design and functionality. And the next step is coding the VisionOS App using SwiftUI, ARKit, Unity, Xcode, ComposerPro tech stacks as well as backend technologies like Node.js, MongoDB or likes.

We create the tech architecture keeping a larger future vision in mind so the MVP VisionOS App we develop today assuming for a small amount of users, should be scaled easily and quickly to cater millions of the users and more advanced features and also leave a lot of room for future integrations with different technologies. Usually our CTO and Engineering leads do the architecture job.

The whole project is broken down into small feature bunches and then they Weekly Agile Sprints are schedule to achieve those features week by week. At every weekend a progressive Adhoc VisionOS App build is released for testers and clients for the UAT. Any bugs or enhancements are noted down and added with the next week’s dev sprint and the build is shipped to either live or test server depending upon your priorities.

Adhoc Distribution and Final go-live

During the development phase, the visionOS App is distributed across a private network (of clients, early users/ testers, dev teams) as an Adhoc build that we create using Apple’s guidelines and protocols on its iTunes connect ecosystem integrated with the Xcode and other tech stacks associated with the VisionOS App Development.

The final App store submission is done when the Dev cycle is complete and you give us a go ahead to go live. We do the whole job for you.

The whole solution is also ported onto the live cloud server and infrastructure using our DevOps experts.

VisionOS App Maintenance, Enhancements, Upkeep

Once the first version goes live, you can either switch to the maintenance phase for the upkeep of the VisionOS App or can go about launched further features for enhancements. Our Dev and maintenance plans starts from as low as $2900 mo and sometimes even lesser if you only need under 100 hours of maintenance a month.

Like advanced mobile apps, VisionOS Apps also utilizes various third party APIs from user authentication to several other features like integration with maps, payment gateways, with other apps and backend and all such APIs launch new updates very frequently and hence the VisionOS app will have to be updated accordingly. Also the VisionOS itself is in its nascent stage right now and we can expect atleast 10 major or minor OS upgrades this year and for which a regular support & maintenance service will be required.

By offer Development, Design, Marketing, Maintenance, Porting services we make ourselves as you one stop VisionOS App Development Company.

VisionPro App Porting Services

Here we work to make your existing web app or mobile app to be absolutely compatible and oriented towards the new VisionPro Devices and VisionOS Operating system. You can leverage your existing product and userbase and scale them for VisionOS VisionPro device.

We’ll consult you in identifying which features can be ported onto VisionOS as is and which ones need to be made cmpatible and adaptable to the visionOS unique spatial features.

In most of the existing mobile apps, voice gesture commands and eye commands will be added as a go-to features when it comes to porting on to the visionOS and then more options can be added as the app grows.

VisionPro App Marketing Services

We render our inhouse marketing and sales expertise, tools and workflows for our clients and craft highly efficient and performance-oriented performance marketing campaigns to promote your VisionPro App.

This can include (but not limited to) – Paid ad campaigns to install VisionOS Apps across big outlets like Google, Meta/ FB/ Insta, Linkedin; organic SEO and organic campaigns, Organic and paid PR campaigns, Video content marketing, influencer marketing, Opinion leadership influenced market, Cross App integration promotion and so on.

You tell us your monthly App marketing budget and goal and we’ll craft and run and optimize the best campaign inside that.

Case Studies and VisionOS Apps in different industries


Immersive Ecommerce Apps for VisionPro

A 3d inspection of the product that you’re going to buy with the real sounds and narration is just the beginning of how the online shopping experience is going to get changed. With the blend of AI with mixed reality, we are working on apps where you not only have a 360 degree look of a physical product but also you can do live questions and answers with the fellow consumers, existing buyers and the AI sales team of the sellers also take trials especially in case of apparels and shoes.

VisionOS has the capabilities of letting users feel the physical product as closer to reality as it can get with the current processing technologies. Ecommerce is going to leverage its capabilities to the fullest. Since VisionPro is pricey and only available in specific markets for now, it can be a great niche target market to sell high end upscale goods.

Content/Video/OTT Apps for VisionPro

Well it is already happening, and everyone having VisionPro device will have their own personalized large screen cinema that they can resize too! Online content consumption in mixed reality is the main firsthand experience that users are getting on VisonPro devices. All your favorite apps are coming compatible to VisionOS and soon VisionOS unique VR/ AR apps will be coming as well.

Agicent is working on creating a special OTT project wherein both content creators as well as content consumers will be paid.

Watching content including online streaming as well as pre-recorded is actually an immersive experience on the vision pro devices. And watching live sports event while being in the real world is giving an altogether extra ordinary experience to the consumers. We are going to see more and more immersive and humanly interactive OTT and content apps coming out from our stable.

Spatial Reality

Spatial Reality in every aspect of life

Above are just a few industries that we believe are going to be advanced first with VisionPro devices and VisionOS ecosystem. In reality, every aspects of life is going to be upgraded with the help of this device and all the famous apps that we use including fintech, healthcare, blockchain, government will have mixed reality spatial apps that will enhance user experience, safety, entertainment and much more.

Healthcare and Preventive HealthTech Apps

Its time for telemedicine 3.0, the first one being consultation of phone and then came the video consultations and healthcare IoT devices and now 3.0 will include preventive healthcare. Thanks to the device’s capabilities of scanning the eyes and skin, taking pulses a lot of possible issues can be prevented by early alerts and detection.

We are looking to scale up our existing Telehealth Apps like Mediorbis to explore these capabilities and also integrate existing telehealth Apps with other healthcare IoT devices that can exchange data with VisionPro aps and let users enjoy a higher degree of health monitoring along with the smart watches.

Healthcare and Preventive
Gaming Apps

Gaming Apps

You played with pokemon go 10 years back, now with VisionOS gaming apps you can be a pokemon yourself. VisionPro runs highly natural and real looking gaming apps made using Unity, Unreal and apple’s own gaming tech stacks.

All the games we play today will ported for this device, the gaming consoles are going to be the history as you’ll have your own big screen whenever and wherever you want. The multiplayer gaming with virtual reality is going to reach an altogether new level as you’ll compete with your friends and fellow gamers with real world motions and graphics too.

Fintech Apps for VisionOS

Think of the forthcoming scenario where you’ll pay not by your phone’s wallet but by just looking at the shopkeeper. It will pick the user’s unique fintech identity from their eye scans and face scans and no more QR codes will be needed to pay or receive money. It will never forget any payer, seller no matter if you’ve missed their account or venmo details or not.

Watching a product on ecom and then paying it then and there with just a blink of your eye is a reality now. We are exploring working on such fintech apps that can fully utilize the spatial computing powers of VisionOS ecosystem.

Healthcare and Preventive

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Learn more about our processes from our clients.

Ali Farhat

CEO, Ubteo, Inc.

Ali Farhat

I’ve been working with Agicent for last 6 years on various projects including a Telemedicine App first and now Ubteo Real Estate Tech Platform. I’ve always found them having a great grip on the product and their tech team enables them to achieve every aspects of the product vision in a timely and quality manner. I recommend them to any tech startup any day.

Ali Farhat

CEO, Ubteo, Inc.

Benefits of creating VisionOS Apps for Startups and Business

It is very obvious that this new Spatial Device is full of possibilities and any App there is going to have a great advantage of targeting the “for now” niche user base. Let us go over some major benefits that businesses can get by launching VisionPro Apps:

Clear Competitive Edge: The early mover advantage

It’s a very new device and have only started being sold in some parts of the US only. Anyone moving first for this device is definitely going to get a lot of advantage in terms of targeting the niche and comparatively upscale user-base.

Even the existing Apps that will scale for VisionPro Device exploiting its AR/ VR spatial capabilities are going to offer enhanced experience to its existing user base and gain more customer loyalty and branding.

New world opporaunity

A new world of opportunity to Innovative

For the same reasons as stated above, its spatial computing capabilities have opened a whole new world of amazing innovation opportunities. We’ve listed below some of the possible innovative use cases for various industries on this page itself, and we believe that there will be millions of amazing use cases out there that can solve the current world problems in much better ways than what is being done by the current smartphone device and apps.

Integrating the VisionOS apps with different devices will offer great possibility to further innovate as well where several interconnected devices sharing and exchanging data will proide more seamless convenient life to the user especially for healthcare, home automation, and business usage.

Unique and Immersive Experience

Vision Pro’s unique spatial computing, tracking and depth perception allow for highly realistic and interactive experiences in augmented reality (AR) and Virtual reality. Users can experience and manipulate virtual objects in a natural human way and that will create a sense of real presence and break down the barrier between the physical and virtual digital world.

Any app utilizing these spatial immersive capabilities are going to be used more and more by the users compared to regular mobile or web apps and therefore launching an app on VisionOS gives you a more loyal and consistently engaged user-base.

New Avenues for Marketing and Branding

When the gaps between virtual digital world and reality are bridged, you get some new avenues to market your products and services in more efficient way. Digital content and ads on VisionPro will offer real experience to the users and the chances of converting a visitor to customer (conversion ratio) will increase.

Scenarios like offering virtual trials with sounds, arranging meetings with virtual AI or real sales agents as you explore a product or a service, engaging more actively with ads and creatives are all very promising user behavior which can be tracked, and catered for enhanced sales and marketing activities.

VisionOS App development is not complex

Creating mixed reality Apps have always been a complex and typical exercise compared to the conventional software development, especially because of the demand of creating interactive virtual reality UI and UX. However, VisionOS has already done majority of the heavy lifting and if developers are familiar with Apple iOS development and Arkit (which our developers are) then creating VisionOS Apps using the same skill sets becomes really easy.

Its juts a transition of the device and the change of UI, while rest of the technologies will be as same as iOS developers have been using for the last few years.

Better Interactive Storytelling

Better interactive Storytelling

You can tell your story in more interactive and appealing way when it looks and feel closer to the reality and that is exactly what Visionpro device offers to its users. Businesses as well as creators can create and tell immersive mixed reality stories that can actually engage users for a longer span than just scrolling back in few seconds.

A historical content creator can create virtual historical battles that you can see happening in front of your eyes, or or viewing ancient battles unfold right before your eyes. Or a virtual story showcasing you the world of dinosaurs as a moving and sounding reality.

Same goes for product visualization as we’ve discussed the same concept in details below in Ecommerce Use-case. You can showcase and appeal your product with a realistic experience, creation of immersive demos and free trials can help marketers win the consumer’s confidence to a higher degree than what you are able to do with the old technologies.

Story is everything, and VisionOS allows you to tell your story in the best way possible so far in the history of the mankind.

Process of Creating VisonPro VisionOS Apps and the required Tools

Designing apps for the Apple VisionOS is a mixed-reality adventure (pun intended), and this is a tour guide of what you need to know to get started. We will present an organized description of app development for the Apple Vision Pro with realistic examples, and in a conversational tone. We’ll try to make it sound like we are tackling this as partners, not as some elusive third party.

Step 1 - Understanding the Vision Pro Ecosystem and its features

At the heart of the Vision Pro experience is the blend of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), powered by Apple’s cutting-edge M2 chip and a specialized R1 chip. These components work in harmony to deliver unparalleled performance and immersive experiences, tracking your movements and rendering captivating virtual environments.

Understand its most important and unique features, such as:

  • Eye, Hands, and Voice based gesture commands: So whichever VisionPro app idea that you are contemplating to create should completely exploit these cool features.
  • Virtual Avatars and 3D Facetime: Virtual avatar in VisionPro universe are going to more realistic and so as the video calls. We also think of a scenario where an AI avatar of yours takes a meeting on your behalf while you physically take another meeting and the possibilities are endless.
  • Immersive-ness Control: VisionPro users can increase or decrease the level of immersiveness as per their choice, so your App should be compliant to the same.
  • Transparent Display: As VisionPro is a mixed reality spatial device, the display is actually transparent as it goes hand in hand with the reality. So your UI/UX design must adhere to this fact and in most of the cases a minimal design will turn out to be the best design because everything else will be taken care of by the real world.

Step 2 - Getting Started with visionOS App Development

The gateway to creating apps for Vision Pro is visionOS, Apple’s bespoke operating system tailored for spatial computing. This environment is your canvas, allowing you to merge digital creations with the physical world seamlessly. To set sail on this development journey, you’ll need a Mac running macOS Monterey or newer, the latest version of Xcode, and the Vision Pro developer kit. At Agicent’s VisionOS App Development Company, we’ve all the required infrastructure, team, testing devices and some more. You just have to tell us about your project, and we take care of the rest.

Step 3 - Ideation of VisionPro VisionOS App

An entrepreneur or startup or a brand should explore all the possibilities a spatial VisionOS App can achieve on this device. Do a market analysis, competitive analysis, go back to the history where web apps exploited mobile capabilities and a new market was emerged, so similarly think of what additional capabilities mobile apps can offer if they are ported onto visionPro devices.

We think of scenarios in the industries like healthcare where preventive healthcare and telemedicine apps can be created for VisionOS with spatial capabilities, or in an industry where there are plenty of machines and a VisionPro Maintenance App can tell the supervisor about health, maintenance schedule, warranty of the machines just by looking at them, or think of a real estate app where you just wear your visionpro device and see which of the properties in front of you are up for sale or rent and so on.

It is always beneficial to have a industry or subject matter expert on board while ideating for an app for that particular industry, however there are some low hanging fruits that anyone can achieve simply by scaling the existing apps with the spatial mixed reality features for the visionpro device.

We as a VisionOS App Development Company provide you consulting service even before development in figuring out the right features, UI/ UX and target userbase for your VisionOS App idea.

Step 4 - Marketing Plan of VisionPro VisionOS App

The market for VisionPro Apps is already getting hot and a great thing is that users are actually searching for the new cool VisionPro Apps which is contrary to the mobile apps where you’ve to do a lot of display and video ads to get installs. In case of VisionPro Apps, you’ve the early mover advantage and a carefully crafted marketing campaign exploring SEO, ASO, Display Ads and some PR would do wonderful magic to get large number of early users.

Figuring out a possible marketing plan, goal, and budget even before you start creating your VisionOS apps is highly recommended as it helps you keeping the development very focused, timely and help you create the whole marketing campaign around it more efficiently.

Best Practices for the VisionOS App Development Process

It is not just a regular App development job when it comes to VisionOS App development, thanks to its mixed reality, AR/VR, Spatial capabilities. Working with Vision Pro VisionOS takes a combination of creativity, technical craft and careful planning. Here are some key of the factors a VisionPro Development team and entrepreneurs should consider:

Leverage VisionOS core capabilities

Ensure your app maximizes the unique features of visionOS to deliver a connected and immersive experience so full utilization of hands, eye and voice gestures and commands should be done.

Elevating User Experience in Mixed Reality

As we delve deeper into the realm of Vision Pro app development, it’s crucial to prioritize the user experience (UX). Because of the mixed- reality nature of these teams, standard UX design practices cannot be applied wholesale and, as a result, the immersive, interactive space of Vision Pro must thus be reimagined.

Focus on intuitive interactions

Design your app's interactions around natural gestures, leveraging eye and hand movements for a seamless user experience.

Ensure Cross device compatibility

Ideally every VisionOS App should work on regular iphone device also in a non spatial environment and vice versa so VisionOS developers should ensure that the app is accessible with most of its features sans the spatial ones on regular handheld iOS devices as well.

Fostering an Inclusive Development Community

We encourage VisionOS App developers to share their journey and learn from the experiences of others. You can shed light on their problem, receive feedback on solutions and perhaps a setting for a new ambition. Enjoy the ride, the developer community is here to support you every step of the way.

Creating VisionOS compatible spatial AR/VR design is the most crucial aspects of the whole visionPro app development process. Our designers and VisionOS Developers have trained themselves over the last one year achieve perfectness in creating Spatial VisionOS designs and the results are as great as you can see here in the screenshots.

Tools of the VisionOS App Development Services

Discover the Essential Tools Powering VisionOS App Development. From design wizardry to coding mastery, explore the toolkit shaping tomorrow's digital landscape. Dive into creativity, efficiency, and precision with our curated suite of tools.

SwiftUI for VisionOS App Development

With SwiftUI you can create clean, understandable user interfaces with less code. It’s effectively declarative, letting you say what something should look like so it can build the internals through code generation that you don’t write. You can then build apps that get close to the interfaces we feel in the physical world, which I also did with every touch experience mentioned here. For example, you create an app that projects 3D models over areas in the real world in an app that changes elements as you walk around it so you can get a feel for the weight of the model.

Xcode for VisionOS App Development

Apple’s good old App developer environment – known as Xcode – is the central place you’ll write Vision Pro apps, with a bevy of built-in features, including the ability to simulate your apps in the simulator so you can test them before and as you develop.

Xcode allows VisionOS developers to write Apps on their macbooks as they do for the iPhone or MacOS apps and then they can simply be created as adhoc build to run on the designated VisionPro Devices.

Xcode is one of the most secure, robust, and fully loaded integrated development environment which has proven itself over the years for iOS, WatchOS, and MacOS development.

RealityKit and ARKit
RealityKit and ARKit

ARKit provides the data from the real world and spatial computing data while RealityKIT allows to integrate real world data with virtual data and provide mixed reality or spatial experience to the users. These frameworks put high-performance tools at your fingers for creating realistic 3D content, and augmented reality experiences, such as an app that predicts how a new piece of furniture might look staged in your living room, or a game with augmented reality superpowers.

In the realm of developing cutting-edge applications, ensuring your app communicates seamlessly within its environment is paramount. This is where integrating advanced network technologies becomes essential. Utilizing high-performance wireless points for connectivity can significantly enhance the app’s ability to process real-time data and maintain uninterrupted communication with other devices. Such infrastructure supports the demanding nature of mixed reality applications by providing the robust backbone needed for immersive and responsive user experiences.

Unity for VisionOS App development

It’s a blessing that VisionPro allows developing AR/ VR apps and games on Unity Engine. Unity has always been a gaming engine of choice to create AR/ VR apps and games for the mobile and desktop and console devices and now the same can be fully utilized to create the VisionPro AR/ VR apps and games. All your favorite graphic laden mobile and consoles games are mostly created using Unity and Unreal engines. Let your imagination run wild and create games in the Vision Pro ecosystem that take you into ever closer and more detailed integration of the real and virtual worlds.

Scaling good old Web Apps for VisionOS

Although all existing web apps will work good on the VisionOS browser by default in compatibility mode, but in order to make them work exactly as the visionOS demands, a simple device and browser compatibility exercise is needed on the same. Like we do browser compatibility testing and fixing to make a web app works best on cross browser, the same activity should be done on existing web apps and make them future proof.

The programming languages like Swift on Xcode or C# on unity do perfectly fine in case of VisionOS App development, and we’ve been working on these programming languages along with the SDKs for the last many years and for several successful projects.

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FAQs about VisionOS App Development Company

Ans: Agicent – A simple VisionOS MVP App can cost your $20,000 or lesser. You can send us your project details or setup a Free discovery session in order to obtain a fixed quote for your project. Alternatively, you can hire our VisionOS App development team starting from $2900 monthly. You can see the full Dev Team Pricing Plans here
Ans: We will sign a proper Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with you to safeguard your IPR confidentiality and also from the moment you contact us about any kind of VisionOS App development, you will automatically be covered by a confidentiality layers from our side even before you sign the NDA with us.
Ans: We identified its future back in 2023 and started training and creating projects on VisionOS from then itself, we are coming ahead of the competition as usual. Also, we’ve been creating Apps and web apps for the last 14 years and collective userbase of our major apps is close to 10 million users. We’ve created apps that became multimillion dollars startups like HASfit, Mediorbis, SmartGladiator.
Ans: Indeed. We do the whole service from ideation to app store upload and then regular maintenance or enhancements.
Ans: VisionOS Apps can be monetized the same way you do for your regular apps that includes (but not limited to) – inapp purchases, subscription, ads, physical goods selling and so on.
Ans: VisionOS Apps can be marketed and promoted the same way you market your existing apps. That includes (but not limited to) – App install ads, SEO, Content marketing, ASO, PR activities, TV ads, and inside App ads.
Ans: The process of uploading VisionOS apps to the live app store is similar to the process followed for uploading iPhone apps to the app store. Similarly, adhoc (under development) VisionOS App builds are created using the iTunes developer connect ecosystem and distributed using Over the air (OTA) links or testflights for adhoc testing during the development.
Ans: Not really, however you need higher computing power to run VisionOS aps for they are graphically heavy and have higher amount of real time data processing integrated with virtual data rendering. In any case, we can configure the hosting infrastructure in such a way that it can be upgraded on demand as more and more users start using your app. We’ll provide you a thorough consulting on the same.

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