How to Hire an App Developer ?(Tips and Best practices)


What are the critical factors for an app development company to be successful ? One of them is the app idea and the other is to hire an app developer. Which one is more important ?  In fact, it is not that difficult to come up with a unique app idea, as it is to – locate the right kind of talented app developers.

Moreover, there are 12 million app developers in the world, and that this number is expected to reach a figure of 14 million in 2020.  We live in the age of talent scarcity and the single most critical task for the organization is to scout for the right talents. .

However, the app development company needs to hire an app developer – who perfectly fits into the requirements – not only with an inherent ability to develop an app, but adds value to the process .How to do that ?

The app development companies follow some of the best practices, while seeking for a developer, with the right skill sets – that helps them to pursue their ultimate objective of maximizing the revenue for their app business.  So, what are these tips and practices?


Ten Tips and Best Practices to Hire an App Developer


Some of the tips and best practices to hire an app developer are:

1. Proficiency in Programming Languages  

This is something that you have to start before hiring an app developer. What is  that ? You need to be crystal clear about the target audience for your apps as well as the array of devices that are used by the same group of users. You can only be clear on the preferred language to hire an app developer, while gathering important information of the most engaged platforms by these users. This way, it becomes easier to seek the adept technology nerds who will enable to make your dream come true.  

2. It is the Experience that Matters

There is a  golden rule that the app development company needs to adhere, to hire an app developer. What is that ? It is not to opt for someone – with no experience whatsoever.  The developer must have adequate knowledge on the platform itself, say Android or iOS but at the same time must adapt to to the changing needs of  your business.  

Furthermore, a good place to start is Github which will provide you with some of the proficient developers on the platform of your choice. A designer network can also prove useful for seeking an app developer’s profile. 

Moreover, Dribble – a community of designers may often provide you with fascinating designs as well as talented developers. If you are scouting for app development  talents then Behance Is another site – that manages larger projects. 

Finally, freelance websites of the likes oDesk and Elance which offers hourly and fixed price projects may prove fruitful –  serving your purpose.

3. Prepare a List of Candidates

 It is absolutely necessary to prepare a list of the app developers that you have already chosen. But, first you need to arrive at a right decision to hire an app developer   – whether to go for an app development company or to hire a freelancer.

It is advisable to hire an app development team because that ensures you with project management related services, other than providing the resources – designers, QA specialists and developers. It is the strategy of the app development agencies that entices you to them. They have workflow in place or the quality control of the processes in their organizations.

4.  Previous and Current Clients

It is one of the best practices to have a through review of the app development team in terms of reliability, responsiveness and result -orientation. How to make that possible ? This is to conduct an in-depth research on the previous client base. It becomes pointless to just reaching out to the developers – simply calling them through skype.  

5.  Ability to Showcase the Mobile Apps

The app development company of your choice must showcase the apps in the Apple Store or the Google Play. How does that help them  ? This not only elaborates on their ability to develop a specific app and highlights on the experiences and the skill sets. However, a non-impressive, sluggish website of the app developers may go against deciding for that developer.

6.  Ensure High Quality Work from Developers

The developers must be equipped with the latest, advanced tools and techniques that establishes the quality of the services rendered by them. This is what ensures the effectiveness of their services. This is that critical factor that accounts for reusable codes and superb user experiences.

7. Smoothly Communicate with the Client

The app development company must work in collaboration with the client, while developing the product. If you need further explanations, it is imperative for the developers and the client to have a mutual understanding between  them.

Communication is the most important aspect, while working with remote teams for any app development company. So, what can be some of the best practices to adopt ? These are ongoing chats, individual and group calls and  demos at iterative intervals, status reports at regular intervals – that intends to ensure a transparent development process.  

8. The Development Process by itself

If the development team is not able to state the methodologies adopted by them, the whole idea to hire an app developer fails through. Don’t you think so ? So, before handing over the project to the team of developers, every bit of details must be worked on. It is important to remember here that the factors to engage a team for startups and that of larger enterprise are bound to differ from each other.  

9. Monetization of the App (planned by the developer)

What is the final aim of the app development company ? It is of course a successful monetization of the developed app. How to achieve this ? In order to hire an app developer, one must have a proper plan in place for app monetization – that fetches the vital revenue from the app development business.

10.Submission of the Apps to the App Store

The app development team may incur additional charges,  for submission of the app in the App Stores. However, there are instances of including this in the overall price. It is always one of the best practices for the app development company to clarify on the nitty gritties of the details – right at the onset of the project. Why so ? This Is to ensure that there is no scope for any misunderstanding, at a later stage.   


It is a wiser decision to hire an app developer who is more of a cultural fit for your organization and collaborates well with your team. It is important to understand that choosing a developer with proficiency in a large array of programming languages is not just a priority that you are seeking for.

The language barrier itself becomes an issue when English or any other language is a preferred language for some of the chosen app development destinations. Finally, an adaptable yet passionate developer is the most appropriate choice – who aligns well with the dynamics of your organization.


So, if you are in a fix to hire an app developer – who will perfectly blend with your business needs, Agicent Technologies can be one of the best option – not just in terms of price and accountability, but with long-term association in mind.

Sudeep Bhatnagar
Co-founder & Director of Business
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