Free Tool To View PST Files without Outlook
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Free Tool To View PST Files without Outlook: BitRecover PST Viewer

Free Tool to View PST files without outlook- Bitrecover

BitRecover PST Viewer is a free tool to view PST files without Outlook. With the help of this simple tool, you can view all files within a PST file. However, if you want to recover the data, then you need to buy its pro version. The premium version of the tool allows you to save the PST file data as a PDF file. Even if your PST file is corrupted, the free tool can render all its content without any issue. The file size isn’t a problem for this tool and it can easily render large PST files too.

bitrecovery pst viewer- view pst files without outlook

Detailed Features of Outlook PST Viewer:

  1. Open and View All Components: Freeware MS Outlook PST file viewer version allows you view all the MS Outlook items like emails, calendars, contacts, journals, tasks, notes, etc. The software will show you a normal view, property view and the preview of associated attachment of emails. In addition, it will keep the original formatting of items intact.
  2. Preview Items with All Details: Once the software loads all PST file items, it will also display number of items present in each folder and generate an item preview with all properties. You can view all items with their associated attributes like for emails: from, subject, to, sent, received, size (KB); for contacts its: full name, address, phone numbers and so on.
  3. No MS Outlook Installation Required: You don’t need MS Outlook installation to open up the PST file. Most of the Outlook based applications require MS Outlook set up but unlike them, the standalone Outlook PST Viewer is smart enough to read PST file data without Outlook being installed.
  4. MS Outlook Style Interface: Once you launch the software it will appear in a style similar to Microsoft Outlook view. This GUI makes it user-friendly and makes it easier to use.

Additional Features of Outlook PST Viewer:

– Completely portable- no need to install.

– View multiple PST files without outlook.

– Read password protected PST files.

– Even view corrupted PST files.

– Read data from large PST files. The tool is tested within a range of 2 GB to 30 GB PST files.

– Available for Windows and Mac OS X.

The Verdict:
BitRecover PST Viewer is indeed a very useful tool for users who want to recover data from a corrupted PST file. Best of all, you can view PST files without Outlook, that means, even if you don’t have Outlook installed on your PC, you can use it to read PST files. Overall, the tool looks good and you should definitely check it out.

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