Mobile application testing is an integral part of the app development lifecycle and no app development agency or developer can afford to miss this phase. After the app development phase is over, it undergoes a rigorous testing phase in which a team of testers examines the functionality and other factors like performance, security, etc. of an app. Any identified issues and bugs are then reported to the developers to get them fixed asap. Usage of mobile app testing tools during the testing phase enhances the overall process and makes it more effective to deliver a robust app to your customer.

Manual testing of iOS apps is easy as there are few iOS devices available in the market. Mobile application testers can manually run the app on all iOS devices to see how it performs on different hardware specifications. But, in case of Android apps, the testing job becomes trickier as numerous devices with different screen sizes and resolution are available. Consequently, testing Android apps on every single device turns out to be unrealistic. Thus, you should consider using an automation mobile app testing tool by which you can easily test your app on various devices at once and analyze their performance and working.

Let’s begin our list of top 10 mobile app testing tools:

1. Kobiton:

Kobiton is a manual and automated testing tool which offers a remote lab of iOS and Android devices to test your app. Apart from that, you can also add devices of your organization from anywhere and manage all internal and external devices from a single dashboard. The testing tools automatically record all test sessions and provide a good remote testing experience. Most importantly, it captures and reports every automated test and include details like screenshots, commands, and other metadata in the test report details.

2. Experitest:

SeeTest Quality Assurance is a platform by Experitest for testing web and mobile apps which can be also be integrated with open source industry tools like Appium and Selenium. Using SeeTest, you can access a centralized hub of simulators, physical mobile devices, and web browsers to test your mobile and web app. The tool lets you use enhanced versions of Espresso, Selenium, XCTest, etc. to create tests and then execute the tests on multiple physical and virtual devices at once. After that, you can perform the root cause analysis to find the bug in your app by analyzing the detailed test reports.

3. Appium:

Appium is an open source mobile app testing tool for native and hybrid iOS and Android apps. Testing native apps using Appium is a piece of cake as you don’t have to include any SDK and recompile apps. You can use your favorite tools and programming languages to automate apps from any supported test frameworks. You can use your favorite development tools to write test codes in Java, JavaScript, Ruby, PHP, and other supported languages.

4. Calabash:

Calabash is an automated testing tool for native iOS and Android apps. It is also an open source and actively maintained by Xamarin. It consists of libraries which allows you to write test code using any Ruby-based framework to programmatically interact with the app. The written automated tests can then be run on 1000+ devices using Xamarin Test Cloud service. Calabash also supports Cucumber which lets you define the functionality of your app in a natural language.

5. Selendroid:

As the name of the tool itself suggests, it is an automation testing tool for native and hybrid Android tools. The test codes are written using Selenium 2 client API and you can use Selendroid on emulators and real devices. Other features of this mobile app testing tool include: no modification of app required, supports hot-plugging of devices, compatible with JSON 3 protocol, and many others.

6. TestFairy:

TestFairy is an online mobile app testing tool which supports both iOS and Android platforms. One of the unique features of this app testing platform is that it records the screen of the device while it is being tested which allows you to see the exact steps of the client which led your app to crash. Additionally, it also offers crash reports, memory logs, and CPU and GPU usage report to analyze the performance of your app.

7. HockeyApp:

HockeyApp is a platform where app publishers can upload their apps which testers can download for testing. Thus, it acts an personal app store for testing your apps. It supports both iOS and Android platforms and other and you can choose who can access your app. Apart from that, you will get crashing reports, feedback, and user metrics to further scale up the performance of your app.

8. RanorexStudio:

Ranorex is another mobile automation testing tool which supports Android and iOS and other 3rd parties frameworks. Creating automated tests using Ranorex is pretty easy; just hit the record button and then start your testing and this tool will remember your every step. You can also edit the recorded steps using its intuitive GUI. The best part is that you can record steps from real devices and simulators as well.

9. TestFlight:

TestFlight is a mobile app testing tool from Apple to test iOS and iPad apps. You have to upload a beta build of your app and then invite users (up to 10,000) to test your app before launching it to the app store. Invited users just have to install the TestFlight iOS app to start testing your app and report identified bugs.

10. Google Play Native App Beta Testing:

Android developers can’t find the best platform for beta testing of their app. No additional tools are required as you can do it using your Google Developer account itself. While uploading your app, select the development phase of your app i.e. “BETA TESTING” and then set up a Google Plus community for your testers. Once your app is published, beta testers can access the app and check it out to report bugs.

With this last tool, we sum up our well-researched list of best mobile app testing tools which we hope will help you to build robust apps that your customers will love. If you want to share other app testing tools that we might have missed in this post, then feel free to share it with us at [email protected]. We will review the tool and if it is useful, we will add it to our list with full credits to you.

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