No matter how much attractive it sounds to create an HTML5 or cross platform app in optimal cost hitting all sort of smartphones very quickly, the real scenario is different and that is the point where you need to figure out firmly that which way to go about, HTML5 or cross-platform or native (or hybrid). Whenever someone asks me this question, I mostly incline towards native iPhone or Android App development only, I suggest to go with one platform at first but go with full force and full-force is practically a native awesome performing App.

But there are few cases where HTML5 could be a good option, and remember that this is a Business decision and not at all a technical one; it is dependent upon the target group you’ve finalized, the demography, nature of the functionality of the App, and performance expectations. Let’s try to understand who wins the HTML5 Vs Native with some cool and straight  forward pointers:

Go for native (or an hybrid one with subtle web views only where required) if you are concerned about –

  • Responsiveness of the app.
  • Look and feel of the App.
  • Usage of device’s capacities like accelerometer, gps, camera etc. of the app.
  • Visibility of the App in app store market, and genuine user’s reviews.
  • If your App is a good game.
  • You want to give offline access as well to the users, in the best manner.
  • You want to make your app a hit in native market first, and capture a maximum of that, which assures that if you get success then you’ll have enough capabilities to scale up for further devices or as a web app etc.
  • Making the app future proof with each future release of the OS.
  • You want to take advantage of all the business analytic, in -app purchase thing, iAds, and so on.
  • Support and confidence from the OS manufacturer.

And choose HTML 5 way if the above given pointers are not so important for you, and if:

  • Your product is already existing on other mediums, i.e an already existing website that you want to create in mobile version now, and already famous desktop web app that you want to extend to mobile browsers etc.
  • Your target market is not device centric (though am not sure if such situation is realistically possible to identify).
  • You feel that it is nice to target all smartphones‘ users in this way right from the launch stage, instead of exploring one or two good platforms at first completely.
  • And I guess, that is it. I’m not quoting the commonly used factor that “cost of development is lesser while creating html5” here, since to build a really competent html5/ cross platform App – you need hours of expert developers for the launch product development and testing, and during support & maintenance stage too (more than when you have a native app!), which ultimately might turn out to be more costlier as compared to native app dev on one platform.

Bottom line suggestion, go for an Hybrid model – if you want to enjoy advantages of both approaches given above, make a native app and then embed web-view components cleverly wherever they fit the best (but only if required).

And one last thought before I close – if you really believe in your product, then believe me even iTunes market is too big to be exploit (or may be Android) completely. Having an app used by 1000 users across 4 platforms has lesser value as compared to an app used by 10,000 users on one platform! So don’t shy hitting one platform at first with full dedication, the user base is too much and if it becomes a hit you’ll be having enough capabilities (and funds too) to get developed for further platforms as native or web app anyways. Take examples of temple run, angry birds, evernote, google search apps, instagram or even Flappy bird etc – all got launched and focussed on iOS only at first and then after success, they easily scaled up to Android and more with customers already waiting for their App.

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