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If you are a technology product company/startup/enterprise, you need to hire a software vendor to meet with the intense competition in mobile software and changes within each of the platforms of Mobile App Development.

What is Mobile App Development?

Mobile App Development is the process of developing application software for handheld devices which can either be pre-installed or delivered in the form of web applications. The designing of Mobile Apps involves developing the Mobile User Interface (UI) Design which is primarily to ensure an understandable and user friendly interface. This functionality is supported by Mobile enterprise application platforms or Integrated Development Environments (IDEs).

The Mobile UIs, the front-end tools focusing on user interface and user experience depend on back-end tools to access the enterprise systems, the functions of which is supported by Mobile App servers, Mobile Backend as a Service and SOA infrastructure.

What are the Platforms in Mobile App Development?

The platform organizations’ tools allow developers to write, test and deploy applications into the target platform environment. The components include front-end development tools, backend servers, security add on layers, System Software and Mobile App testing.

The front-end development tools are the UI design tools and SDKs to access device features and cross platform support while Back-end servers are usually for user authentication and authorization, data services and reusable business logic. The Security add on layers offer tactical solutions that layer on top of existing apps, phones and platforms. It also includes components dealing with App wrapping for security, Data encryption and Reporting and Statistics. All the tools put together help develop, deploy and manage Mobile Apps.

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What does a Mobile App Development Company do?

 A Mobile App Development Company designs apps for mobiles and tablets and also develops cost programming services tuned with frequently changing technology. Application software developers consider an array of hardware specifications and configurations to come up with Apps in tune with latest technology and market dynamics.

Agicent Technologies a Mobile App Development company catering to the software requirements of startups, companies with existing product line and big enterprises.

The Mobile App Services include iOS App development, Android App development, Mobile games development, HTML5 development, Mobile Enterprise App development and other platforms supported by other services such as Mobile Apps programming, Mobile Apps Designing, Mobile Strategy Consulting, Mobile Website Development, Apps SDK development, Apps Maintenance Services and Database Server Programming.

Besides Mobile App Development and testing, Agicent also deals with Mobile Strategy Consultancy taking your app ideas to another level by creating profit-attracting custom mobile apps and marketing strategies.

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