The world is changing at a much faster pace and all of it has been contributed by Technology. The technological advancements that we have achieved in a few decades are something that we haven’t done in the entire human history. Sure, fire was the most important invention but now people would rather vote for the Internet. There are so many new things that are about to shake up the present scenerio. Therefore, to know the top technology trends in app development that you can know about.

The trend of application localization continued to grow and evolve. Application localization is the process of adapting a software application to meet the linguistic, cultural, and functional requirements of a specific target audience or market. This involves translating the user interface, content, and any other relevant components to make the application more accessible and user-friendly for users in different regions. Localization goes beyond language translation, encompassing considerations such as date formats, currency symbols, and cultural nuances, ensuring a seamless and culturally sensitive user experience. This practice is crucial for reaching a global audience and enhancing user engagement by tailoring the application to the diverse needs of users worldwide.

Note: Some of these technology trends might seem loosely related to app development. Although all of them are directly or indirectly related to it.

1.Internet of Things

About: The technology is surely on a high-rise. An IoT system is a group of interrelated smart devices. The type of devices that are connected with it could both electrical as well as electronic in nature. It is among the top technology trend right now and the application is so vast that it often becomes difficult to classify it. It is basically a combination of multiple techs such as real-time analytics, Machine Learning, commodity sensors, and embedded systems.

The traditional industries in which IOT has been applied are embedded systems, wireless sensor networks, control systems, and automation. Most of these devices are being generally used in creating smart homes. Most of the devices that use these technologies to control other tech are either Smartphones or Smart Speakers. The major application of the tech is in Consumer, Commercial, Industrial, and Infrastructural applications. 


Nest Smart Home: This device helps to make your home smart. It will provide you with all the insights that you need from all the smart devices at your home. The company itself has been sinking its teeth with the tech. Their initial product was a thermostat and they have been rolling out great devices for their consumers.

Cisco Connected Factory: Cisco has collaborated to give this concept upon which they are working. A Whole factory that can be controlled through a single station. A variety of IoT devices will be controlling the factory. Although, by the entire factory, I also mean the production line. This tech by Cisco will not only increase the efficiency but also the vulnerabilities.

Kohler Verdera Smart Mirror: This is a smart mirror if connected via Alexa can give you updates like weather and show you important notifications. It is a new technology and for now, it may be a luxury but this is surely going to the mainstream in the future. With the popularity of voice-based search, it is a great step by Kohler.


IoT is an emerging tech and it is here to stay. It has been expected by 2020, there will be 21 billion connected devices on the internet. Also, since most of the devices use Machine Learning, the more data they get the smarter they become. This is helping in the increase of overall efficiency and has been helpful in making everything remotely manageable. There are multiple companies and startups that are taking steps in that direction and there are surely going to be many joining the list.

2.Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

About: Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality may be different things but they are highly interrelated. It is surely one of the top technology trends out there. Virtual Reality is what the name means. It shows you an artificial environment using the VR Kit. This is more like a simulation for you. There has been a wide range of apps that have been made. Also, there are plenty of cheap kits which are available and can be used using a smartphone. This has made the technology more accessible to many people.

On the other hand, Augmented reality is a whole different ball game. It is like a simulation but it integrates the real world. One could easily argue the distinction between virtual reality and Augmented Reality. There are multiple applications that can be used to how great the tech is. It shows you pictures, images, 3D model in real spaces. If you wish to check out our article on Top Augmented Reality App then click on the link provided.


Oculus Rift: It is one of the VR kits available in the market. This is a complete experience as far as the VR capabilities are concerned. There are various applications in the app store that you can checkout. Oculus Rift is the best personal experience that anyone can get to their home. It has got endless games and great experiences for people. Except for this, one can even have a look at PSVR.

BBC Civilization: I came to know about this application when I was writing the above article mentioned in the link. It really is a great Augmented Reality experience. Just download the application and it allows you to see ancient artefacts and relics based on the Geography or era you select. It will scan an area and some post-processing, you can actually interact with that relic. It is a must-try experience.


There is a long-distance that the tech has to travel. It is not just the Kits but there are various aspects that the smart people behind their desks have to work upon. For instance, the latency. It is important that there is no lag between the actual image and the stimuli that we provide to the system. Another one could be haptic feedback. There is still a disconnect between the VR and the actual world. It is not completely immersive since you can see the object but not touch it. Also, sound mechanics is a much bigger issue.

Talking about Augmented reality, a lot of companies have actually realised the potential of it. The top technology trends are being applied to various industries such as Teaching, Training, Healthcare, Automobile, Entertainment etc. It will be serving as a part of the extended reality. Also, a lot of considerable work is being done by companies like Microsoft, Apple, Niantic, Zapper etc. Combining both the tech with AI, they are going to deliver some substantially great leap in a positive direction.

3.Autonomous Devices

About: This one is truly hyped to the core and there are a plethora of things where the autonomy is applied. Although, the most common example of it that you’ll hear would be self-driven cars. It is really among the top technology trends that you can look out for. The technology is often called AuT. There is another term that is associated with the top technology trends i.e Internet of Autonomous Things.

There are a huge number of things for which the tech is being used for instance self-navigating drones. Along with a huge number of organisations and military even Amazon was thinking of creating drones for delivery. Self-Driven cars are already quite famous while the systems have actually become so smart that they put humans to shame. There are driverless cars that are way better in terms of human error then they can ever be. In Fact, we have robots for a home which auto clean the floor just by themselves.


Game Bots: We all may fail to realise this until now but Game Bots are actually autonomous. They either could work as your support or someone from whom you may have to save the castle. A Game Bot is an autonomous entity inside a game that serves its own purpose.

Robotics: It is not even an example but an entire field. Although, have you ever thought that they can classified example. Well, there can’t be a better example than them. Robotics is a field that is being taken very seriously. It is the field that will humankind to places where we can not physically reach. As we know the sole reason of building a robot is to get work autonomously, therefore, it is the best example that can be given.

Supervised Learning: This may again be a concept but it is a part of autonomous devices. Most of the AI that is being developed for Autonomous devices is being made using supervised learning. There are a variety of autonomous bots that are preprogrammed to do a certain thing.


There has been a lot of ongoing work that is being done in the field. Autonomous Devices have strong grounds for the coming future. It is being predicted that more and more devices will join the circle. Most of these devices will either be working alongside humans or with total autonominity. It has been predicted that up to 40% of the data will be processed via the machines. There are tonnes of things that are about to get introduced in the field.

4.Immersive Experience

About: Well, it can be considered the top technology trends or more specifically a trait that is being followed by inventors throughout the world. For beginners, we can talk about 3D movies. It is the most common example of an immersive experience. You can see images that have dimension. On the other hand, we have Virtual Reality and Augmented. The basic foundation of these two techs is laid over immersive experience.

From websites to applications, each and every field is trying their hand on the effect of it. Although, majorly the entertainment industry is the one that is trying to utilize the full potential of it. From great dynamic sound to even the seating position, everything is being taken care of. For instance, if you have ever seen a movie in IMAX. Each and every that is done by those IMAX guys is to increase the involvement of the audience.


Well, the future of the concept can be divided into many different ongoing trends. For instance, people are working really hard to make the Virtual Reality experience more and more authentic. Same is the story with Augmented Reality since there is still a disconnect. Another aspect would be the increase in the amount of resolution. 8K resolution has actually become a true thing while 4K is not properly mainstream for now. Although, there are huge steps that are being taken towards the direction.

5.Smart Spaces

About: Ever heard about smart homes. Well, it is among the top technology trends that have a lot of hype. Smart spaces are an environment where you are basically loaded with a lot of techs. There are multiple sensors that will take stimulus from the environment and switch things on/off in your presence.

These smart homes provide you with more safety, convenience, and productivity. Although, the concept is being applied in different spaces such as Offices, Apartment Communities, Hostels, Grocery Malls, Shopping Centers, etc. All this technology does is to evolve your home to a better one. This creates the ease which accords for better living and comfort alongside saving electricity.


Hospitals: Multiple hospitals use trackers to find resources in time. There can be different conference rooms that take the help of tech. Also, most of the staff is being connected to support better care during the time of emergencies which is common inside a hotel.

Airports: A lot of airports use facial recognition for safer and quicker check-ins. There is artificial intelligence being used to clean off crowded areas, you get self-service baggage drop and much more.

Grocery Stores: There are various shelves that have already been labelled. Also, there are many apps using which people can actually scan the product. These systems also notify shoppers about the great offers from time to time.


The technology is mainstream but has not been applied to the effect. There is soon going to be the time where each and everyone is going to embrace it. It has been estimated that the industry will clock $53.45 billion by the year 2022 by Zion Market Research. There have already been so many smart home devices being launched such as Google Home, Alexa, and Amazon Echo. It is also being predicted that Artificial Intelligence will be used for Home Automation.


About: A lot of people don’t know about the designation but it is something that is huge in the top technology trends. DevOps, in general, are practices that will be taken care of by an expert to automate the process between software and the team. The operation is effective for teams that are working solo on a particular aspect. DevOps ensure that you get increased trust, faster software releases, the capability of solving some critical issues, and better management of work. 

DevOps is basically a collaboration between development and operations. It emphasized on aspects like mindset, collaboration, and better integration. It combines multiple factors such as agile, constant delivery, automation, and a lot more. With this, one can have a team which is more efficient and innovative in comparison. DevOps gives you the opportunity of crossing the great barrier of misalignment between the teams.


Dockers: Docker is a software that provides Platform-as-a-service(PAAS). It is operating-system-level virtualization that provides you with packages that are known as containers. These containers are separate entities with their own bundled software and libraries. It basically provides an environment to live test your application which wasn’t possible before.

Jenkins: This is another automation server that has been written in Java. Jenkins takes away all the non-human work and facilitates for speedy development. The servlet uses Apache Tomcat to run the Software. Jenkins comes with a whole lot of plugins that can help you with your massive projects. Plugins such as Mailes, Credentials, SSH Agent, JavaDOC.


DevOps has been a relatively newer addition in the field of development. Although, it has become mainstream in most of the top IT firms. There has been a rise in the use of AI, this fact alone will take data analysis seriously and hence DevOps will come into play. There has been a high rise in IaaS and DBaaS. With the increasing demand for cloud computing for the industry, it is evident that it is going to play a much bigger role than now.

7.Artificial Intelligence

About: We have had covered a couple of topics with top technology trends previously in this article. Although, the one thing that was common in general was artificial intelligence. Artificial Intelligence in its soul is basically giving a machine to work or think like humans. For now, it is unlike the robots that Skynet sends but more like Skynet but a much inferior version. 

Artificial Intelligence in its crux is achieved by a couple of techniques such as Supervised Learning, Unsupervised Learning, and Reinforcement Learning. There are a couple of more interesting concepts that are related to it. For instance, Machine Learning, Neural Networks, and a couple more. It is evident that the world is surely going to be a better place we have all these machines working alongside us. Also, this profound idea can actually give roots to concepts like global income. 


SIRI: This is the most common example one can give to anyone of AI alongside Google Assistant. SIRI is a virtual assistant that comes with all Apple Smartphone. There is a variety of things that the utility can do for you. For instance getting information, getting directions, sending messages, making voice calls, open applications, and adding events. 

TESLA: The AI chops of this company was mentioned in the Autonomous Devices section. The AI shifted gears higher with vehicles that are self-driven. The company has been shelling some really great cars in the sports and utility segment that are run using electricity. Tesla’s are one of the safest and among the fastest in many segments. Also, the AI system in the car gives it capabilities like self-driving and prediction to a decent scale. In fact, the company is also one of the backing partners of Alpha.Go.

Amazon Echo: Amazon Echo is a smart speaker that can take voice commands from the user and do the deed. The voice behind the speaker or the smart system itself is known as Alexa. It is basically a great device for home automation and gives you all the capabilities of a complete home organiser.


Well, the most general prognosis of the future as predicted by many Sci-Fi fans is Skynet. Although, with regards to the possible threat there were two people who stood to acknowledge it. Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking both were and are highly in favour of regulating the AI aspect. Although, as far as the development is concerned, the AI is being implemented in every industry. The tech has been applied to industries such as Transportation, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Education, Media, Customer Service etc. Although, they are still not on a verge of complete autonomy but the future definitely predicts that it is going to happen soon. 

8.Cloud Computing and Big Data

About: Cloud Computing has been the biggest boon to the IT industry at large. It mitigated the infrastructural as well as the time management issue for the firms. In total, Cloud computing is offered to a customer divided into three services IaaS(Infrastructure as a service), PaaS(Platform as a service), and SaaS(Software as a Service). All three of these services takes almost every aspect of infrastructural management. Companies can rent infrastructure from services like AWS and Azure and scale there needs as per the situation. 

On the other hand, Big Data has been solving problems in the department of data analysis. We are generating a huge chunk of data on a daily basis. It is so big that it will be quite difficult for a normal computer to process it. Although, this data can be turned into meaningful information. Therefore, Big Data is the non-traditional approach using which a huge pile of data can be processed in a short span of time. 

Although, both of these top technology trends are highly correlated. At one place we have cloud computing that will be handling a huge chunk of data. Although, as mentioned before by traditional method it is not possible to meet the need. Therefore, these services use the concept of Big Data. The distributed computing provided by Big Data has been highly effective until now.


Google Search: Google Search is one of the best examples of Big Data and cloud computing together. The internet is basically a huge pile of data and reaching there within seconds would be a daunting task. Although, with the tech available, the dream of making a search possible has been made possible.

Amazon Redshift: It is a data warehousing utility service in AWS(Amazon Web Services). It is a cost-effective way of getting your data stored along with great business tools to help you. Some of the great features that the service inculcates are fast queries, built-in encryption, SQL Support, and majorly support from the Amazon Redshift.

HDInsight: It is an EMR(Electronic Medical Record) system. There are a variety of operations that the tool can perform. Operations like Hadoop, Hive, Storm, HBase, R etc. There are many companies that are using it such as Toyota, Accuweather, GE etc. It has many great features along with plug-ins for IntelliJ and Eclipse.



The future is certainly bright for the top technology trends. The cloud computing infrastructure and the concepts of Big Data have made the industries way more efficient. By acquiring the space of the traditional methods, it has actually been a boon to the industries. There can be more advancements and products in the future but for now, that would be all.


About: Have you ever heard about a database that has a centralised ledger for every transaction? If yes, then you might have probably heard about Blockchain. A blockchain is basically a record of multiple nodes known as blocks. All of these blocks are linked and secured using Cryptography. The top technology trends tend to take out the middlemen from any transaction maintaining a centralized ledger for everyone. 

The technology was developed by Satoshi Nakamoto. The tech was designed to create a universal ledger for the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. In a blockchain, both the parties will confirm a transaction using digital signatures. The technology is seeing its initial phases in different industries like Cryptocurrencies, Smart Contracts, Financial Services, Video Games, Supply chain etc.


Government: There are multiple governments that are thinking or have already implemented the blockchain to effect. The BJP party of India used the tech for analysis during the time of elections. Essentia is another company that has been using the tech to develop a project for Finland’s Central Union of Agricultural Products and Forest Owners. It will help the rural as well as urban citizens to access records.

Healthcare: There are various medical projects like MedRec. These projects will be based on Blockchain and will provide data sharing along with authentication and maintaining confidentiality. This would be a boon to the industry since a lot of people have to work with the wrong data because of erroneous data.

Supply Chain: Blockchain has been most effectively used in this particular department. There are multiple industries where you have to cope up with many mediators to make your product available. Although, the two giants IBM and Walmart have collaborated to make a supply chain alliance. There are also many other places and companies who are taking steps in the same direction. 


Currently, the top technology is something that has tremendous potential. Also, one can not still figure out the limitations of the same. It may take some time but it is surely going to become mainstream. The great thing about the tech is that there are more and more new ways by which the people are thinking of utilising the tech. Therefore, it is surely gonna transform the business and investment. 

10.Empowered Edge

About: Empowered Edge is the concept of centralizing and empowering computers towards the edge of the network connected. The distribution is generally done towards the end-user and the end-user device. This is among the principal concept in device management in the department of cloud computing and big data age.

The top technology trends basically try to decrease traffic. It also helps to localize and reduces the time of the data reaching. It has been said that with 5G networks, there is going to be lower latency, faster transfer rates, and a larger number of nodes per square kilometer. 

Example: The technology is still in its primitive stage so there are no examples as such. 


There are going to be a number of applications of this technology. Although, for now, Google has basically announced that it will be bringing machine learning to the edge. Also, a huge chunk of IoT devices will be connected to the edge. This new advancement by Google will make the data processing happening at the edge.

11.Digital Twin

About: I hope that most of you must be aware about Iron Man. Remember how he used to make up suits. Jarvis basically had all the data and the dynamics. All that data would be provided to Tony to take out the vulnerabilities and makeup a better suit for the future. Just like Tony would make a virtual representation of his previous suit, Digital Twin is the digital version of any physical thing that has attributes and functions.

For instance, you own a Toyota Camry. Although, after riding it for longer hours, you might feel like there are some aspects that are good while others may not be. Although, what if the manufacturers have a digital equivalent of your Camry. I am not talking about just the schematics but the whole representation. Representation like how the tyres react to the tarmac, its performance on slippery roads, how the engine reacts to speed change. If we have a virtual representation of all these aspects then it would become a breeze for manufacturers to actually make the necessary change. If you have fully understood what I am talking about this top technology trends then that is what a digital twin is.


3D Modelling: 3D modelling of various physical objects is on the rise. It lets you check the status of the physical object. For instance, if you have a bunch of sensors that can easily connect data to your actual system then this data can be used to model all the feedback digitally.

Other Applications: Some of the other application of this technology can be seen in various other industries. Industries like Aircraft Engine, Wind Turbines, HVAC Control Systems, Locomotives etc.


This could actually be the next big for the manufacturing industries. This top technology trends can actually help you predict the future of your device. The tech is basically setting up a new standard while taking inputs from IoT Devices. Although, the digital Twin is not limited to just manufacturing. One can actually create the digital equivalent of the whole marketplace and make strategies according to predicting things that can be in favour.

12.Cyber Security: Digital Ethics and Privacy

About: We are all connected in this digital world. Although, with the increase in speed and more connectivity, we have also become vulnerable to many threats and intrusions. Although, most of the vulnerability that comes is from the users itself. Therefore, it created a need to establish some ground rules for Digital Ethics and privacy. Digital Ethics are nothing but a set of rules and regulations that everyone has to follow while on a certain medium. This basically deals conduct aspect of one’s presence online. In case, if there has been a breach in the digital ethics aspects by any user then necessary action can be taken against him. It was truly important for the wellbeing of many individuals who have received cyberbullying. Therefore, it is among the top technology trends that is being followed by IT Companies in general.


Information Privacy: As per this privacy, individuals have the right to decide how their online data can be used. The laws are still underdeveloped but they are still in effect in many countries.

Individual Privacy: This allows any person to Stream, Surf, Download or Upload any sort of data that he/she wishes upon. Basically, by this privacy, the user has the full right to expose him/herself to any type of content available on the Internet.

Communication Privacy: It states the notion that every individual has a right to communicate with anyone. Although, this can only be carried until and unless you have a secured line. There is a myriad of cases where such type of information has been leaked.


As far it can be estimated there are surely going to be more laws regarding this top technology trends. This is going to happen since most there are many technologies that are on the verge of going mainstream. AI will be implemented in almost every aspect of your internet experience. Therefore, in order to safeguard the security of the user, it will become collateral to make amendments for the same.

So this was our list of the top technology trends that you can follow. It is essential to know what is running and upcoming in the market. It lets you stay ahead in the market and makes for better revenue. In case, if you are looking for an app development company that can help you make an app then we can help. In order to give us an enquiry mail us at [email protected]. You can also check out our app cost calculator by using the link at the top. To check out our article on Cyber Security Threat to App Company, click on the link that is provided. We hope this article may have been of some help to you. Also, thank you for reading the article until the end.


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