Can You Create an Entire Mobile App Using ChatGPT?

I am pretty sure by now you must have heard of ChatGPT, the general-purpose chatbot prototype. Internet is highly obsessed with this chatbot tool developed by OpenAI-company founded in 2015. Previously the non-profit venture came up with famous products such as DALL-E, GPT 3, and OpenAI Five. Along with these products, currently, the most popular ChatGPT which is an improved version of GPT 3 earned 1 Million users within the first week of release on 30th November 2022. The application has amassed over 100 Million users reaching milestones in two months. The OpenAI product ChatGPT revenue in 2023 might reach $200 Million and $1 Billion in 2024. The AI tool performs uncountable tasks in an entire day for its users. Many people are already using the tool and taking advantage of its capabilities.

Mobile app development is one of the complex areas of product design. In order to develop a mobile app you need to have prior experience in many different domains. Only the knowledge of the specifics of mobile interactions is not enough one should also be able to write Swift or Java code. But as soon as ChatGPT became publicly available many people were highly impressed with its capabilities and started to wonder whether this tool could replace them including designers and developers.

Well to find out the answer to a specific question can you create an entire mobile app using ChatGPT read the article below. Later in the section, we also discussed the benefits and features of ChatGPT.


What is ChatGPT?

A key development in establishing a natural interaction between people and chatbots is now possible with ChatGPT. That goes above and beyond what a conversational AI might be expected to do. The tool is equipped to handle challenging queries and carry out sophisticated tasks. The Generative Pre-training Transformer (GPT) is the foundation of ChatGPT’s model architecture, which is trained on a sizable amount of text data.

The ChatGPT is capable to generate human-like text for many natural language processing tasks, for instance, language translation, question answering, and text summary. The state-of-the-art language model ChatGPT is pre-trained on an enormous amount of text data and then fine-tuned for specific tasks.

If you dive deeper you will release the AI-based chatbot is developed to address some of the traditional chatbot issues. Problems such as limited understanding of models and improvements in capacity. The basic version of the AI tool is completely free. But the recently announced premium or advanced version, ChatGPT Plus is estimated to come with a subscription of $20 per month. The advantages of a premium version are such that users will be able to have access during peak times, have faster responses, and are the first ones to have access to new features.


How ChatGPT Helps You to Create an App?

Before you start with the app development process with the help of ChatGPT, you need to register and log in to your ChatGPT account. To sign-in with ChatGPT you may use your Gmail ID and start using it within 24 hours. Sometimes to have an access to ChatGPT might take longer than expected time as there is always rush. After you have successfully signed in to ChatGPT you may now use for your app development process.

To better understand the process to create an entire app with ChatGPT we will consider an example. Suppose you have this idea to create a wellness app for iOS. Now that you have figured out the idea of the app you want to build, you need to take note of the experience you want to offer to users. What features and functionality should the app gives to its audience?

Let’s see what we did and what responses we received from the ChatGPT.

Wellness App Idea

concept of wellness app via ChatGPT

Query: Describe a concept of a wellness app for iOS.

Output: The result we received from ChatGPT is displayed in the image, ChatGPT describes a very solid concept of wellness apps with many different activities. You can use the same list to create a product design roadmap. Here will keep it simple, one screen app that allows users to play peaceful music for better wellness.

Information Architecture

Since the look and feel of the app is a cornerstone of product design. It’s important the navigation that our app will use should be based on strong information architecture so that first we need to do is specify what screens our mobile will have. Since we are pre-planned we have a clear idea about the future of the app and see how ChatGPT describes its information architecture.

Good structure for wellness app

Query: What is a good structure for wellness app?

Output: As you can see the structure shared by the tool is complex and requires a lot of effort. You can use this information later and add more features in the next version. For now, keep it simple.

Color Choice

Colors are an important part of any app in our case it’s a wellness app. They directly impact how we recognize products, so when it comes to wellness app we want to use colors that are soothing to users for relaxation. Let’s see what ChatGPT has to say about color palette for the product.

color palette for wellness app for iOS

Query: Create a color palette with hex codes that will contain brand, color, primary, and secondary.

Output: As you can see the output of the ChatGPT color scheme is offered primarily from neutral colors. The above-displayed color scheme by the tool is helpful especially if you play with the opacity of individual colors.

Background Music

Music is a part of the wellness app and well-selected music will keep the user calm and in the right mood. With the right music, users will be in good mood and make themselves feel calm. Let’s see what ChatGPT recommends for relaxing music.

relaxing music app for wellness app

Query: Write a relaxing music for Wellness app

Output: Unfortunately ChatGPT cannot generate any media content as it is a text-to-text tool. But it guides and instructs you on how you can compose music for wellness apps. The music which so ever you select must be gentle and soothing, with calming rhythms and peaceful soundscapes.


Well-selected fonts create a positive impression on app users. When it comes to the wellness app, I expect to see fonts that are pleasant to the human eye and create a more friendly visual appearance. Let’s ask ChatGPT to recommend fonts for our wellness. Generally, it is good to compare two fonts side by side. So here is the query.

fonts for wellness app

Query: Create two fonts for the wellness app

Output: As you can see the ChatGPT provided solid arguments about font pairing that will work well for wellness apps. Both Montserrat and Calluna are fonts that convey a sense of balance, harmony, and elegance. Ideal for a wellness app whose main focus is promoting physical and mental well-being.


The wellness script is an internal part of the wellness session. If you want to minimize or maximize the effect of exercise, meditation, healthy eating and etc. you need the right set of words. Read them carefully and with a soothing tone so that they will allow listeners to relax and focus on each part of their body. Let’s see what ChatGPT has to say when you instructed for a wellness script for iOS.

well guided script for wellness app


Query: Write a guided wellness script for iOS

Output: As you can see the output came out to be a sample guided wellness script for iOS app. You can definitely give an introduction, breath awareness, full body scan, gratitude behavior, affirmation, imagination, closing, and outro.


Benefits of ChatGPT for the App Development

AI and AI-based development tools have emerged as one of the main factors behind contemporary app development. Regardless of the industry type these tools are helpful to businesses in achieving micro or macro goals efficiently and effectively. Enhancing the in-app user experience using ChatGPT is a great streamline in the development process. Let’s examine closely how the AI-based assistant is changing app development.

Writing Codes

In app development, writing codes is intricate and time-consuming. However, taking the help of ChatGPT to build an app streamlines the app development process for professionals and for beginners. The developers can use ChatGPT for help when they encounter issues with their code. The tool will help to modify or fix quickly. Furthermore, ChatGPT can be used to write parts of code in any programming language.

Improved Efficiency

With ChatGPT app development companies streamline their tasks and processes by having quick solutions and allowing developers to focus on more critical responsibilities. This leads to increased efficiency and productivity, resulting in saving time and being able to focus on growth opportunities. The tool can be a powerful asset to companies for optimizing operations and driving success as well.

Debugging Codes

As a programmer, you can strengthen your capabilities with ChatGPT by utilizing it fully to its potential. You can use the tool to identify and troubleshoot errors in your codes. By requesting ChatGPT to review your piece of code for mistakes it will provide you with additional suggestions on how to fix your errors.

ChatGPT’s code generation ability make sure that the resulting code is:

  • Simple to follow and maintain.
  • Error and bug-free.
  • Built to perform up to the production environment.
  • Customize to meet specific business requirements.
  • Clearly and thoroughly documented.


Features of ChatGPT

The highly popular AI chatbot comes with a number of important characteristics that set it apart from other chatbots:

  1. Text Creation: With ChatGPT you can easily get what you are looking for. The AI chatbot is highly trained and responds to users’ queries as soon as it receives the input. It generates text in a similar style and content based on the user history hence making it an ideal choice for text-generation tasks.
  2. Natural Language Processing: The chatbot is trained on a large dataset of human-generated content, which makes it best to understand and respond to natural language input. Hence, it is useful for getting answers to questions and having accurate information.
  3. Contextual understanding: The ChatGPT ability to understand the context of conversation can not be ignored. It recognizes the context and generates the appropriate outputs. Anyone looking for answers to their questions can completely take advantage of this amazing feature of ChatGPT.
  4. Customization: You can customize the query on ChatGPT to generate the text in a specific style or tone by training it to a specific dataset.
  5. Versatility: You can use the AI tool for various applications such as automated customer services, chatbots, language translation, etc.
  6. Cost savings and multiple language support: ChatGPT might help you reduce expenses and cost resources by efficiently handling a high volume of inquiries. As mentioned above it’s multi-lingual hence making it more valuable to businesses with a global audience.


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Final Words on Build an App with ChatGPT

In order to create an entire mobile app using ChatGPT is not possible in one take. However, the tool can prove to be a valuable component of the app development process. The step-by-step instruction guide on how to build an app for a specified system with the prompts from ChatGPT is possible.

The result you received from your inserted query needs analysis from humans. Doesn’t matter whether you generate a color scheme or a layout for the iOS or Android app, you might need to modify the ChatGPT results. The use of ChatGPT across industries is increasing and bringing more significant benefits to businesses. AI-based tools might revolutionize human and machine interactions one day. Keep yourself updated and informed about the latest AI-based systems, businesses can continue to expand their horizons. Enhance your knowledge of chatbots by reading our next blog on Top Chatbots Apps.


Frequently Asked Questions

As of now, there is no such information that ChatGPT can be used for all types. What we know is ChatGPT can be used to its full potential for writing codes in portions both for iOS and Android Apps.

Although ChatGPT is secured for app development but taking advice from experienced app developers or an app development team is recommended. The highly skilled people will ensure the safety and stability of the app code.

Depending on the app's features and functionalities, the average time taken to develop an app with discovery, design, development, and pre-launch is around 7-12 months. With the aid of ChatGPT in app development there is not much of a difference being observed as the given code needs human analysis. Therefore on an average, it will take 6-11 months to create a mobile app using ChatGPT or you can get in touch with a mobile app development company.

Depending on the app's features and functionalities, the average cost of developing an app is $10,000 to $70,000. With the aid of ChatGPT in app development there is not much of a difference being observed as ChatGPT is free to use and but they will be soon launching paid subscription service at $20 per month. Therefore, the cost to create a mobile app using ChatGPT will remain more or less the same.

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