Don’t you feel that keeping yourself healthy has actually become a task? With this increasing pollution and the daily stress from the job, life has become a little difficult. We all know the reasons such as sleep deprivation, work crunch, and most importantly the choice of food. We are not able to eat healthily and the physical labour that our previous generation did has turned to desk jobs. Well, getting you to the gym is something that you have to figure out. Although, if you wish to eat healthy and natural then below we have mentioned the best Healthy Recipe Apps that’ll keep you fit.


About: Rather than just being an application that caters to Health Recipes, Wellcure is more of a community platform. The website offers you a lot in terms of content. Here you can find great healthy recipes to make. These recipes will not only keep you healthy but will also make you feel light and energetic throughout the day.

Wellcure also has other things that it offers to its users. The application has been categorized into different sections. These sections other than health recipes are Body Wisdom, Q&A, Journey etc. Every section caters to the user perfectly. In the body wisdom you might get some really great tips while on Journeys, you will get people sharing stories about how they fought their illness by going natural. Q&A is the section where you can get answers to your questions related to lifestyle changes and health issues. This is one of the best Healthy Recipes App.


  • Great article on body wisdom to heal your body naturally.
  • Ask any question and you will get answers from Wellness buddies and experienced people.
  • Get great recipes of food and natural alternatives to cosmetics.
  • Read inspiring journey about people who cured themselves by going natural.


2.Yummly Recipes & Shopping List

About: On Yummly, you get more than 2+ million recipes from the best people in the food business. Yummly works like an assistant giving you step by step instruction on how to cook you healthy meals. This one also gets you great tools and videos using which you can learn anything on the app. 

The list of recipes that are mentioned on Yummly is endlessly making it one of the best healthy recipe apps. The supply is so great that you don’t have to try one thing twice if you wish too. The user can also set up the kind of taste they have. Based on the info, the application gets you great recommendations that are both tasty and healthy for your body.


  • Get access to over 2+ million apps on your smartphone.
  • Daily recommendations from the app based on your taste.
  • A step by step on how to create a recipe.
  • Capability to collect, save, and organize your favourite recipes.
  • Get recipes based on your allergies and diet.
  • Search through millions of recipes in a second.
  • Plan your meals by using the recipe scheduler.
  • Add any recipe at a single click in your shopping list.
  • Use voice commands to go handsfree completely.


3.WeightLoss Formula: Best Health Recipes

About: Losing weight is often a nightmare for a lot of people. It can be really easy for some people to gain weight but losing it becomes utterly difficult. It is a proven reality that to lose weight, one needs to work out. Although, if the deed is accompanied by healthy food then it becomes more productive.

WeightLoss Formula gets you great recipes that can help you lose weight. They have recipes for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner. These recipes will keep you full throughout the day and will help you achieve your goal. All these recipes are provided to by picture, all you have to do is click on it to gain access. This is a personal favourite and I can easily call it the best healthy recipe apps among others.


  • Get great all in one healthy recipe to lose weight.
  • Access to more than 1000+ healthy recipes.
  • Recipes that are mentioned are very easy to make.
  • Focusing on diet and weight loss is easy.
  • Get great recipes for completely free.


4.Mealime: Meal Planner, Recipes, Grocery

About: Mealime can turn out to be a great way for you to plan a healthy meal for your family. It is a great application if you’re single, a couple, or a family. The application Mealime a decent amount of customization that can help you plan-out meals based on your unique taste and lifestyle. If you are thinking of downloading it then you are surely not alone. The application has been joined by over 1 million people. This is a great planner for eating healthier, reducing stress, saving money, and ultimately living happier. It according to many people can be considered the best healthy recipe apps.


  • Get recipes that can be made in 30 mins or less with step by step instructions.
  • Get personalized recommendations for the week which will be healthy and keep you away from fatigue.
  • Customize your meal plan by mentioning your allergies.
  • Get optimized grocery before the week starts.
  • Save money by not wasting food since the application tells you the exact quantity you need.
  • Get additional features with the pro version.


5.Salad Recipes: Healthy Foods with Nutrition

About: Salads are the best way of getting fibre into your system. Why fibre? Well, it caters your digestive system well and improves your metabolism. Also, salads can be a rich source of multiple nutritive values. Although, the value of nutrition would depend on what you are using for the salad.

Salad Recipes is a great way of exploring all the great salad recipes that one can recreate in their kitchen. It is truly among the best healthy recipe apps. Salad Recipes have a variety of salads that are homemade and easily presentable at a party. This application will provide you with step by step instruction to do so. Therefore, try this one once since it’s surely a recommendation.


  • Get a variety of salad recipes such as french style potato salad, rum fruit salad, Greek Couscous Salad, Caprese Salad etc.
  • Get a variety of categories like Spicy, Salty, Tasty, Tangy etc.
  • Multiple features such as nutrition value, cook “handsfree”, menu planner, filter etc.


6.Fit Men Cook: Healthy Recipes

About: A lot of people complain that eating healthy can be quite expensive. Well, to help Kevin Curry, who is a social media influencer created this app. The story of this amazing application started when Kevin saw the picture of this friend online. After connecting with him, he changed his diet and hit the gym to become the man he is today. Although, this led him craving at the end. Therefore, he basically made a list of things he wanted to change and all this came into existence. It is easily the best healthy recipe apps out there.


  • A catalogue of more than 600+ recipes.
  • Add any recipe and the ingredients would be added to your grocery.
  • Get step by step instructions to create a recipe.
  • Make your meal in bulk and save on kitchen time.
  • Keep a track of the calories you may have burned.
  • Easy to make recipes for more than one person.
  • Change the metric system in a single click.


7.Healthy Recipes & Calculator

About: How about I tell you that you have access to over 500,000 recipes in your hand? Well, there is an application there for that. Although, this one gets you everything within the application. All of these recipes have been tried and tested. The great thing is that the people who tested it are commoners like us. Also, the rich design of the application makes it easy for you to bookmark your favourites. It is indeed among the best Healthy recipes apps.


  • Search the database for the recipe the way you want by meal, cuisine, occasion, course, or more.
  • Get recipes that lie exactly in your diet chart.
  • Get all the key nutrients and amount of fat + carbs consumed in every meal.
  • Application can integrate with your fitness tracking app.
  • Share the recipe in one touch.


8.Superfood: Healthy Recipes

About: Superfood is another really great application if you wish to stay healthy. The application gets you free access to many recipes. All the ingredients from these healthy recipes can be saved very easily in your app. The application also lets you know the amount of calories and carbs consumed by you. It gets you a diary that can be used by you to maintain daily, weekly or monthly nutrition. This is undoubtedly among the best healthy recipe apps out there.

The catalogue recipes contain a healthy through a diverse selection of healthy recipes. All these dishes include dishes from local to seasonal dishes with low-carb and yummy vegetarian recipes. The healthy food mentioned in the app can help you strengthen your immune system, providing good fat, enough fibre, and your daily protein intake.


  • Get to select your favourites from a list of tasty and healthy recipes.
  • Share health recipe on-the-go with your friends and relatives.
  • Get detailed info about the superfood.
  • Get the calories and nutrition counted using the calculator.
  • Add the ingredients in your grocery list.
  • Get info about the nutrition value in each portion.
  • Get a filter for vegan, vegetarian, high-protein, low-fat and low-carb recipes.
  • Capability to share the recipe to apple user using mini web app.
  • Cooking mode integrated into the app.


9. Recipe Calendar: Meal Planner

About: If you want your food sorted for a month then this is the application. With Recipe Calendar, it is really easy to get the recipe for the whole month in line. All you have to do is select them and purchase the ingredients added to your grocery. The application gets you the capability to check the number of people who eats. If you have any allergies then it can recommend you safe recipes. With this application, you can access to almost 5000 recipes that belong to different categories such as simple, dietary, vegetarian, low-calorie, children etc.


  • Save your time in cooking by choosing the meal planner.
  • Get your weekly plan customized as per your choice.
  • Get easy recipes for beginners.
  • Servings that are less than $2 and takes less than 20 minutes to prepare.
  • Meal plans synchronised to your smartphone.
  • Get access to a community of 200k people.


10.Easy & Healthy Chicken Recipes

About: If you’re a fan of chicken then nobody can complain since it is pure delectable to many people.  Although, have you ever thought of it being a health food and not fried. We all have been there but apparently, dishes like that are hard to find. Therefore, in order to get you some really great and healthy chicken recipe this top healthy recipe app has been mentioned. In this application, you can get 40 really great chicken recipes that are tasty and healthy. All these recipes have been prepared some of the top chefs, gourmands, and food lovers. Therefore, I would suggest you to check out this recipe app at least once.


  • All the recipes that are mentioned are really easy to prepare.
  • Get nutritional information about the recipes such as fat, protein, and calories.
  • Get a free PDF along with the app.
  • Variety of recipe includes soup, grilled chicken, chicken pasta, sandwiches etc.


11.Tasteful Healthy Recipes & Tip

About: To keep a balanced life, it is important for us to eat healthy. In this application, you get a wide catalogue of recipes from different categories. All of these recipes have been curated by various home cools. The best part about this app is that it is free. If you want then you can also bookmark your favourites. There are a variety of categories from which one can select the recipes such as Budget, Comfort Food, Vegan Recipes, Chicken Recipes, Snack Ideas, Cheap Clean Eats etc. This can be called as one of the top healthy recipe apps out there.


  • Get access to more than 50 categories and channels.
  • Recipes of healthy along with the prep needed for ingredients.
  • A great collection of healthy recipe videos.
  • Get to search your favourite recipe.
  • Easy to share recipes with your friends and family.


12. Healthy Recipes

About: It is another great application which gets you to access to over 500,000 recipes. All the recipes that have been mentioned have been tried by many home cooks just like you and me. It is an application where you both get quality and quantity making it among the top healthy recipe apps. 


  • Access to over 500,000 recipes.
  • Get great recipes by meal, cuisine, occasion, and prep time.
  • See up to 10 important nutritional values for the recipe you selected.
  • Capability to save your favourites.
  • Easy to share recipes with your friends and family.
  • Resize recipe to have a better view while cooking in the kitchen on your iphone.


13.HelloFresh: Get Cooking

About: This application for anyone who doesn’t wish to go out to buy ingredients. Being a bachelor, it can be a little difficult for most people to get groceries and yet eat healthily. HelloFresh is a service that will send a meal kit for all the recipes that you have selected to prepare. Although, other than that if you still need assistance to prepare those meals then it can be achieved using the application. HelloFresh is a one-stop solution for everything related to great healthy food, making it the best healthy recipe apps out there.


  • Get access to healthy recipes with the capability to save your favourites.
  • Great tips on cooking and step by step instructions to prepare meals.
  • Get home deliveries and updates to your coming order.
  • Get status to your order to keep it your plans updated.


14.Smoothies: Healthy Recipes

About: Everyone just loves smoothies. Although, do you know that it can be among the best food to detox or cleanse your body. Imagine that you have a couple of fruits left, well, if life gets you fruits you make smoothies. Also, this is exactly what this application is all about. 

This app gets you a whole lot of great smoothie recipes that often include green vegetables that are not tasty. With this application, you get recipes with green vegetables that make them bearable and give you the well-rounded nutritious values that your body craves for. Based on what the app has to offer, it is truly among the best healthy recipe apps that you can try.


  • A collection of more than 140+ recipes.
  • Easy to navigate and use.
  • No need for an internet connection.
  • Search smoothies based on ingredients.
  • Recipes illustrated with an ingredients list, nutritional value, and step by step instruction.


15.Diabetic Recipes: Healthy Food

About: Diabetes is a modern day epidemic hindering people from living their life the way they want. A person who is dealing with diabetes has to keep track of what he/she is eating. It can be very difficult for anyone to find recipes that are suited for everyday life. Although with Diabetic Recipes app, you can get all that you need in one place. With this application, you are getting access to almost 400+ recipes. All these recipes cater to one common goal, the wellbeing of the person who has downloaded. Therefore, I must tell you that you must try this app once. It is one of the best healthy recipe apps out there for diabetic patients.


  • Get low carb meal plan for 30 days.
  • Cookbooks for different categories such as Italian, Indian, Diabetes, Prediabetes, Christmas, School etc.
  • Get tasty recipes for the whole family.
  • Get recipes based on carbohydrates, mealtype, preparation time, cooking time etc.


So these were some of the best healthy recipe apps that can help you stay fit. In today’s date, it is important for us to sustain all the healthy choices. In case, if you are someone who is wishing to get a healthy recipes app then we are the ones behind Wellcure. If you wish to avail our services then you can enquire at [email protected]. To read our article on the best insomnia apps then click on the provided. We hope this article may have been of some help to you. Also, thank you for reading the article until the end.


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