In order for your startup to succeed, you need a fresh approach. This accounts both for brand-building and having an effective market presence. In today’s world where mobile phones have long eclipsed other devices, the way to do this is to focus on mobile users through creating mobile-friendly websites and apps. Creating a responsive website is essential today for enabling mobile users to have a flawless user experience. A mobile app is convenient and a quick way to engage. Furthermore, mobile apps are effective and instant marketing tools for startup businesses.

1. Responsive design is essential

A trend that you certainly mustn’t overlook is responsive design. What this means is that your website will instantly adapt the layout and content of your pages according to the screen size and the device that your audience is using to browse your website. It is certainly one of the best practices when it comes to web design, and it can significantly save time when it comes to marketing. This is due to the fact that you will be catering to a large audience of mobile users, and you don’t need to make a separate mobile site or app.

2. Easy access is what people are after

When you come up with a business mobile app, you are adapting your marketing strategy to the trends that are currently sought after the most. Mobile users are dependent on their devices almost throughout the entire day, and they are looking for products that they can easily access via their phones. It may be a challenge for a startup, since your mission is basically to meet what your customers are after in their desired way. This generally means using apps that can access the services that they are looking for with a single touch.

3. A mobile-friendly website is a must

You must never forget that people that browse the internet on their mobile phones are a demanding bunch. In most cases, when one of them visits your website and realizes that it’s not properly optimized for the device that they are using, they will most probably leave right away. So, listen to the advice of web developers and design your mobile site in a way that it adapts to the everlasting changes in mobile technology. The required data entry must be brought down to the minimum, so that your pages load quickly. It can be a good idea to implement sign up forms for getting text messages, in order to successfully communicate with your audience, provide customer service surveys. and gather feedback.

4. Mobile marketing and ads

While a mobile marketing campaign is crucial, you must prepare for mobile users. As we have previously ascertained, mobile users are after a flawless user experience, so you need to make sure that they can easily browse your store, purchase, and ask what they want to know. Then you need to determine the objectives of your mobile marketing campaign. Are you aiming to acquire users through app downloads, or re-engage with them via remarketing? Mobile advertising is really important for startups, and a good way to monetize your efforts.

5. Mobile apps boost loyalty

There is a lot of opportunities for startups when creating mobile apps. If your app is truly useful and engaging to your customer, you can reap a lot of benefits. It needs to offer valuable information, enticing features, and be easy to navigate. This way it becomes a personal tool for your user. In time, as people get used to using your app, they will develop feelings for your business. It will elicit a variety of emotions and moods in them, such as excitement, satisfaction, curiosity, surprise, and the like. Your app could be either educational or entertaining, but it will nevertheless positively affect the minds of your users if properly optimized. It will make them think about what you have to offer, and in result, develop a continuous relationship with you, making them loyal to your brand.

We are living in a mobile-centric era, and the fact is that you simply have to cater mobile users the best you can, especially as a startup. So, focus your efforts on optimizing your website for mobile users, and creating mobile apps that will be of value to them, so that they have the perfect user experience with what you offer to them, and decide to put their trust in you.

About author:

Nick is a blogger and a marketing expert currently engaged on projects for Media Gurus, an Australian business, and marketing resource. He is an aspiring street artist and does Audio/Video editing as a hobby.

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