So you have a billion-dollar idea that you are scared to share with others, especially app development agencies because you think they will simply steal it. Surprisingly, you are not alone who think that way, we usually encounter these type of questions from our leads, asking whether their app idea is safe or not? These thought processes are quite common in people who are just making up their mind to start a venture, but they ignore the fact that restraining themselves from sharing their idea is counterproductive.

Do not worry! We are here to clear the misconception that people will steal your idea if you talk about it publicly. We are not saying that people will not steal, but you should not worry even if someone does copy your master plan. In fact, talking and debating your app idea with industry influencers and professionals can help you to identify common pitfalls and even add some useful features to your app as well.

The success of your app depends on how well you execute your idea. Your marketing strategies play an important role. All you have to do it get down on the ground and start selling your app either digitally or via word of mouth. Therefore, focus your energy on devising an out of the box marketing plan to acquire users and retain them.

Let’s now see why you should not be worried that your app idea can be stolen:

1. App development agency won’t cut their own throat:

First of all, you should ask yourself these questions how does an app development company generate revenue? The answer is pretty straightforward, by developing mobile apps for their customers. Now even if they steal one of their client’s idea, it still doesn’t guarantee the success of your app. So, do you still think that an app company will risk its own bread and butter for your unproven idea?

2. Idea means nothing! Execution matters:

Realistically, you won’t generate million dollars by just thinking a cool app idea. What’s more important is how well you get on the ground and break a sweat to turn your idea into a real-world product (app). So, rather than worrying about someone stealing your app idea drive your energy in analyzing how you will sail your board across the shore.

3. Do business with right people:

By right people we mean organizations with a good online presence and less negative reviews. If you feel insecure about your idea, then only share it with trusted parties. Think twice before sharing your app idea with freelance app developers as there might be some culprits who might get away with it, and enforcing the law on them is a tedious job. On the other hand, you can easily research about a company and find its reviews, ratings, client testimonials, etc. online to see if they are genuine ones or not.

4. Exposing the app idea really helps:

Instead of hiding your app idea, you should expose it to app developers and development agencies. It will help you to get feedback from people in the industry who can further reinvent your idea and add other handy functionalities into your app to stand out from the competition.

5. Sign legal documents before discussing your idea:

Still, if you feel insecure, then you take the help of law to stay protected. You can sign various legal contracts with app development companies before discussing your project. Most popular one is NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) which restrict app companies to share your information with 3rd parties for a specific tenure. If you want to stop the development company from competing with your business in future, then consider signing Non-Compete Agreement. To become the legal publisher of your app, sign the Work on Hire agreement. With all these legal support by your side, no agency or individual developer would ever dare to steal your app idea.

To close our today’s discussion, we would say that even if someone steals your idea, then it still doesn’t guarantee the success of the second person as only you own the vision and the perfect plan to drive your app to success. That being said, you should confidently share your app idea with app development agencies and people without worrying that it might get stolen. No one in the world has the time to work on an unproven thought until you give them a complete roadmap to the treasure.

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