Welcome to our next edition of top apps and games in which we compiled a list of freshly released apps and games released in March 2018. So if you are bored with your existing apps and want to check out new ones then do read this list until the very end. You will find addictive games and productivity apps to bring out the best possible user experience from your device.

Top Android games of March 2018:

1. Siege of Dragonspear


Siege of Dragonspear is a paid RPG and extension of Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition. You have to lead your party of heroes into deep dungeons to progress through the game. You can also play the game with your friends.

2. Cytus II


Cytus II is a music rhythm game by Rayark Games. The game is a sequel to Cytus and VOEZ. Tap notes in time with music to progress through the game.

3. ChronoBlade


ChronoBlade is a side-scrolling RPG brawler game which features thrilling PvP arcade-style battles. Each character of the game has over 30 air and ground attacks that you can perform in combos to defeat your opponents.

4. The Sims™ Mobile


Now you can play your favorite Sims game on your Android phone. Pick from different Sims characters, customize their appearances, and embrace their lives moments. Also, design a perfect home for your Sims and watch them pursue career goals, develop relationships, and improve their lifestyle.

5. Part Time UFO


Fly around a UFO to complete odd jobs like supporting cheerleaders, cooking a dessert in a restaurant, building castles, etc. Use the claw of the UFO to stack objects to complete jobs. Earn money after completing jobs and use that money to buy outfits which unlock special abilities of the UFO.

Top Android apps of March 2018:

1. Otter Voice Meeting Notes


Otter is a smart note-taking and collaboration app that allows you to store, search, and share your voice conversations. Just record the meeting with this app and you will receive an automatically-generated transcript in minutes.

2. Lift Storage

Lift Storage is a personalized workout schedule app which automatically updates itself based on your progress at the gym. The workout schedule is based around the bench press, squat, and overhead press.

3. Trips by Lonely Planet

Trips by Lonely Planet is a social networking app for people who love to travel. While traveling, click pics and share your journey with friends, family, and fellow travelers.

4. KUNI Analog Filters

Using this app, you can apply different types of filters to photos and make them look vintage. There are over 100 filters which you can apply to turn your pics with kudak, gudak, kuji, and dalgona style.

5. Gesture Control – Next level navigation

Gesture Control allows you to navigate through your Android device using gestures. The app is useful for people with broken hardware buttons. Simply swipe on your device screen to move back, go to home screen, and other customizable actions.

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Top iOS games of March 2018:

1. Florence

Florence is an interactive storybook game about the relationship between Florence and Krish. Experience Florence and Krish relationships through mini-games – from helping each other to fighting and other romantic scenarios.

2. Death Squared (RORORORO)

Death Squared is a puzzle game about robot explosions. The game has more than 80 puzzle levels and 10 vault levels which are pretty hard to win. You can also play it via Bluetooth controllers.


Tekken is a card-based battle game for iOS devices. Take the role of dojo master and collect cards of your favorite characters. Play with Paul, Law, Panda, and other Tekken players to defeat other players with unique fighting styles.

4. Purrfect Date

If you are obsessed with cats and want to date one then this game is for you. Purrfect Date comes with hand-made visuals and 18 different endings. So, do check it out and see how it feels to date cats.

5. FLO Game

Flo is a fast-paced infinite runner game that you can play with your Facebook friends as well. Tap on the screen to dodge the mines and travel as far as you can.

Top iOS apps of March 2018:

1. Farfetch: Shop Luxury Clothing

Farfetch is an online shopping app where you can find designer brands and luxurious fashion. The app carefully curates clothes, hand-picked shoes, and other accessories to provide you a premium shopping experience.

2. CARROT Weather

As suggested by its name, CARROT Weather informs its users about the current weather info. The premium version of the app also displays weather info in Apple Watch. The daily reports work worldwide but precipitation and severe weather reports only work in the US, UK, and part of Canada.

3. Night Sky

Night Sky is an augmented reality personal planetarium app for iOS 11 devices. Use this AR app to quickly identify stars, planets, constellations, etc. by holding your iPhone or Apple Watch to the sky.

4. Record Bird

If you are a music freak the Record Bird is just for you. The iOS app informs users about new and upcoming music releases, so that, you never miss a beat again. Also, you can share the latest tracks and videos with your friends.

5. LookUp: An elegant dictionary

LookUp is a dictionary app for iOS devices. With a single search, you can learn the meaning, synonyms, etymology, and Wikipedia content of a word. The image search results help users to quickly grasp the meaning of a word.

With this last iOS app, we sum up our list of top apps and games of March 2018. We hope you will enjoy the listed apps. If we miss your favorite app, then do let us know about it in the comments sections. Also, don’t forget this list of freshly released apps with your friends. Social buttons are on the left!

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