Introduction to the project (Drivewey on-demand parking app for iOS)

Finding parking spaces can be quite daunting sometimes, but what if you could simply use your smartphone to get a list of nearby open parking spaces and rent any one of them. Our client Matthew Delbruegge wanted to provide the same solution to solve parking problems of drivers having a hard time to find a good parking space for their vehicles. Also, he wanted to help parking space owners to generate some sort of revenue by renting out their unused or available private spaces.

Impressed by his innovative idea which is quite like Airbnb to solve parking problems, we decided to take on the project and deliver an optimized and scalable mobility solution. As a result, Drivewey was born.

About the app
Drivewey is an on-demand parking app for iOS which connects hosts who own parking spaces with drivers who want to rent them. Let’s understand the concept of the app in simpler terms. Suppose, you own a private parking space which usually remains free most of the time. You can then use Drivewey iOS app add your parking space and let drivers know that parking space is available when they are nearby. The app also lets you specify hours and days of a week when your parking space is available. The best part is that you get to decide how much you want to charge

On the other side, when a driver comes looking for a parking space near your listed parking area, they will be able to see your space, available timings, and parking fee, as shown in the screenshot below. If your parking space meets the driver’s need, he/she will book your parking space, and in return, you will earn some real cash by renting out your unused parking space.

drivewey on demand parking app renting space

Check out all screens of Drivewey on our Behance profile.

Project Challenges

The main challenge was to design an intuitive interface for both hosts and drivers. Despite the challenge, out iOS app developers did a great job in creating an uncluttered user interface. Apart from that, we wanted to create a smooth and instant process for drives to rent parking spaces. We achieve this feat by making Drivewey iOS app smarter by giving it the power to automatically detect the current location of the drivers, so that, they don’t have to type in the long address. However, we also put the drivers in control by allowing them to change their location as per their requirements.

Technology Stack

To develop Drivewey, we used XCode and Swift. In addition to this, we also used several third-party APIs to implement custom functionalities. Drivewey mainly uses Google Maps for detecting user’s current location and see all available nearby parking spaces and Paypal for payment purposes.

App features

– Easy to use interface for hosts and drivers.

– There is no late fee or time limits for drivers.

– Completely automated system – just select time and days of the week to rent your parking space. You can even change it on the go.

– Hosts can set their own prices.

– A single host can rent up to 100 parking spaces.

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