Most people think that their app idea will be stolen by someone else if they disclose it. Surprisingly, most of our clients ask us the same question ‘Is my app idea protected?’ Earlier, we shared the benefits of sharing your app idea with people and why you should not worry that someone might copy it. We recommend you to read this post first as it will kick out all thoughts in your mind related to your app idea being stolen. Some of our daily blog readers requested us to share some methods by which they can safeguard their idea in the market. So today, we will discuss some solid methods by which you can protect your app idea using some solid methods.

Before moving ahead, do note that you can’t patent or copyright your app idea. Simply because no authorities issue these legal documents based on thoughts. You need to have a product or a technological process to get patents and copyrights. However, you can protect how your idea is expressed and ensure that no one is directly copying your product. Let’s take an example to understand it better. Google can’t stop any other person from creating another search engine, but they can take down any other search engine which uses its algorithm to show up the results.

So what can you do if, in reality, you can’t obtain any rights to protect your brand new idea? You can follow the methods listed below to stay confident that your app idea will not be leaked during the complete app development lifecycle and protect your business afterward.

1. Work only with trusted parties

One of the best and easiest way to protect your app idea from being copied is to work only with trusted and reliable app development agencies. When you will get into the app development landscape, you will receive numerous proposals and it might difficult for you to pick the genuine company among the masses. Use this ultimate checklist before outsourcing your mobile application development work as it will help you to separate the wheat from the chaff. Also, here is the list of top app development companies for your reference.

2. Sign an NDA with the app development agency

Sign a Non Disclosure Agreement with the app development agency you have hired. An NDA is usually signed by 2 or more parties which restricts them from sharing your app idea to 3rd parties. However, it doesn’t guarantee that someone will not steal your app idea. Therefore, choosing a trusted app agency like us is the key.

3. Get a trademark for your app’s logo and name

Trademark is a group of words, symbols, etc. legally registered to represent a company or a product. With a trademark of your app, you can keep an eye on players who like to play cheap methods to trick users by using a similar app name (very few alterations) and logo. But still, it won’t stop people to copy your app and present it with a brand new name, tagline, etc. to the audience.

4. File a patent for your app

As told earlier, you can’t obtain a patent for an abstract idea. So the key here is to get your app developed as soon as possible and then apply for a patent. Depending on your country, the patent laws might differ. In US and UK, you won’t easily get a patent for your app until and unless it is working on out of the box technology or idea. We would recommend you to seek the help of a lawyer (expert in the domain) to get the job done.

5. Sign a Non-Compete agreement

Apart from NDA, you should also sign the Non-Compete agreement with your app development partner which restricts them from starting a direct competition business to your app.

6. Launch the app idea before anyone else

The best way to safeguard your idea is to stay ahead in the race. Get it quickly developed and launch in the market before anyone else does. Execute your marketing and growth plans in the perfect manner to stay ahead of the copycats.

So these were some methods which can help you to protect your app idea. Though we are not experts in this domain. But we do know about the app development landscape as we are in it for almost a decade. The post has been written with due diligence and extensive research on the topic.
If you have any other tips for our readers, then feel free to write us at [email protected] and we will update this post with all credits to you.

Sudeep Bhatnagar
Co-founder & Director of Business
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