If you are actively looking for an app developer then you might have come across many companies listings. Tech blogs to company listing websites like GoodFirms, Clutch, etc. have their own top companies list based on different categorizations and area of operations. While these lists help you in the research work but they can also make it harder for you to choose the right one. Therefore, we decided to compare top mobile app development companies list, so that, you can take a well-informed decision while outsourcing your app development project.

In this top app development companies listing analysis, you will come to know which online listings include paid or sponsored entries, take account of verified customer reviews, and portfolio strength.

While comparing the top app development lists we considered following factors:

– Authenticity.

– Methodology.

– Client reviews consideration.

– Location of the app companies on the list.

– Additional features offered by the website.

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Let’s begin our comparison of top mobile app development companies list:

1. Clutch:

clutch top app development companies

Top app development companies list of Clutch is based on intensive market research and verified client reviews. The list includes a total of 100 app companies from the US and other parts of the world. The listing page design displays all important information comprehensively which includes company’s name, logo, overall ratings, service offering, short description, average project cost, hourly rates, and CTAs to visit agency’s website, view Clutch profile, and access contact information. However, there are also some sponsored entries in the listing too. That implies agencies putting more money on the table are ranked higher which obviously makes the fight for the top positions quite unfair.

2. Agicent’s list of top app development companies:

As we are ourselves involved in mobile application development by heart and soul, we decided to put our own list of top app development companies to help users to make a better decision. Our list mainly includes app development companies from India as one can outsource their work at amazingly low costs to India and with the same quality as expected from USA-based companies. To compile our list, we did an extensive research and considered following factors to rank every company:

– Total work experience.

– Demography they serve.

– App development cost based on info available on GoodFirms, Clutch etc.

– Reviews of customers and company ratings (based on reviews and ratings on GoodFirms, Clutch, etc.).

– Quality of their apps by testing them manually.

– Versatility of their portfolio.

What makes our list unique is that it is 100 percent organic and there are no sponsored entries like on Clutch’s list. Therefore, you can totally trust our recommendations as the results are based on our extensive research from multiple online platforms and taking client reviews and portfolio of the company into consideration. Also, we keep our list updated by adding a new app agency every week. If you want to get your agency listed, then email us at [email protected] for a review.

3. GoodFirms:

GoodFirms mainly reviews organizations and rates them as per their experience and client reviews. Like others, GoodFirms has also curated a list of top app development companies whose ranking factors are quite unknown as they haven’t mentioned any on their listing page. But at the end of the listing page, they do mention some factors to hire a good app development company. The list includes around 2000+ mobile app development companies across the globe, but companies at the top are majorly from the United States and India. Due to such a huge list, you won’t be able to check out each one of them out, but you can easily find specific ones by applying filters to sort companies by average hourly rates, reviews, location, and employee strength.

4. BusinessofApps:

BusinessofApps is basically a blog which teaches its readers about app marketing concepts to make money out of apps. Their top app development companies list is based on factors like diversified portfolios, UI/UX design of the developed apps, and their interaction level with new gadgets like wearables and technologies. The list is segmented location wise and includes top companies from the USA, India, UK, Europe, India, South East Asia, and Europe.

5. Recovendor:

Recovendor is a B2B market research company who lists vendors of various IT services. In their list of top 10 mobile application development companies, the top one is sponsored and rest of the entries are organic whose ranking factors are unknown to us. Most of the companies on their list are based out of the USA and some are from India. Apart from that, you can also read a general description of the app company and their accomplishments.

We hope that this comparison of top mobile app companies list will help you to decide which list can introduce you to your potential tech partner for your startup. Remember to check the company’s profile on various online firm review sites like a couple of them mentioned in the article too. An authentic and good app company will have a good website, diversified portfolio, authentic clients, and most importantly a good online presence like us.

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