One of the most highlighted trends among young and old today is dating. Now when we have thousands of dating and relationship apps in the store, I thought it would be helpful for people to have a well analysed list Top 10 Dating Apps 2018.  Dating starts with finding someone who matches yourself and finding someone so near that you can easily meet them and then possibly date them. Mobile devices and their GPS have opened great doors of opportunity for dating, and almost every dating app in the market uses this location based information before doing any match. With a hectic lifestyle in metro cities, chatting and short talks are preferred over the outstyled long hour conversations and serious commitments, at least in the beginning and that is where dating apps help the most.

While creating this list of Top 10 Dating Apps 2018, I’ve have considered factors like a) App’s ease of use and how quickly they do the job, b) User’s security c) Overall popularity in western world d) Devices they are compatible with and, e) Pricing. So here we go –

1.Tinder –

Price: Free with in-app purchases

Overall Rating:4.0

Tinder-Top 10 Dating Apps 2018

This list would be incomplete without this app being on the top. It is the most sensational app in the dating world year after year. Undoubtedly it will hold the first place in the list of Top 10 Dating Apps 2018. If we talk about features, it is very simple to use. You just have to create your profile and you can like or dislike the other person only by swiping. You can start chatting if you are interested only by swiping right. Its like your choice at your fingertips which attracts many users today and therefore this app has gained rapid popularity recently.

2. Trulymadly –

Price: Free with in-app purchases


TrulyMadly-Top 10 Dating Apps 2018

Without much ado, lets just  move on to the second most popular app in the dating world. Trulymadly also provides with the same choices with a pinch of change like it also pokes around to know the best possible about you. The best thing is user security because they authenticate every single profile to avoid creeps in the list. If everything goes well you can start chatting right away. So, it serves to be a delight to find the right match.

3. Happn

Price: Free with in-app purchases


Happn-Top 10 Dating Apps 2018

Moving on to the list of Top 10 Dating Apps 2018, The next one should be Happn due to lot many reasons that can be counted on. Firstly, this app is a location based social app that helps you connect to the members nearby. Secondly, it helps you to get in touch with any person you cross paths with. So, with the help of Happn, you can make your wish happen to date someone you saw in real. So, everytime you come across any other Happn member, their profile will pop up immediately. It sounds exciting and is therfore getting more and more into being.

4.Okcupid –

Price: Free with in-app purchases


Okcupid-Top 10 Dating Apps 2018

This is one of the few dating apps that understand that you are more than a selfie, you are more a substance. This app helps you share many other things than your photos. You can share your interests and passion and thus can find out someone compatible based on your opinion. So it helps you being noticed for what you actually are which adds a spark to dating.

5.Coffee Meets Baghel –

Price: Free with in-app purchases.

Rating: 4.0

CoffeeMeetBaghels-Top 10 Dating Apps 2018

As predicted by its innovative name, this app is a bit different as it is not solely based on swiping to find the match. This app provides men with a list of upto 21 quality matches available where men have the choice to accept or reject the suggestions. So through this it goes more in favor of our ladies as they can get the potential list of only those who are really interested. This makes dating more of a serious affair as it involves more than just swiping. This helped it to get to this list of Top 10 Dating Apps 2018.

6.Badoo –  

Price: Free with in-app purchases


Badoo-Top 10 Dating Apps 2018

Badoo is an app quite similar to the rest of them but if focuses more on the user security. Whichever profiles shows interest, Badoo  helps in preventing any scams to occur by checking many things like linked social media accounts, Phone number verification etc. This app also allows you to buy premium credits to increase your visibility for the best results.

7.Clover – 

Price: Free with in-app purchases


Clover-Top 10 Dating Apps 2018

This app can be referred as a kind of a blended mixture of apps like Tinder and Okcupid as it offers different approaches of finding matches. It offers many filters for the customized people. So, if you are one of that kind, you should definitely try this out. It will also allow you to play question and answers in order to compare with the other users. You can apply filters of location, age, sexual orientation etc. which makes it more specific and avoid any kind of mess. With so much of customizations, it would surely be a wise decision to include it in this list of Top 10 Dating Apps 2018.

8. The Inner Circle –

Price: Free with in-app purchases


The Inner Circle-Top 10 Dating Apps 2018

If you are an ambitious soul, we have got a solution for you as well. This app focuses only on the people with similar interests and minds. With almost similar features like the like-dislike, it has quite similar interface to facebook which makes it more easier for the users. To avoid scams, this app arranges for offline dates which are still considered the best. So anyhow with these not so specific features, I included it in the list of Top 10 Dating Apps 2018 just because of its simplicity.

9. Mingle2 –

Price: Free with in-app purchases


Mingle2-Top 10 Dating Apps 2018

It is quite similar when it comes to match making. The same like-dislike option that you can choose from where you can make your own choice. But as every app has its own positive points which keeps it going, so in this case it is the profile identification criteria which allows only the fully updated profiles to display. This prevent many fake profiles that are present oftenly.

10. QuackQuack –

Price: Free with in-app purchases


QuackQuack-Top 10 Dating Apps 2018

With such a cute and interesting name in the end of the list of Top 10 Dating Apps 2018, this app makes match-making very simple. It has verified user profiles which phone numbers and social media links which reduces the risk of creeps entering the list. This app is all based on what you want to showcase your interest into, you get the similar matches to increase the compatibility. Moreover, its free for all the platforms.

So we conclude this list of Top 10 Dating Apps 2018 based on our research so far. We hope this helps not only users but also App entrepreneurs who’re looking to launch another dating app competing with these established ones and get success, since we at Agicent App Company believe that no matter how great apps and websites we already have, there is always a scope of doing it one notch better. In case, you feel missed out any App or would like us to analyse your app and consider for this list then feel free to write us to [email protected] or mention your thoughts in the comment section below.

Please watch our blog regularly, since we keep on writing such App reviews, Top App lists, Top app developers lists, Top website lists. You never know which list inspires you to create an app out of your idea.

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