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How to Hire App Developers During Corona Pandemic?

Mobile App Design & Development

The recent years have noticed increasing market demands for App Developers compared to the other employments. With these competing demands and high expectations of employees for compensation and benefits, the employers find it challenging to hire promising app developers. Moreover, since the lockdown due to the corona pandemic, people’s lives have changed to a greater […]

8 Social Media Tips For Business Success In 2021

Mobile App Design & Development

8 Social Media Tips For Business Success In 2021 Social media has become most effective for business success. Several social media users are accessible today. It is because these are one of the best platforms which helps to meet business development. The social media platform is helping to connect everyone easily and it is the […]

How to raise funds for an App startup?

app development

App development is an extensive process that requires a lot of working hours and investment. And finding a proper investor always ends up being the most grinding task for many startups. Raising funds is indeed a challenging task for every startup wishing to develop an app. It has been seen that the more complex the […]

How Do Apps Make Money in 2020

Mobile App Monetization, Mobile Apps Basics

An article listing all the methods that apps use to make money, a comprehensive list of all methods of app monetization.

How to create an app from Scratch + App Cost Calculator

Mobile App Design & Development

A step by step guide on How to create an app from scratch, with a bonus app cost calculator tool.

List of Top Mobile App Companies In India 2020

App Development Companies

Here is our list of top mobile app development companies in India based on project costs, versatility of their portfolio, experience, and other factors.

How much does it cost to build a website?

Mobile App Design & Development, Website Development

Discussing cost to create a web app of different size and types, along with web examples.

Guide To Mobile Cross Platform App Development Tools 2019

Mobile App Design & Development

Apps are the way by which we are leading our life now. Although, getting started with Mobile App Development for your business is both time consuming and expensive especially if you go native. Earlier when native apps were developed, they were built only for a single platform. Although, now one can easily get a cross-platform […]

Agicent Named a Top Mobile App Developer by

Mobile App Design & Development

Agicent is excited to announce that we have been named as one of the top mobile app developers in India by Clutch! “Development in India is by far our most competitive category on Clutch, with thousands of companies vying for top spots in our research directories,” said Clutch Senior Business Analyst Sara Philibotte. “We are […]

Top App Development Companies in Minneapolis 2019

Mobile App Design & Development

Minneapolis- A city that is known for its Flour Mills and the river Mississippi. Minneapolis is a classic example of vintage and technology residing together. The place is high on music and gets a whole lot of musical concerts all throughout the year. The city also has one of the largest LGBT communities that reside […]

Agicent App Company founder Sudeep Shares Interesting App Development Insights with GoodFirms

Mobile App Design & Development

Agicent Technologies CEO Sudeep Bhatnagar Shares Interesting App Development Insights with GoodFirms Sudeep Bhatnagar is the founder of Agicent Technologies, which is a well-known mobile app development company. Recently, GoodFirms interviewed Mr. Sudeep, where he shared his remarkable app development acumen and distinct business experiences. Sudeep’s Interview Insights in Brief: About the Company and CEO: […]

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