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Top 10 AI Chatbot Apps in 2022

Latest Tech

Here are top 10 AI chatbot apps which can talk with you in an interesting & entertaining manner. So Check out these chatbots and have a fun time altogether.

How Do Free Apps Make Money in 2021

Mobile App Monetization

An article listing all the methods that apps use to make money, a comprehensive list of all methods of app monetization.

How to Create an App From Scratch

Mobile App Design & Development

A step by step guide on How to create an app from scratch, with a bonus app cost calculator tool.

How to Make an App Like Uber

Taxi App

Already have a kickass idea in mind and want to build an app like Uber? But how to go about it is bothering you? Let us help you to take you a step closer to your business idea.  Uber, this brand speaks a lot about itself. Uber operates in more than 80 countries in 900+ […]

How Much Does it Cost to Build an iOS App?

App Cost

Before knowing more about how much does it cost to make an iphone app, let’s just agree on the fact that what Apple brings to the table is worth the praise. Targeting the iOS users is definitely the right call as they are the premium customers driving the paid app market smoothly. There are around […]

Top Google Play Store Statistics 2021

Mobile App Design & Development

The google play store statistics has taken a dramatic curve over time. All thanks to the pandemic and brilliant technologies which made the virtual world possible in the era of social distancing. Now that we all have adapted digitalization, can you think of a day without your go-to application? A big no, right? As your […]

Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies In India 2021

App Development Companies

Here is our list of top mobile app development companies in India based on project costs, versatility of their portfolio, experience, and other factors.

Agicent is Awarded as a Top iOS App Development Company in the USA by Selected Firms

App Development Companies, Awards & Recognition

Agicent Recognized as a Top iOS App Development Company in the USA by Selected Firms. We are elated to announce that we are named among the leading iOS App Developers in the USA by Selected Firms. Agicent has been featured among the top 10 companies on the list that have been finalized after detailed research […]

Top App Creation Companies – Create an App using Top App Creators

Mobile App Design & Development

Top App creators who can create an app on demand of the client for iOS, android, and web.

Latest Mobile App design trends 2021

Mobile App Design & Development

Here are the latest mobile app design trends 2017 which you can use to make your app look different from others and deliver more engaging UI and UX.

How to Hire App Developers During Corona Pandemic?

Mobile App Design & Development

The recent years have noticed increasing market demands for App Developers compared to the other employments. With these competing demands and high expectations of employees for compensation and benefits, the employers find it challenging to hire promising app developers. Moreover, since the lockdown due to the corona pandemic, people’s lives have changed to a greater […]

8 Social Media Tips For Business Success In 2021

Mobile App Design & Development

Social media has become most effective for business success. Several social media users are accessible today. It is because these are one of the best platforms which helps to meet business development. The social media platform is helping to connect everyone easily and it is the right way to generate revenues for businesses by implementing […]

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