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As per Statista, there are more than 6 billion mobile users across the globe. And looking at the current growing trend of mobile users,  app development is one of the best choices for a business because it holds a  broad user base across the globe. You will be surprised to know that during the just past pandemic era, Mobile App development has reached its peak and will continue growing! Now that you want to upgrade your business by launching your app, the next possible road blockage for you is which app development agency to hire. You must have researched a bit about the top mobile app development companies in India, isn’t it? And this is yet another article you are reading to address your queries. Let this remain your go to guide for hiring one of the top app development companies. But before moving ahead with detailed descriptions, let’s first quickly explore the benefits of outsourcing an app based company in India.

1. Overall Cost and Time to market benefits: Hiring an inhouse team is always an expensive call. For developing an app you at least need developers with different skill sets (iOS Developers, Android developers, Flutter developers, react native developers), UI/UX designers, a backend specialist or two and a QA team. Hiring this power house will be challenging and time taking at the same time. But if you will hire any top app development company in India, these professionals with a similar experience are always there to ensure you get the best version of your app.

2. Open doors for scalability: The Indian App Companies know well that there can be an introduction of a new feature or an existing one can be expanded in a better way once the customer load increases. Hence the development strategy is always kept in a way that can be scaled up easily later, as per the requirement.

3. Flawless team support: App bugs can occur all of a sudden and with an in-house team the bug can take a longer time to be fixed. But  if you are hiring one of the top app development companies in India all you need to do during this crucial situation is to reach out to them. Their past experience and expertise can fix the bug in a shorter span of time as they have a workflow management system in place which helps in troubleshooting the bug and fixing it at their earliest convenience. 

4. Virtuous Security support: Business apps always remain in the red zone of hacking. A hacking can lead to the loss of sensitive data and information. You can simply escape this alarm by hiring one of the top mobile app development companies in India as they have a rigid security mechanism in function. 

5. A call away service: Only developing an app is not the end of your work. Launching it smoothly, maintaining it and marketing the app vigorously also plays a vital role. What more great an app based company in India  can bring to your table as it already offers you the luxury of the facts stated above. 

Choosing the top mobile app development companies in India depends on several factors such as the idea of the app, the features, the cost you want to invest, timeline you have in your hand and many others. The below listed companies are top mobile app development companies in India that take care of the above stated factors and deliver nothing but the best.

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Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies in India

1. Agicent App Company (Noida & New Jersey) :

Agicent is the among top mobile app development companies in India with an expertise of 12 years. This Indian app company has its headquarter in Noida & representative offices in New York and New Jersey. If you are looking for a Full Service App Development company, come home to Agicent.  The client base of Agicent comprises HASfit fitness App with 4 million users, Wellcure, Astro for all Tele Astro consulting App, Aiko & Egor and many more well established applications having a great client engagement. Agicent is the talk of the town because it offers high quality App development services at highly affordable prices and Flexible Payment Plans that almost any startup can afford. The average cost of app development at Agicent is $ 15000, or you can hire us for Hourly Projects as On Demand Developers Service. On an hourly basis, the charges vary between $ 20- $ 30 per hour. As stated earlier, as this is amongst top mobile app development companies in India which has a team of 80+ software professionals, providing both native and cross-platform Frameworks based development. Apart from using Swift, Kotlin, Java, Flutter, React native for the robust front end app, it uses modern Web Technologies to create Powerful backend and front-ends like node.js, angular.js, react.JS, redux with Mongo DB, AWS. 

2. Hyperlink InfoSystem:    

hyperlink infosystem

It is among the top mobile app development companies in IndiaThey offer customized mobile apps development, website development, AR-VR Development and Game Development. It was founded in 2011 in Ahmedabad. Currently it has 4 corporate offices. Two in India, one in the USA and the last one in the UK.  Till date, it has worked with global clients like Discovery, Viacom, and Disney. Their team comprises 350+ teams who work efficiently on technologies like Swift, Java, PHP, SQL, etc. They charge a minimum project fee of $10,000 and hourly rates are nearly equal to  $25 per hour. 

3. Konstant Infosolution:   

konstant info

With a team size of 180+ professionals, this app development company has marked its footprint amongst theTop App Companies in India from the last 18 years. They have served brands like United Nation, Nestle, Volkswagen and many more. They have their headquarters located in Jaipur. They work in technologies like PHP, NodeJS, .NET, Java and Magento. A minimum project fee of $5000 is charged and on an hour basis their ask is $25 dollars.

4. Dev Technosys:    

mobile app development

Having an excellence of 10 years, this app based company of India provides services like App development, website development and customer software development. They have a team of 120+ professionals having the headquarters at Jaipur. They serve industries like travel, education, fitness and many more.  They love using technologies such as JQuery, APAX, Apache, Java and bootstrap. Their hourly charges vary from $25 to $49. For a project they nearly charge $5000.

5. Prismetric:   


Prismatic is another upstanding app development company in India. They are majorly into App development and they also offer big data consulting and web development.The team loves to work on the technologies such as NodeJS, Flutter, Python, PHP and many more. Prismatic has a skilled experience of 10+ years driven by a team of 50+ software professionals. It is based out of Gandhinagar India. For a project they charge $5000 and if you want to deal on an hourly basis then their rate varies from $25 to $50, depending on the complexity of your project. 

6. FATbit Technologies:       

FATbit Technologies is a leading custom mobile app development company based in India. The company has been working on mobile app development since 2004 and has served many renowned clients including HCL, UNI Diamonds, Winwire, and Malca-Amit. FATbit employs agile development methodologies to deliver purpose-driven and customer-centric products with complete transparency. The company specializes in industry-specific mobile apps for diverse fields such as eCommerce, Edtech, food, beverages, entertainment, logistics, healthcare, etc. 

7. Techugo:          


Kick-started in 2015, this tech startup is a great mobile app development company in India. They worked with clients like Airtel, BJP, Philips, Godfrey and many more, thus provide services like mobile app development, IoT, UI/UX, Blockchain and others. Have wings across India, Canada, Dubai, the US and Saudi. They roughly charge $10,000 for a project and if you want to deal on an hourly basis then $25 is the least that you have to pay.

8. Simpalm:  

Simpalm offers services like Native App Development, Hybrid App Development, Web Development, Cloud Backend Server, UI/UX Design Services, and Onsite Consultation. The company is based in Washington and started in 2009. They provide development for all the major platforms like Android, iOS, and Website. They are capable of operating at multiple technology stacks like Xamarin, Java, AngularJS, PhoneGap etc. This mobile app development company in India will charge you a minimum $10,000 for a project.

9. Nine-Hertz: 

 Nine-Hertz is another top-rated app-based company in India. They offer a wide category of products launched for multiple platforms like iPad, iPhone, and Android mobiles. The team loves to work in the trending technologies involved in web designing, mobile applications,  and customer and business demands. NineHertz has been a preferred hub for clients for over 9 years. They have served multiple industries, some of them which contribute to Food, Sports Recreation, Health Fitness, Travel, Utility etc. For a new project they charge the customer $5000, this can vary also, it all depends on the complexity of the app. 

10. Daffodil Software: 

 Having a support system of 800+ teams,  this app development company in India offers application building, IoT, E-learning solutions, services in blockchain and many more. They have their own research centre which provides the client with the best suggestion when they come with an idea. This mobile app development company in India will charge you a minimum of $10,000 for a project.

But before you pay any of the above app-based companies in India, make sure you do your part of the research.

Points to Keep in Mind Before Finalizing an App Development Company

1. Always see their portfolio:

Portfolio acts as the online work that you can review at any time. By looking at the portfolio you can have a better insight into the company’s experience and knowledge in their claimed field. You can download some of the apps that the company has developed and can see the features, UI/UX Experience, speed and other important factors. As the existing app is already a work done by this app development company in India so here you can keep an additional eye on the existing maintenance and services provided by them apart from production. 

2. Check their experience:

Experience is basically their practical knowledge in terms of development and implementation. Always find a development company that has professionals with good hands-on experience and have done outstanding jobs previously. You can also talk to the developers while explaining the prototype and asking them about how to go about it. You will have a better understanding then about their knowledge and experiences. 

3. Speak to their client and check their rating:

In IT the work speaks louder than words. The best thing you can do is to connect with their clients and ask about the work they have delivered and how happy they are with the work the app development company has delivered to them. Nowadays, before adding anything to the cart, we read the reviews and check the rating, same goes here because you are dealing with investment, loyalty and long-term relationship. Make sure you at least speak to one of the clients before heading towards payment and other processes. 

4. Technologies they use:

Hang on, don’t hire any app development company in India before knowing about the technologies they work on. Your objective is to hire top mobile app development companies in India which use the latest and exciting technologies that must provide a user with an amazing experience while they are browsing your app. Make sure they use the agile development methodology as it is important nowadays for developing applications for any platform. 

5. Time deliverable:

As you already have an idea and features of the app in mind. But you are waiting for your app to be launched in the market. As an entrepreneur, you already know what timeline to offer the development company so that you can plan your other business steps. It is important to maintain sync with your expected timeline and the stated timeline of the app company so that the other important steps could be taken care of. Ask the company whether they have enough developers, technologies and other important parameters in place to complete the development in the proposed timeline. This is what the top mobile app development companies in India understand very well and state their timelines accordingly. 

As of now,  you already have a fair idea about the charges and technologies the above App development companies hold,  to complete a project. As you will be investing a good amount of time and money in developing an app and you must be having more questions on How to build an app.  Agicent App Development Company, one of the top mobile app development companies in India, has got this sorted for you.  We are here to answer every query that you have and offer you what you were looking for. All you need to do is to send us an email at [email protected] with your project query or fill up a simple form by clicking on getting in Touch, or call us at +1-347-467-1089 and our team will get in touch with you within 12 Hours!

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