10 Best Nearshore Outsourcing Companies

Nearshore outsourcing is a process which includes consulting a company which is situated in a nearby country rather than going with companies that are present in the same geographical land to fulfil the requirements or needs related to business or IT avenues. It’s more like delegating work to a neighboring company instead of one which is completely far away.

There are several advantages associated with this approach, and in this article, we shall delve into some of the benefits, and why one should go for nearshore rather than outshore. How to look for parameters to choose the best Nearshore outsourcing companies, and then we will see some of the companies that are into nearshore outsourcing.

Nearshore outsourcing has come out as a productive as well as strategic option for multiple organisations which are into the optimisation of their executions and operations conducted in their organisation, by just utilizing the skills and expertise of resources from neighbouring countries. This approach involves collaborative behaviour and partnership with companies in nearby regions to assign and delegate dynamic tasks or the procedures needed by an organisation or services, rather than relying completely and solely on in-house team and their capabilities.

Nearshore Outsourcing is a concept that has multiple advantages because of which it is preferred mostly. Whether it is term of geographical proximity, cultural similarities, more access towards monitoring and controlling of the project, or many more Nearshore outsourcing has most of it as part of its features. These advantages and benefits help in smoother interaction and communication between the client and the vendors who are providing services also it facilitates a feeling of shared understanding of business practices. Furthermore, nearshore outsourcing enables companies to get into vast and dynamic broader talent pool while still maintaining cost-effectiveness. By partnering with firms in nearby countries, organizations can access specialized skills and expertise that may be scarce or expensive domestically. This access to diverse talent helps improve the quality and efficiency of projects while potentially reducing operational expenses.

In the realm of information technology (IT), for instance, a U.S.-based company might choose to nearshore software development tasks to a firm in Mexico or Canada. This decision allows for closer collaboration, faster turnaround times, and cost savings compared to onshore alternatives. Overall, nearshore outsourcing presents a strategic opportunity for businesses to optimize their resources, enhance competitiveness, and achieve operational excellence.

Advantages of Nearshore outsourcing

  • Access to Skilled Labor

One can access to the skill as well as the expertise which might not be present in the in-house team with the advantage of nearshore development. Nearshore development can help in accessing the new and highly skilled IT professionals from nearby countries rather than hunting for advancements which are far away.

  • Proximity and Cultural Similarities

Nearshore also helps in building good relationships as it promotes cultural similarities which could be advantageous when it comes to communication. Outsourcing within a country which has proximity and shares similarities with their client not only helps in sharing similarities like time zones, weather situations, but also helps in establishing effective team spirit which ultimately returns as a profitable cost to the company.

  • Easy control and accessibility 

The company taking outsourcing services could easily monitor and look after the workings when it’s in nearshore development as compared to other outsourcing strategies, which could result in better requirement understanding, and in case there is instant requirement change, with the advantage of less geographical barrier the client can directly visit to arena of service providers and therefore the adjustment can be easily administered and the evolving needs can be easily meet.

  • Easy and smooth legal alignment

Countries which share geographical boundaries or are present in close proximity possess similar regulatory systems as well as their frameworks and legal procedures. This type of working facilitates simplified legal and paper work and compliance requirements, it reduces legal risks, and therefore further ensures smoother operations without complex legal hurdles.

  • Talent Pool Diversity

Nearshore outsourcing enables business organization to access to a dynamic as well as diverse talent pool possessing multiple skills, experiences, and perspectives. This diversity can spark innovation, bring fresh ideas to the table, and enhance problem-solving capabilities within your projects.

  • Market Insights

Collaborating with a partner in a neighboring market provides invaluable insights into local trends, consumer preferences, and market dynamics. This knowledge can inform strategic decisions, product customization, and market expansion strategies.

  • Risk Mitigation

Nearshore outsourcing can be a risk mitigation strategy, especially during uncertain times or geopolitical instabilities. Having a diversified network of partners across nearby regions reduces dependency on a single location and spreads out operational risks.

Some of the Best Nearshore Outsourcing Companies

With the above mentioned points and advantages and features, here is the list of some best Nearshore Outsourcing Companies, However, Each company has its unique way of working towards customer satisfaction. Some of them are :

1. Agicent

Agicent Logo

Agicent is a globally recognised technology firm specialising in software development services for mobile apps and the web. With its decade of experience, the organisation has earned fame for providing top-notch web development solutions dedicated to both startup ventures and established enterprises alike. Its rich client base includes well-known corporations such as TCS and Panasonic.

Agilent offers a range of services related to web development, focusing on creating high-quality, custom solutions for their clients. Their primary services in this domain include:

  • The experts here specialize in developing scalable and robust web applications tailored to meet specific business requirements.
  • Agicent ensures that the web applications are visually appealing, intuitive, and user-friendly.
  • The team here ensures efficient database management, server logic, and application integration.
  • They also provide continuous support and maintenance services to ensure the hassle-free operation and up-to-date functionality of web applications.

Clients have praised Agicent for its efficient team and the quality of work delivered. The company is commended for having an excellent management team and a healthy, supportive work environment. However, there have been suggestions for improvement in areas like client communication strategies. Sudeep Bhatnagar is one of the co-founders of Agicent. He is the CEO as well as the president of the company. He has an MBA in IT and international Marketing.

  • Industry – Software Development
  • Company size – 51-200 employees, 122 associated members
  • Headquarters – New York, New York
  • Founded – 2010
  • Specialities – Mobile Apps development, iOS Apps Development, iPhone Apps Development, Android Apps development, Python programming, PHP Programming, WordPress development, and Business analytics.


2. 1840 & company 

1840 & company

It’s a global business process outsource providers that offers vast range of services which are scalable and the services also include workforce solutions. The company assist businesses in meeting the right talent required. The services provided by the company includes modern outsourcing solutions, staff augmentation, and direct placement. We streamline business processes with scalable, cost-effective, and innovative outsourcing solutions.

The company is into both nearshore as well as offshore outsourcing services. The core values of the company include to grow businesses and take care of it, it possesses some principles like Be borderless, Be transparent, Be inclusive, Be value-oriented, Be transparent. Bryan DiGiorgio is the CEO & Founder of the company.

  • Industry – Outsourcing/Offshoring
  • Company size – 1,001-5,000 employees, 331 associated members
  • Headquarters – Overland Park, KS
  • Founded – 2014
  • Specialties – Call Center, Contact Center, Offshore, Nearshore, Onshore, Customer Service, Technical Support, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), Staff Augmentation Services, Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), Global Compliance and Payroll Solutions, Back Office Operations, Marketing and Sales Team Outsourcing, IT and Development Outsourcing, Human Resources Outsourcing, Remote Talent and Teams, and Finance and Accounting Outsourcing.


3. Distillery


Regionally present in United States, Argentina, and Mexico and possessing headquarters in Manhattan Beach, California, the company works on technologies such as AWS, GCP, Docker, Kubernetes, Node.JS, React Native, and Cypress. It is nearshore outsourcing company that has served several key clients including eBay, Mercedes-Benz, City National Bank, Rakuten, and more. It is an award-winning nearshore software development company which provides businesses with multiple software outsourcing services. The company possess major experience in development, design, and delivery of tech solutions.

The services that this company offers include staff augmentation, which comprises dedicated teams, that can be lead by their clients. Along with it this company also provide full stack, complete and custom software development as per the client’s requirement. Distillery’s core competencies comprise, Custom software development, UI/UX design, DevOps and cloud solutions, QA and testing, Project management.

  • Industry – IT Services and IT Consulting
  • Company size – 201-500 employees, 461 associated members
  • Headquarters – Manhattan Beach, California
  • Founded – 2012
  • Specialties – Mobile App Development, UX/UI, FinTech, Enterprise Software Development, Web Development, iOS Apps, Android Apps, Custom Software Development, Mobile Strategy, Agile Software Development, Quality Engineering, Offshore & Nearshore Software Development, Outsourcing, Product Design & Development, Integrations & Platforms, Product Management, and AI for Efficiency.


4. Novatech


With its regional presence in United States (Miami), Costa Rica, and El Salvador, Novatech possess the headquarter in San Salvador, El Salvador. Novatech work on technologies such as ASP. Net, Node JS, Django, React, AWS, MySQL, and Xamarin. It has served several key clients including Mid- and large-sized enterprises, blue-chip clients, and Fortune 500 companies. It is one of the nearshore development company located nearly in Latin America. This company claims itself to be one of the 30 central americans tech companies involved in changing Latin America.

The services offered by this company include End-to-end project development, Dedicated teams, Staff augmentation. This company is mostly specialized in web and mobile solutions.

  • Industry – Information Technology & Services
  • Company size – 501-1,000 employees, 177 associated members
  • Headquarters – Miami, Florida
  • Founded – 2013
  • Specialities – ASP. Net, Node JS, Django, React, AWS, MySQL, and Xamarin.


5. Near


Near is new as a nearshore outsourcing company as compared to others who are serving the market since 2000. However, Near has started with its services in 2020 and with its dedication and serving with the advantages of nearshore outsourcing the company has become the most reliable company as nearshore providers. It has different pricing models as per the requirements of their clients which include recruitment as well as staffing model, where the Recruiting model means a one-time fee that results in a direct hire of a qualified candidate, and other Staffing model refers to a monthly rate for Near to handle all recruiting, hiring, and payroll responsibilities to keep your business operating.

  • Industry – Staffing and Recruiting
  • Company size – 51-200 employees, 52 associated members
  • Headquarters – Austin, TX
  • Founded – 2021
  • Specialities – Staffing, LatAm talent, Remote hiring, Hiring, Remote jobs, Recruiting, Executive Search, Talent Acquisition, Nearshore Outsourcing, Outsourcing, Talent Solutions, Staffing Services, Talent Outsourcing, Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), Nearshoring, Offshoring, and Staff Augmentation.


6. Softtek


The company delivers excellence as a Nearshore Outsourcing companies. Softtek is not to be taken as obvious or granted case, it is not an average nearshore outsourcing company. The company possess its principles which includes determination with a strong focus on delivering excellence in every project. The company has its reputation since long and they have earned it as one of the top players in the industry. The company possess wide range of services which includes application development, and its Quality Assurance and testing and maintenance,

Softek make sure that the clients need not to worry about each single services when it comes to their digital transformation, as the company make itself a one-stop-shop for all the outsourcing needs. Softek emphasize more on building long-term relationships rather than being just a vendor to its clients. They have a collaborative behaviour towards their client and therefore they don’t just see themselves as an outsourcing provider; they consider themselves as just one of the members of their client’s team, also they call themselves as an extension of their client’s team. Softtek targets their client’s success and therefore walk by and with their client side, you’ll have a partner that is as invested in your success as you are.

  • Industry – IT Services and IT Consulting
  • Company size – 10,001+ employees, 13,158 associated members
  • Headquarters – Monterrey, Nuevo Leon
  • Founded – 1982
  • Specialities – BPO, ITO, nearshore, offshore, nearshore, SAP, AMS, application development, digital transformation, DevOps, Automation, and information security.


7. Codebay


Codebay is one of the nearshore outsourcing companies that administers its working towards meeting objectives of their client. The company enable success through their nearshore software solutions. With a team of experienced team, they have expertise and resources which include skilled developers which focus on quality, they have the skills and knowledge with which they conceptualize the ideas of their clients and converts them into reality.

Codebay as a service providers offers services such as web development, mobile app development. Or e-commerce solutions. Businesses needing assistance in any of these services can easily render it with the help of Codebay. Codebay as a nearshore outsourcing services commits for excellence, They believe in delivering success, and they don’t just deliver software, they deliver solutions that drive real business results. Codebay as the nearshore outsourcing company can create a fruitful result with just a few lines of code.

  • Industry – IT Services and IT Consulting
  • Company size – 51-200 employees
  • Headquarters – San Diego, California
  • Founded – 2014
  • Specialities – Mobile Applications Development, Web Applications Development, Testing and Quality Assurance, and Maintenance & Support.


8. Gorilla Logic


Gorilla logic is a company that possess its regional locations in Colorado, Costa Rica, Columbia, and Mexico, However, the headquarters are in Broomfield and Colorado. The company includes its tech stack such as iOS, Android, React Native, Next.js, SQL, Big Data, and Scrum. Gorilla logic has served many key clients including Davita, Maxar, Discovery Channel, Shutterfly, and Oracle

Gorilla Logic is one of the nearshore outsourcing companies that offers services such software development specializing in enterprise-scale mobile, web development, and a cloud application development. The company has several engagement models offered by them to their clients where they includes staff augmentation, scalable agile teams, end-to-end solution delivery.

  • Industry – Software Development
  • Company size – 501-1,000 employees, 541 associated members
  • Headquarters – Broomfield, Colorado
  • Founded – 2002
  • Specialties – Mobile Application Development, Web Application Development, Development & IT Consulting, Custom Software Development, Legacy Modernization, UI/UX, QA Automation, Agile Software Development, Digital Product Engineering, DevOps, Cloud, Solution Architecture, Agile Transformation, Enterprise Platforms, Software Engineering Services, Software Product Development, User Experience Design, and User Experience Engineering.


9. BairesDev


BairesDev include multiple locations as its regional presence, some of them are United States, Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, Columbia, Canada, and Spain with its headquarters in San Francisco and California. BairesDev work on variety of technologies such as React, Node.js, Python, Java, Ruby on Rails, and PHP.

BairesDev has served many key clients which include some of the leading tech fames like Google, and others, some of them are Rolls Royce, Autodesk, and Thomson Reuters. BairesDev has its specialities which includes services in nearshore such as staff augmentation as well as software development which further possess App development, outsourcing. It has delivered over 1200 projects across 100+ industry sectors. This IT outsourcing company include plenty of services required in IT sector and offers wode range to businesses including Quality Assurance (QA) and testing, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data science, Mobile app development, UX/UI designs.

  • Industry – IT Services and IT Consulting
  • Company size – 1,001-5,000 employees, 3,075 associated members
  • Headquarters – San Francisco, California
  • Founded – 2009
  • Specialties – Nearshore Software Development, Managed Teams, Digital Transformation, Digital Acceleration, Nearshore Technology Solutions, AI and Machine Learning, Cybersecurity, Mobile & Web Development, Staff Augmentation, IoT, Digital Wallets & Cryptocurrency, Data Science, UI/UX Design, Blockchain Consulting, ERP & CRM, eCommerce, MVP Development, Process Automation, Cloud Computing, Progressive Web Applications, Software Testing & QA, Agile Development, and Applications & Architecture Update.


10. Revelo


Revelo is another popular nearshore outsourcing company which has specializations in creating teams that are as remote development teams. The company facilitates in providing businesses with remote developers who are pre-vetted for both technical and soft skills in conceptualizing their ideas, they focus on connecting businesses with top remote developers from Latin America. The company’s model is more fruitful or particularly more advantageous for businesses or companies hunting or looking for hiring developers that can smoothly work synchronously in US time zones.

Revelo’s dynamic platform encourages and supports a wide range of technical roles, from senior developers to tech leads and directors. They administers and boast a huge connections of more than 300,000 English-proficient candidates, ensuring a diverse pool of talent. The company is incredibly known for its ability to manage the budget expenses as well as alleviate overhead costs associated with sourcing, hiring, and human resources, while also breaking geographical barriers to access a broader talent pool.

  • Industry – Staffing and Recruiting
  • Company size – 201-500 employees, 354 associated members
  • Headquarters – Miami, Florida
  • Founded – 2015
  • Specialities – Technical Recruitment, Cross-border Payroll Management, Talent Marketplace, Remote Tech Talent, Latin American Software Developers, Tech Team Management, Talent Sourcing and Matching, Frontend Developers, Backend Developers, Fullstack Developers, DevOps Engineers, Data Engineers, Data Scientists, Software Architects, AI Engineers, Machine Learning Engineers, Web3 Developers, Mobile Developers, QA Engineers, and Building Engineering Teams.


Steps involved in hiring a Nearshore outsourcing companies

Nearshore outsourcing companies offers services which are dynamic, but when it comes to hiring a one of the nearshore service providers here are the steps that would be the same as follows:

Step 1– Check and identify the exact requirements and needs and then look for the type of service suitable for it.

Step 2– Look for a significant and suitable vendor considering the parameters mentioned above.

Step 3– Take a call with the provider and discuss the budget and pricing architect of the service you are taking.

Step 4– Negotiate if required and ask for estimated quotes and especially check for security assurance towards your company from the vendor.

Step 5– Sign the contract, and kick off with the services.

Step 6– Start monitoring the progress and provide time-to-time feedback to the service so that it can improve and enhance with time.

Step 7– Pay as per what you have used or what has been signed on the contract.


Parameters to consider while choosing a Nearshore Outsourcing Companies

Choosing a suitable vendor is always an intricate affair. There are several key factors associated when choosing a suitable IT vendor as these service providers play a significant role in an organization’s success. Several factors are responsible for choosing the right vendor. Some of the key parameters are:

  • Experience evaluation – The prime step in looking for a perfect nearshore outsourcing company is to research its industry experience and check whether the company has prior experience in the service which you are looking for. Look for client testimonials and referrals.
  • Technical skill – Nearshore outsourcing is one of the kind of IT outsourcing which is a dynamic term, and therefore it comprises a vast number of services with respective technologies and therefore you must ensure that the IT vendor has a skilled team for your requirements.
  • Collaborative and familiar approach – Before looking for a nearshore outsourcing companies, or an IT vendor, one should remember that if we look at Nearshore outsourcing holistically, we will find that it is not only specific to any software development, rather it includes many services and therefore it should encourage teamwork. IT vendors should be collaborative enough to understand the business objectives and aims of their customers.
  • Scalability and consistency– Assuring that the chosen Nearshore Outsourcing companies are altering their steps and operations as per the needs of their client, they should be flexible enough to handle the extra consequences that emerge while working on a project.
  • Security– While dealing with and opting for a nearshore Outsourcing company, you must ensure that the vendor is incorporating preventive measures for its client’s internal data required for the project.
  • Cost and values– Each of the IT vendors has its Pricing model, look and compare different pricing models and look for a flexible and significant pricing model suitable for your project. At Agicent we offer a flexible set of pricing structures so that you cannot just look for an upfront cost but can go for a long-term partnership with us.


Why Agicent could be your best Nearshore Outsourcing Partner?

Dev teams – retainer model – We follow a pay-per-use approach and therefore offer on-demand SaaS development through a retainer pricing structure. Whether you come with a scratch idea or a fully-fledged model, or you need ongoing development and maintenance efforts for your existing mobile or web apps, we help transition your idea into reality. This model works great when you have a team to manage the project. Also, if you’re an agency that needs more workforce other than your in-house team, we just extend ourselves on hourly mode. For more information talk to our experts today!

  • Projects delivered – We have converted almost 1000+ app ideas into reality and have digitally transformed businesses. We create quality apps and have created Apps like HASfit which has its users in millions and has been awarded as best fitness app in 2014-2019.
  • Awards and Recognition – We are an established agency that has recognition from the best. We are categorized under top app development companies by first such as SelectedFirms, and GoodFirms. We have a verified profile on Inc and have achieved 4.8 ratings on leading marketplaces like Clutch, and AppFutura. Visit our profile on Clutch.
  • Industries we have worked – Agicent has 15+ years of experience in generating solutions for our customers, we have covered almost all kinds of industries in providing our services. From Healthcare to lifestyle, from IoT Apps to AR/VR apps, from Games to Enterprise Apps, From Booking to Fintech Apps and so on. You pick a category, and we’ll show you the latest or older app done by us. Some of the industries are –
  • Healthcare and medical
  • Food and restaurant
  • Fitness and Health
  • Fintech
  • Transportation, etc.

For more ideas and examples visit our website.

Tech Stack – We work on the latest technologies to deliver you the quality. We use both Native as well as Cross platform technologies such as Swift, Xcode, Studio, Kotlin and React native, flutter respectively for Mobile App Development. We use open source wherever applicable for your benefit, and use the latest web technologies like react.js, angular, node.js, and graphql to build powerful web apps.

In essence, our company serves as a strategic ally for businesses globally, offering personalized solutions to streamline operations, enhance productivity, and gain a competitive edge in the international market. With our advantageous location, cultural alignment, and cost-efficient services, we provide an attractive option for companies aiming to improve their operational efficiency.

Our geographical proximity fosters seamless communication, collaboration, and project management. Operating within similar time zones as our clients facilitates real-time interactions and smoother workflow, overcoming the challenges often encountered with offshore outsourcing. Additionally, our close proximity enables cultural compatibility, as our teams share similar values, work ethics, and business practices, ensuring a cohesive and productive partnership.

Furthermore, our services strike a delicate balance between cost-effectiveness and quality. While capitalizing on lower labor costs in neighboring countries, we uphold high standards of expertise and quality assurance, enabling clients to achieve their objectives within budget constraints without compromising performance.

Moreover, our collaborative approach encourages innovation and adaptability. By granting access to a diverse talent pool with varied skill sets and perspectives, we foster knowledge exchange, creativity, and problem-solving. This cultivates a culture of continuous improvement and innovation within our clients’ organizations, driving sustainable growth and success.

As businesses navigate the complexities of the market, our nearshore outsourcing solutions serve as a strategic catalyst for their expansion. Leveraging our expertise, proximity, and cost-efficient services, organizations can optimize operations, improve efficiency, and attain their business goals with precision. Ultimately, partnering with us empowers businesses to flourish in today’s competitive landscape, ensuring mutual prosperity and success.

Sudeep Bhatnagar
Co-founder & Director of Business
Sudeep Bhatnagar

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