Note: Not all the anime mentioned in the article are produced by Netflix. Some of the animes that are mentioned are Netflix Exclusive(or Original) since the service owns the rights to publish it in that particular country.


Imdb Rating: 8.1

About: Director Warren Ellis who has been a writer in movies like Iron Man 3 and RED is the one behind its vision. The director has also been behind anime adaptations of some Marvel Characters like Wolverine, Blade, X-Men etc. Castlevania contains all that an Action, Adventure, and Horror lover might expect from an adult series. It is one of the best series that has been produced by Netflix. The story of the series revolves around three characters Trevor Belmont, Alucard, and Sypha Belnades who are on their way to fight the mighty Dracula and his army of night creatures. Castlevania offers some great animation along with cool artwork. The pace of the story seems a little fast but it has so many things to offer in terms of storytelling and action. This is one of the best you can watch if you are starting. Therefore, we have mentioned this show in our article of Netflix Original Anime Series List.

2.Kengan Ashura

Imdb Rating:8.0

About: If you weren’t impressed with Baki(you know what I mean if you know) then Kengan Ashura has everything that you might look for. It is one amazing Netflix Original Anime that has tons of fighting. It is packed with some great action and comedy. Currently, the series has run over two seasons and seeing the popularity the third one must drop. The story starts when Kazuo Yamashita(a 55-year-old man) is hired as a manager for gladiators by his company chairman. The series shows fictional Kengan Matches that are contested with different gladiators to save the company rights. A hired gladiator Ohma Tokita joins the fight in hope to win a spot in the Organisation. This is another really good series and deserves to be on this article about Netflix Original Anime Series List. 

3.Little Witch Academia

Imdb Rating:8.0

About: Despite having a great rating and review there hasn’t been a season 2. Although, if we talk about Little Witch Academia and it is pure 9 hours of wonder. If you are a fan of Harry Potter and Anime(a little silly to say) then this one gets you more. It is a perfect amalgamation of Comedy and Fantasy. The premise is about an ordinary girl Akko Kagari who wishes to be a great witch just like her idol Shiny Chariot. This takes her to the Luna Nova Academy where she starts to learn about witchcraft. This is a fun series and has so many great moments to witness making it a decent entry in Netflix Original Anime Series List. It is highly anticipated and the fans of it hope to see the second season unveil.

4.Carole & Tuesday

Imdb Rating:7.9

About: Carole & Tuesday dropped in the previous year. Although, it stands up to its ratings. The series would be mesmerising for someone sharing the love for music and the art form as a whole. The story is about two girls Carole and Tuesday who unite to bring some great music together and change history. The series comes from the same mind behind Samurai Champloo and Cowboy Bebop. It offers a slow pace and a futuristic world but this one is a heck of a great ride for people who are passionate about Music. The anime is miles away from cringe and makes a great entry in our list of Netflix Original Anime Series List.

5.Hi Score Girl

Imdb Rating:8.0

About: Well not a lot of people know about this great anime series. This one is definitely underrated and needs to be pushed. The anime takes the Arcade phase of the 90s very seriously and is basically about a girl pounding hard for hi-scores. This one is a binge-watch with two seasons at hand. It is funny and it is cute. Also, on top of that, it offers a crisp storyline that leaves you wanting for more. It is another epic Netflix Original Anime that one needs to watch on the platform.


Imdb Rating: 8.0

About: Aggretsuko is a story about a regular girl named Retsuko. She works as an accountant and just like most of us has annoying coworkers. Also, on top of that, she is socially awkward and the regular life is a little hard for her. She even has pressure from her mother to get married. Although, and this is a big one she has her way of dealing with it. Yeah chugs beer(a heck load of it) and sings death metal to relieve her grief. Aggretsuko is the most unconventional entry in our article of Netflix Original Anime Series List. The animation style can be described as more cute. Although, the moment when Retsuko starts singing death, well, those rare moments of pure awesomeness. If you are on a lookout for something unique then this can be it.

7.Devilman Crybaby

Imdb Rating:7.6

About: Beware !!! This series is only meant to be watched with your solitude. A lot of people who don’t watch anime have a misconception that anime is for kids. Well, over the years I have watched so many great shows and trust me, it can be quite hard even for some adults to understand the plot sometimes. Although, most of the animes have adult concepts but this one is visually adult. I can easily say that this series is one of the most goriest, and with most nudity & sex that is available on Netflix. Before humanity existed there were demons who ruled over the planned but now they are frozen in time. Although humanity is again infested by their horror and Akira(a timid boy) who by accident merges with one powerful demon along with his Ryo is onto fight against them. This one offers some really great music and if you are a fan of violence, sex, and nudity, this is one great show. Also, the story comprises of just one season so one can easily binge watch it. This is another great Netflix Original Anime Series and deserves to be on this list. 

8.B The Beginning

Imdb Rating:7.2

About: The magnificent series has dropped two seasons of it. This one sets ups a premise for a mysterious person named Killer B hence the title. It is another really great Netflix original anime series that has been developed by Kazuto Nakazawa. The initial premise of the series is based on a scientist who creates “new humans” to create universal peace. Although, the story takes a turn when they are kidnapped by an evil organisation who use them for malicious activities. B The Beginning has got varied reviews although it is surely something that can be checked out. Also, it truly deserves to be a part of the Netflix Original Anime Series List. 

9.Magi: Adventures of Sinbad

Imdb Rating:7.6

About: The anime dropped in the year 2016 and with 13 episodes have dropped only one season. The creators of this anime could have gone with other fantasy characters but nothing can be as adventurous as Sinbad. The series is basically about the protagonist Sinbad and his adventures to come. The genre of this anime can be divided between Action and Adventure. Also, the animation that is shown is quite impressive for this one. The series has been based on a real manga which follows the origin of Sinbad and his quest to unite the world. It is another decent entry in our article about Netflix Original Anime Series List.


Imdb Rating:7.2

About: If you are a fan of giant mecha’s fighting each other then this show can be one heck of a great watch for you. The series shows some epic battle scenes and has been a two-part series. Although, there is one difference, the involvement of ogres and a samurai from the past riding one of the mecha. This can’t be said as something unusual but it is something worth checking. The style of animation is great while the characters portrayed are similar to most of those teen animes. Netflix can’t really boast since they have already produced Knights of Sidonia. Although, if you are looking for a fun action anime series then this deserves a part in our Netflix Original Anime Series List.

11.Ajin- Demi Human

Imdb Rating:7.6

About: What if you have to run away from your own government just because you can not die? Well, this series takes an interesting twist in the name of storytelling. Also, quite convincing, it is one really good show that can tell you about the twisted world and the people who live in it. It has been said that there are only two Ajin(demi-human) who are currently. Finding them is hard since you can not know it unless they die. A Japanese Student while returning from his school meets with an accident. Although, he is instantly revived and the next moment finds everyone running after him. It is a compelling story and might be liked by many anime fans. This is one great show that should be a part of the Netflix Original Animes Series List.

12.Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress

Imdb Rating:7.2

About: Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress is a TV mini-series that is a part of Netflix Exclusives. If you are looking forward to some intense mature gory battles then this is surely a feast. Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress combines a couple of things together like Zombies, Steampunk, and Samurais. It is a great watch if you like anime with great action sequences which also involves blood. The story is basically about a group of survivors who are travelling on a train after an attack on their station. They are attacked by undead creatures who can only be made completely dead by attacking their heart. Although, the heart of these creatures is protected by Iron. These undead creatures are called kabane in the series. It is a great anime series that only consists of one season. This is another great show added to the Netflix Original Animes Series List.

13.Teasing Master Takagi San

Imdb Rating:7.6

About: Looking out for a fun and lighthearted anime to watch then Teasing Master Takagi San would be an appropriate choice. Much like most of the animes in this list, this one actually encapsulates Romance and Comedy as a genre. Teasing Master Takagi San is a story of two individuals, one named as the title while the other is Nishikata. The major principle of this series is “ If you blush, You lose”. Based on this theory Takagi San always outwits her seat neighbour Nishikata. Although being ridiculed by her, Nishikata aims to make her blush once. Will he be capable of doing that, well you can only find out if you watch the series. This is some of the best that Netflix Originals Anime can offer as per now. It surely needs to make the Netflix Original Anime Series List.

14.Children of the Whales

Imdb Rating:7.2

About: The best way to explain Children of the Whales is that it is simply out of the box. A young archivist Chakuro is living with this flock on an island. Chakuro is aware that his life is going to be short. Although, everything changes when a mysterious girl from the outside enters the island. It is another very compelling anime show that has been liked by many. The anime in terms of the genre has a lot to offer. In fact, the storytelling in its innateness offers a lot to the viewer. This makes for a great show and therefore deserves to be a part of Netflix Original Anime Series List.

15.Kakeguru: Compulsive Gambler

Imdb Rating:7.2

About: What if you are a part of a school where in order to survive, one needs to gamble. Well, this does sound insane but if you come from the richest families in the country then it does make sense. You don’t need athletics or being a bookworm is certainly not gonna help. Although, deduction power and risk-taking skills is something that is needed to survive in the trade. Therefore, the Hyakkaou Private Academy has a peculiar curriculum for the privileged. One who is at the top of his/her game lives like a king on the campus. Enter Yumeko Jabami who is there to flip everything. This is a captivating series from Netflix and definitely deserves a part in Netflix Original Anime Series List.


Remaining Netflix Anime List with Ratings

Anime IMDB
Fate/Apocrypha 6.5
Baki 6.7
Sword Gai: The Animation 5.9
Seis Manos 7.9
Cagaster of the Insect Cage 6.2
Ultramarine Magmell 6.1
Backstreet Girls 6.6
Sirius The Jaeger 6.8
7 Seeds 6.2
Levius 7.0
Fate Lost Encore 5.3
Saikik 8.3
Knights of the Zodiac 4.5
Last Hope 5.8
Cannon Buster 6.9
Hero Mask 6.2
A.I.C.O 6.4
Cyborg 009 5.7
Forest of Piano 7.0
Revisions 6.1
Ingress: The Animation 6.6
Lost Song 7.0
ID-O 6.0

So this was our article on Netflix Original Anime Series List to watch in 2020. Most of the anime viewers are die hard fans of the entertainment. The stories and the way to tell them is certainly a little over the top at times but at the same time they do carry the same amount of awesomeness. We are an app development company and if you are looking for one then maybe we can help. In order to send us an enquiry mail us at [email protected]. We have also written an article over Top Caregiver Hiring Apps 2020, therefore in order to check it out click on the link provided. We hope that you may have liked this article. Also, if you want us to take similar topics in the future then do comment down below. You can also suggest a topic and if we like it then may be we might write a well researched article over it. Also, thank you for reading it until the end.

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