Who doesn’t love being on a trip? I guess no one out there would raise their hands to yes for this question, or is there any? Well, Travelling is more than just a hobby for people these days, especially youngsters (We call an 80 years boy young as well, if they feel so FYI). There is no age or bar for travelling, and exploring even craziest of the places on the earth. And apart from your travel bag, who else supports you best in your travel en-devours than mobile Apps, so I thought it would be a good idea to research on this topic and compile a useful list of Top 10 Travel Apps 2018.

As there is a huge line of difference between a hustled travelling and a clear planned vacation and since vacations are planned for peace so they should be carried out without any hitch. There are apps that can help you to plan your entire trip from tickets to accommodations to food and to complete itinerary planning. The parameters considered while compiling this list are – app popularity, geographies they serve, pricing and offers, supporting device, customer care service etc. So for the next vacations or weekend getaways before packing up your DSLR’s and slipping-on your flip-flops , kindly check out our list of the Top 10 Travel Apps 2018 which goes as:-



makemytrip-Top 10 Trip Planning Apps 2018

This is probably the first name that comes to the  mind when you think of a trip. With millions of downloads and trusted customers, this app has proved to be a big success in the app world. It facilitates you from tickets to hotel to many more interesting features like giftcards. They have it  all at a very affordable price with a lots and lots of offers on your credit cards. You can even avail their packages  which are quite impressive. So it is enough a reason to try this app out once and it won’t be wrong to give it first place in the list of Top 10 Travel Apps 2018.



tripadvisor-Top 10 Trip Planning Apps 2018

With over 100 Million downloads, TripAdvisor has all the solutions under the same platform. You just need to sign-in here and its all set to help you with the lowest travelling costs, hotels, restaurants, and many more things. It has many impressive filters which can help you with entering your choice. These filters are very specific which can even help you with your customized choice of food nearby. The best thing is it allows you to go through the reviews and photos of other travelers which can give you the exact picture of the place. What more can you wish for from an app?


3.Google Trips

googletrips-Top 10 Trip Planning Apps 2018

As google is attached to its name, it is already into the list of trusted apps. It is an excellent trip planner as it is linked to your Gmail. So, it can gather your preferences from Gmail and organize them accordingly. It can gather all the trip-related details like tickets, flights, etc. and can give you perfect suggestions possible near you. The best part is it can save your details and can be used offline in isolated places too. Overall its a complete app package needed for a sorted trip.


4. Airbnb

Airbnb- Top 10 Trip Planning Apps 2018

When it comes to travelling guide, Airbnb is the preference of many users today. There are thousands of reasons of including Airbnb in this list of Top 10 Travel Apps 2018. It covers millions of rentals across 200 countries worldwide. They help you with selecting the best accommodation for your vacations which you can also save for future references and also for inviting your friends. You can also seek help from your host for directions while travelling. I hope they cover it all that is needed for a sorted trip that too free of cost and ads.


5. Skyscanner

skyscanner-Top 10 Trip Planning Apps 2018

This is an app available globally. With award winning features, this app provides with the most reasonable flight tickets possible which can be booked directly from app and it also helps in searching hotels and rentals at the best possible location and prices. It also has a feature that notifies you everytime there is any change in the flight prices.


6. TripIt

tripit-Top 10 Trip Planning Apps 2018

This app is quite easy because it provides with the self created itinerary for you which is an impressive feature. You just have to enter your trip idea and you’ ll get all the plans for the trip like flights, hotels, etc. It is available globally and can also work for all the platforms. You also have a choice to implement your travel plans automatically through your gmail, yahoo or any other accounts. With all these features its completely justified to get this app in this list of Top 10 Travel Apps 2018.


7. TravelTriangle

traveltriangle- Top 10 Trip Planning Apps 2018

This app have gained a lot of interest due to its attractive packages which are available for worldwide experiences. They provide a complete guide for a trip from travelling to food. They also provide a guide for sight seeing at any destination which can be very helpful for a person exploring a place. They also have a group of travelers whom you can join anytime you wish to. So, it have all the solutions held handy which helped me to take this app in this list of Top 10 Travel Apps 2018.


8. ClearTrip

cleartrip-Top 10 Trip Planning Apps 2018

It is an Indian app that provides all the trip related requirements beforehand without rushing to any travel agent or agency. Through cleartrip, you can easily view the destination you are heading to, the best possible travelling option, hotels, etc. Moreover you can select and book all your trip prior to heading towards it. So next time a trip is planned don’t forget cleartrip to make your guide.


9. Kayak

kayak-Top 10 Trip Planning Apps 2018

So moving towards the end of our list of Top 10 Travel Apps 2018, we have one more outstanding app in store and that is kayak. This app provides with all kinds of solutions that are necessary for the trip to run pleasantly like the hotels booking, flights, car rentals. It connects you with many other sites to get the best possible deal. You will also be notified for alerts whenever any changes occur. Kayak is famous for being the “lowest price offering app” for international travelling, across many occasions.


10. PackPoint

packpoint-Top 10 Trip Planning Apps 2018


So the last but the most different name in the list of Top 10 Travel Apps 2018 is PackPoint. Apart from making bookings and all, this awesome app also helps you packing up your stuff according to the needs and requirements of the trip destination. It helps you to get aware of the weather conditions, the things that can be required for any other activity that is being planned for that place. All of this is available free of cost and is ad-supported.


So here we conclude our list of Top 10 Travel Apps 2018 that you can use while booking your next flight or hotel. We tried to get the best possible results out of various sources and reports but still if you find something missing, you can surely mention it in the comment section below or write to us at [email protected]. To get updates with such similar apps and topics, stay tuned with our blog and keep reading, as you never know which article can inspire you for something better.

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