You could be someone who works at the daily office or someone who is just tired of eating the same food every day. Although, the catch is that you don’t want to leave the comfort of home you love. Well, then what do you do? If this question would have been asked a couple of years ago then I am your sure someone must have told me to call the local restaurants. Although, they were incapable of providing you with anything you want at home. But from recent years, a multitude of online food ordering applications have emerged that can be used to order your food conveniently at home. Therefore, in order to know the top food delivery apps in the USA read down the article below.


About: GrubHub is a famous service that is being used by many people in the USA. The service was founded in the year 2004 and since then it has been going and growing strong. As per the last statistics that are mentioned on Wikipedia, this service has over 19.9 million active users. Also, the service is associated with almost 115,000 restaurants. There are multiple types of cuisines that one can find using the application. Also, the service is currently running successfully in over 2200 cities. This is the first entry and truly deserves to be in our list of top food delivery apps in the USA.


About: The service initially started as an online cab service. Although, after becoming successful in the department, they started their own online food delivery service i.e UberEats. The service started in the year 2014 and has been going strong since then. From the home country, the service spread to other parts of the world. There are multiple features and offers that UberEats have for regular users. Also, this one allows you to eat whatever cuisine you want. If you are thinking of ordering food right now then this can is surely one of the top food delivery apps in the USA.


About: Well, Delivery.Com is a lot more than just an online food delivery application. On this service, the user can order different services like Catering, Laundry, Groceries, Alcohol, and specifically food. Currently, the service is having almost 2 million users and there is a team of about 12,000+ merchants that are ready to serve you in these different categories. currently offer their services in over 100+ cities. It is very easy to use and with every delivery, you get delivery points that can get you a better deal in the future. It may not be a full-fledged food ordering service but still deserves to be in the list of top food delivery apps in the USA.


About: The company ChowNow was found by Christopher Webb and Eric Jeffe who are both American entrepreneurs. The service started in the year 2011 and has been running successfully. ChowNow gets you some of the best restaurants, tasty food, and some eccentric chefs. Using this service gets you the best experience at your home. It is very easy to search for some local restaurants on the service and order your kind of food. It is truly one of the top food delivery apps in the USA. Also, this is a recommendation that you try it at least once.


About: If you are craving for food then this service will get your taste buds whatever you want. Using this service, one can get delivered anything that they want on-demand at your home. There are hundreds of restaurants that are associated with this service. All you have to do is just type-in the address. The service is based in Canada but is also operating in the USA making it a decent entry on our list of top food delivery apps in the USA. It is worth trying at least once, therefore, do give it a try.


About: Zomato is a restaurant aggregator and food-delivery which started in the year 2008. The service is currently serving in multiple countries like Australia, Chile, Czech Republic, India, Lebanon etc. Also, this service has been working fine in the USA. On Zomato, there are hundreds of cuisine that one can access depending on the restaurants in your city. Zomato is working phenomenally in multiple places. Also, the service deserves to be on the list of top food delivery apps in the USA.



About: Another great service that started in the year 1999 is the oldest one on the list. Seamless is an online delivery and food takeout application. This one is also available as a website so that people can order from any platform whatsoever available. The service has a collective of over 12,000 restaurants that are currently serving 4000 companies. Also, there are so many people who order food using Seamless on a daily service. Currently, this one is operating under GrubHub and is still serving people. It is one of the top food delivery apps in the USA.


About: For now the company is currently worth around $13 billion. Doordash is one of the largest third-party food delivery service. The company was founded by a couple of Stanford students. It is one of the few companies that use logistics to deliver food. The service, for now, has expanded to over 4000 cities. It is really easy to use the service and reach new customers if you are thinking of expansion. The service lets you choose from a total of 300,000 partners that are available in both Canada and the USA. It is a great service and deserves to be on the list of top food delivery apps in the USA. 



About: Named after one of the most expensive comfort food available around the world, Caviar is a great app that gets you the best food through online order. The application offers a variety of food. They have a wide range of food that they can deliver to their customers depending on their needs. They also have multiple dieticians that create a customised menu for all kinds of orders. Also, the ingredients that they use are of high-quality. They are currently working with multiple companies and providing food inside multiple corporates. It is one of the top food delivery apps in the USA.


About: Domino’s is one service that made Pizza popular all around the world. Domino’s was initially found in the year 1960. The service has a legacy of its own and has been serving multiple nations and providing them with tasty Pizzas. They have a wide range of pizzas that can be customised as per customer’s choice. Also, it was one of the first services that started providing home deliveries. If you haven’t heard about this service then you are probably living under a rock. Domino’s is the pinnacle of providing Pizzas at home and therefore deserves to be in the list of top food delivery apps in the USA.


About: This one is not exactly an online food ordering service. Although, with this service, anyone can get their favourite packed food item. goPuff basically works as an inventory where they store multiple items. All of these items can be ordered by the user and also there is no additional surge price. The service allows you to order at any time of the day that too with convenience. goPuff is fast, reliable and therefore deserves to be in the list of top food delivery apps in the USA.


About: Well, Postmates is another service which is identical to Although, this one has its pros. If you need anything anytime and anywhere then Postmates is the service for you. Using this service, one can easily get food, drinks, and grocery which is available both for grocery and pickup. Also, this one comes with a subscription after which you don’t even have to pay the delivery prices. It is another really great service and is probably a decent entry on our list of top food delivery apps in the USA.

So these were some of the top food delivery apps in the USA that can be used to get whatever you want. WIth Online Food Delivery services, the problem of ordering food anytime has become quite simplified. In case, if you are looking for an app development company then maybe we can help. In order to send us an enquiry mail us at [email protected]. We have also written an article over alternatives to Whatsapp, therefore, in order to check it out click on the link provided. We hope this article may have been of some help to you. Also, thank you for reading this article until the end.

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