The foundation of any project is the planning that we do beforehand. For App Development creating mockups and wireframing is that step. It is essential to get them in line to get a great product. Creating a wireframe also helps you establish the cost of your development and more importantly helps in getting the best UI/UX for your app. Although planning can be a little difficult especially without a wireframing tool. Therefore, below we have mentioned the list of top mockups and wireframing tools for app development.

Note: All these wireframing tools have been mentioned unanimously, therefore, positioning is not their ranking.

1.Balsamiq Mockups

About: Balsamiq is among the more famous mockups and wireframing tools that are being commonly used in the industry. The tool can be used to create graphic user interface and website mockups with ease. The application makes you capable of designing everything beforehand. One can use the WYSIWYG editor in order to easily drag and drop components. The application can be used as a plugin and is also a desktop version. The company has over 500,000 customers with great names like Adobe, Twitter, Facebook, Tesla Motors etc.


  • Provide you with feedback for the final design.
  • Comes with the capability of drag, drop, and resize.
  • It is relatively faster than most tools in the market.
  • Collaborate easily with everyone to maximize effort.
  • Make your prototype very easily.


About: If you are thinking of getting an interactive solution for your wireframing than this one will be a great tool. It is among the top mockups and wireframing tools that are available for app development. UXpin allows you to create your base idea into a full-fledged prototype that looks great. All of the edits in the tool can be done in real-time without any hassle. There are multiple features and options that doesn’t barre your capabilities and lets you design your application without any limitations.


  • Update the state of your elements in just a click.
  • Dynamically add updates to your elements and improve efficiency.
  • Establish a set of rules so that the prototype doesn’t go out from your hands.
  • Capability to use Javascript for creating new elements and animations.
  • Over 10 options for page transition.
  • Get the device preview of your application without connecting any device physically.
  • Easily import all your sketch files.

3.Fluid UI

About: This one is also among the top mockups and wireframing tools for creating a great UI. Fluid UI is a browser-based wireframing tool that can be used by Fluid Software. This one is essentially a great tool for creating touch-based UI. This tool allows the developer to create HTML based prototype faster and easier. Here you can easily arrange your elements using the WYSIWYG editor. This also allows you to make changes at every step of development. It is a robust tool and can be used to initiate and iterate collaborate between the user and the client. It has been developed for platforms like Android, Android Tablet, iPhone, and iPad. The tool is being used by some of the biggest companies in the world like Dell, Salesforce, Siemens, Autodesk etc.


  • Get a comprehensive kit of UI design for Material Design, iOS, Wireframing, and much more.
  • Easily collaborate with your team and work with them in real-time.
  • Link your prototype together and make interactive easy.
  • Get your prototype with high as well as low fidelity.
  • Access your prototype anywhere by just using a browser.
  • Free player app that lets you test your prototype on any device.


About: Invision allows you to design your product digitally and help you get the best of everything in one place. With this the design you make is better, faster, and together. It is the top mockups and wireframing tools without a doubt. With this, you get the comfort of Invision cloud that can help you access your files anywhere. Your entire design flow is connected in Invision. The tool is being used by a bunch of great companies like Airbnb, HBO, IBM, Netflix etc.


  • It helps you iterate quickly, improve quality and ship the product faster.
  • Easy collaboration which improves testing and overall efficiency.
  • Comes with free-hand design making work and feedback real-time.
  • Get boards to implement the design, user flow, and inspiration.
  • Get a variety of tools to get your work in line.
  • Great animations and micro-interactions. 
  • It is easy to maintain.

5.Photoshop Wireframe

About: This is among the most popular tools in this category without a doubt. Although, if you are creating a wireframe using this tool then much of the requirement has already reached you. Since in this everything is made from scratch, therefore, it becomes essential that you have a prerequisite. As far as the designing is concerned there are no limitations with this tool. It is surely among the top mockups and testing tools out there.


  • Capable of making simple yet intriguing websites.
  • The entire documentation is available online.
  • Custom setting available to have no barre to your creativity.
  • Featured gallery for inspiration.
  • A featured section for the handmade elements.


About: Looking for a suite of opportunities for creating your wireframe, well, here is a tool that will make your wireframing way easier. Mockflow is a great tool to begin with. One can easily call it the top mockups and wireframing tools that are out there. This tool lets you do so much. From a well documented mock UI to a full-fledged well-documented design along with guidelines. It is among the world’s first premier solution to wireframing. It gets you so many essential features onboard that your work becomes a breeze.


  • Easily transform your design for multiple iterations.
  • Create an entire sitemap for your application.
  • Make your design easy and quick.
  • Easy collaboration with your team.
  • Get annotations for your screenshot.
  • Get sophisticated tools to build and publish your website.

7.Adobe XD

About: It is a great tool for UI/UX design which lets you collaborate with your teammates to land out your vision and creativity with ease. Adobe is by far the most well-recognised company when it comes to designing. This fact alone proves that they’d be nailing in creating in design prototypes, making it one of the top mockups and wireframing  tools out there. With this, you can create a great experience for yourself with web, mobile, voice, and more. This is an excellent tool for designers, creative teams, and various organisations who have to create wireframes now and then. The tool is being used by companies like Microsoft, Dropbox, at&t etc.


  • Comes with responsive resize capabilities.
  • Manage all the components centrally.
  • Easy to replicate elements.
  • Create multiple animations and micro-transitions with ease automatically using the artboard.

About: A lot of UI developers are capable of scripting and making a design. Although, what about a graphic designer. Well, for that one can actually use The reason is pretty solid. It produces great high fidelity responsive design without a single line of code. Another great thing from a monetary aspect is that it is completely free for 15 days as trial and you also don’t have to enter your credit card details. For now currently, 500,000 people are using It is often considered among the top mockups and wireframing tools that can be used. It is also being used by various industry biggies like ESPN, Disney, Evernote, Paypal, etc.


  • Easily import your design from sketch or photoshop.
  • Easily animate your web and mobile prototype.
  • Get great screen transitions and animation for yourself.
  • Use any device to test your prototype.
  • Get feedback almost instantly.

About: It is not just a tool rather it is an experience at least the maker of this feel in such a way. In fact, if you are using the basic version of this application then it is available for free. Although, with the premium one, you get a lot more functionalities. With this tool one can create their own private wireframes, comes with clickable elements, easy export to PDF & PNG etc. It can be easily kept in the list of top mockups and wireframing tools that can be used for app development. Also, this is being used by some really great companies like Mashable, CSS Tricks, the guardian etc.


  • Comes with an endless number of toolbars and icons.
  • Easy selection of stencils and canvas by using your mouse button.
  • Get a limited palette with a stencil type to avoid confusion.
  • Get relevant options that will work with your elements.
  • It has templates for browser, tablet, and a mobile phone.
  • Easy annotation for your wireframe.


About: Using Prott can be quite liberating for many people. With this tool, one can easily import their hand-made sketch to the system and start working with it on the go. There is often a time when we need to shell out a design as fast as possible, Prott can be a great handy tool in those circumstances. The ease of using it makes it the top mockups and wireframing tools that are available in the market. 


  • Easily import your hand-made prototypes to the system.
  • Works efficiently with both Android and iOS.
  • Drag-n-drop properties to set your shapes and elements.
  • Get a diverse UI kit.
  • Make your own library of custom elements.
  • Sync all your devices in a single go.
  • Select gestures from the system easily.
  • Update your designs on the go.
  • Share your product in a single go.
  • Comes with cross-platform support.


About: The tool has been specifically made for an iOS application. This is a pretty handy tool for creating a diagram and illustration for your applications. There are several really great features that can help you create your desired application. It also comes with drag-n-drop option making the work of the designer pretty easy. With this one can easily create documentation for the prototype pretty easily. This one is a great tool for creating content maps, screen flows, and wireframes. The visuals that are created using the tool are known as Graffles. It is a great tool and can be kept easily in the list of top mockups and wireframing tools for app development.


  • Features of the application are frequently updated.
  • Easily define your layout with shared layers, tables, artboard layers, and much more.
  • Work faster with interactive actions, mouseless editing, shortcuts, and much more.
  • Construct with various options.
  • Organise all your details using multiple features available.
  • Get custom workflow with features like Xcode Project Import, SVG Export, Visio import & export etc.


About: Lucidchart is a web-based property tool that is browser-based. The tool allows the user to draw, revise, share chart, and diagrams using the application. The great things about the tool is that it doesn’t require any third-party tools to operate.  It can easily be placed on the list of top mockups and wireframing tools that can be used for app development. With Lucidchart, one can easily combine diagram, data visualisation, collaboration to get the designs as early as possible. The tools are being used by firms like Netflix, Google, Google, Adobe, CISCO etc.


  • Easy to make diagram with smart data option.
  • Share your perspective with your colleagues.
  • Capability to work on the go.
  • Easily scale your enterprise.


About: There are about 10,000 businesses that are using Gliffy for now. It is an excellent tool if you like to work in collaboration. With this tool, one can improve collaboration with Gliffy Diagram and flowchart software. Improve your work by using drag and drop options that are provided with the tool. It is also really easy to add confluence pages to the documentation. Also, the process of integration is quite simple and easy. All one has to do is link anything to the confluence instance and that’s it. This can easily be listed as the top mockups and wireframing tools that can be used for app development. 


  • Easy to drag n drop shapes and use theme along with themes.
  • Share your diagrams very easily using a URL or embedding.
  • Choose between who can edit and who can not.
  • Get to add visuals directly to Jira and confluence.
  • Get all your previous versions in the history.
  • Import the new diagram very easily.

14.Axure RP

About: Axure RP is another great tool for wireframing, rapid prototyping, documentation, and specification. The tool has been made to create prototypes efficiently for devices like web, mobile, and desktop applications. This one like most of the tools mentioned is capable of drag and drop features. The tool is offered to the user in three different variations such as Pro, Team, and Enterprise. It also includes various primary functionalities like documentation and axure share enterprise. It is used quite often by many different organisations and is easily top mockups and wireframing tools used for creating designs. The application is being used by some great organisation like BBC, Autodesk, Target, Microsoft etc. It also comes with a 30-day free trial.


  • Offers you features like connected mode, slip and crop images, flow shapes library etc.
  • Easily collaborate with your team to get better designs.
  • Gives you the option of dynamic content, conditional logic, and adaptive views.
  • Gives you the capability of making designs using a sketch.
  • Offers you a variety of animation effects.
  • SVG import is very easy in the application.
  • Comes with complete online documentation.


About: This is the last entry on our list and probably the best. Why? The product is from Microsoft and they don’t leave any stone unturned. Microsoft Visio is an application that can be effectively used for diagramming and vector graphics. The tool is offered to the user in two packages: standard and professional. It has a multitude of options making it one of the best entries in the list of top mockups and wireframing tools for app development. 


  • Can be used to create flowcharts, diagrams, organisation, floor plans, and more along with wireframing.
  • Easily connects with all the members of the team.
  • Get real-world insights and expand your limitations. 

So this was our list of the top mockups and wireframing tools that can be used for app development. Wireframing is an important part of getting an app in line. With the tools mentioned above, this work should actually become quite easy for you. In case, if you need any help with app development then we have been making them since 2011. To send us enquiry kindly mail us at [email protected]. You can also check out our app cost calculator at the navbar. 

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